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Moved On... Almost!

This story starts in ch.18 from New Moon. What if the phone didn't interrupet Jacob and Bella? what if they did kiss? What would happen next? would Edward ever come back? What happens when Bella and Jacob become more friends? Who will she choose? A new Ch is up!!! Ch. 24- What is the next step before Bella is changed? What is Bella's request?I HAVE EDITED THE FIRST FOURTEEN CH. SO IF YOU COME AND READ THEM, THEY ARE MUCH, MUCH BETTER!!! ESPECIALLY CH.4 - THEY ARE NOT PERFECT, BUT SO MUCH BETTER ! THANKS!

This takes place right after Bella thought Jacob had left. (In my version Jacob had tried to kiss Bella earlier, after she jumped off the cliff.)

26. The Truth

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We arrived at my house all too quick with Alice following close behind in her yellow Porsche that Edward had gotten her for Christmas. He had lost some bet a few years ago, and this was his pay back or something. I didn’t seem to follow the story, but Alice defiantly was enjoying her new car.

I had bigger problems to worry about, though. Telling Charlie was not going to be easy. I was so terrified that I was shaking, physical shaking. Edward had actually pulled over to hand over the car to Jasper, because he had to hold me to calm me down.

Usually I wasn’t such a wimp, I mean this was my idea. I wasn’t forced to do this; I was the one who had begged Edward to get permission from Carlisle.

The car jolted to a stop in my drive way. The lights were on in the living room, I could tell as the bright light shone through the thin, tan curtains.

I took a deep breath and tried to climb out of the car on to my shaky legs. Edward wrapped a reassuring arm around my waist, which also stabilized me, immensely.

“It will be ok, Bella. This was your idea, remember that. Charlie can’t hurt me or my family. It’s a good thing I am bullet proof, right?” he tried to joke with me, but all I could do was nod my head. “It will be ok, Bella,” he whispered soothingly in my ear.

“But, Edward… he could take me away from you. He could tell the whole town your secret. This could ruin everything,” I stuttered out. My own thoughts finally caught up to me and I gasped, stopping dead in my tracks up the driveway.

“Bella that will not happen.” He turned to me, and took my hands firmly in his. His eyes locked with mine and he closed the short distance between us.

“Listen to me, Bella. We are engaged and after we do this,” he gestured towards the house, “We will be married in two days. I have no intention of letting him stop us in any way, shape or form. We will make sure that he will not spread the secret around the town. We don’t need the Volturi coming any closer. I promise you, it will be okay. You have to have some faith in me. Bella… do you trust me?” his topaz eyes bore into mine and I had no reason to disagree.

“Of course, you know I do,” I whispered.

“Then show me some of that trust.”

“I trust you, Edward. I promise.” He leaned in to give me a deep kiss. I completely forgot about what I was preparing to do. Alice made a small grunt and I remember her presence, along with Jasper’s and Carlisle.

“Okay, Bella. I have a plan and I just need you to try to follow my lead, okay?” Edward reassured me as he kissed my nose.

“Sure, what do you have in mind?” I inquired, trying to just focus on his flawless face.

“We will go in and tell him… our news, first. And after he settles down, we will tell him the rest. We need to explain why we are getting married so quickly. Hopefully, once he understands the danger here and all the details, he will… allow us. We are just going to tell him the truth, straight out, okay?”

“Fine,” I whispered back. I took a deep breath and began walking towards my impending doom. Edward’s hand rubbed soothingly on my back as he led me back up the driveway.

I gradually turned the brass doorknob and tried to find my voice to speak.

“Hey, Charlie! I home and I brought a few friends with me,” I yelled from the threshold of the door.

“Hey, sweetie. I’m in the living room watching a game. So who’d you bring?” I heard him heave himself off the cough. His approaching footsteps sent me into a frightened frenzy. My face turned into Edward’s chest.

“I can’t do this, Edward. Please let’s go back to your house, please, please, please,” I begged.

“Come on, Bella. You are stronger than this. When some one wants to kill you, you are brave as a lion, but suddenly telling Charlie is too hard and scary. It will be ok, I promise.” He pulled my face away from his chest and ran a cold hand down my cheek, wiping away a few strands of hair.

I felt a calming wave come over me. I looked towards Jasper as he smiled down at me.

“Thanks,” I whispered.

“Any time,” he whispered back.

“Oh… hello everyone.” Charlie had finally entered the hallway. He was taken back when he found not only me, Edward, and Alice, but Carlisle and Jasper. They never visited; actually I’m not sure Charlie had ever met him.

But his face turned extremely red when he saw whose arm was wrapped around my waist.

“Hi, Charlie!” Alice bounced forward to peck Charlie on the check and give him a small hug. He hugged her back, still focused on Edward. I could only imagine what ragging, unpleasant thoughts were going through his head right now.

“Hey, Alice. It’s good to see you here,” He choked out.

“Ch- Dad, you remember Carlisle, right? And this is one of his sons, Jasper?” I tried to sound cheerful, but Charlie’s face… scared me.

“Yes, I remember. I don’t think I ever got the pleasure of meeting you though, Jasper.” He shook his hand with a small smile, and then did the same with Carlisle.

“And Dad, I’m sure you remember… Edward,” I murmured.

Charlie’s face became redder, almost purple as I spoke the words that pretty much confirmed his suspicions.

“It’s good to see you again, Charlie.” Edward stepped forward to offer him a hand, but Charlie made no movement to take it.

“What do you think you are doing here? Why do you think you are even allowed near this house? Get out, now! You are not allowed here, nor will you ever be,” he yelled inharmoniously.

“Dad! How can you say that? That is far from rude, especially in front of his family!” I yelled back. I wasn’t sure what took over me, but my defensive side kicked in. I couldn’t let Charlie talk like that to him.

“Bella, I’m sorry, but I don’t care. Do you remember anything from the last months? Did you forget that he left you, without a proper goodbye? He left you in the forest! How can you allow him back into your life all of a sudden? What? Did they the brain wash you? What did he tell you, that he went on a long vacation? You were miserable until Jacob helped you and even then? I will not allow this! He …” I interrupted him before he could say anything even more repulsive to Edward.

“DAD! You have no right! You do not know the whole story and maybe if you did you would understand. But you don’t even give me the chance to tell you. You just immediately started attacking him. Now stop it, and let me tell you our news and maybe then you will understand. I hope that you can accept me… us, please,” I whisperer the last words.

He nodded glumly, but did not respond. As he turned around I saw his eyes roll and he sighed loudly.

“Dad, we need to tell you… some things. So can you have a seat please?” I gestured towards the couch.

He obliged and sat down on the single, green chair, bitterly. I dragged Edward along by his hand to the couch. Jasper and Carlisle followed and sat on the opposite couch, farthest away.

I squeezed Edward’s hand and he squeezed back for support. I desperately tried to hid my shining wedding ring that was still placed on my left, third finger. I didn’t want to take it off. If Charlie saw it, it would make telling him that much easier.

“Ch- Dad, Edward and I have some news to tell you. First of all, he came back a few days ago, you know when I went to that dance?” I started.

“Didn’t you go to the dance with Jacob?” he raised his eyebrows waiting for my answer.

“Yes…” before I could finish he interrupted me.

“So you just dumped poor Jake the minute you saw Edward. That’s not fair young lady. How could you do something to Jake?”

“Dad, I didn’t just dump him. He understood. Jake knew that I loved Edward and he let me… he told me to do what made me happy. He cares for me that much, he just wanted me to be happy. And trust me; you don’t know the whole story.” I shook my head, remembering Jake’s screaming through his transformation. I shuttered and Edward rubbed a soothing arm up and down mine.

“Continue Bella,” he spat out, avoiding my eyes as his thumb played absent-mindingly with the fabric of the green chair.

“I accepted him back… and please Charlie, let me finish before you begin accusing me of doing something wrong,” I interrupted him. He shut his open mouth and let me go on. “I love him, with all my heart, with everything I have. I don’t care what he did; why he left… he had a reason. I don’t resent him for it. If you heard it, you probably won’t either.”

“Bella, I… I… how can… why?” he finally finished.

“Because I love him,” the words came out a little more harshly than I expected them to.

“How can you? And why did he leave? What excellent reason did he give you for disappearing for so long without a phone call or a letter or anything?”

“Charlie, can you please allow me to explain, myself,” Edward interjected before I could respond. And he was so polite to Charlie, even though Charlie was much less than that to him.

“Fine,” he sneered.

“I left Bella for her safety. I loved her, and that’s why I left her. I missed her every minute. There was not one second that I didn’t think of her. I couldn’t stand the solitude anymore… I couldn’t stand knowing I’d hurt this angel… my one and only love. I had to come back. And, no, I never pushed Bella in any way to accept me back. If she wouldn’t have took me back so fast, I would have been on my knees begging. I ma honored to have her back in my arms. Frankly, I don’t know why she ever took me back in the first place. After all the pain I put her through… it's not understandable to me too. But please, believe me when I saw that I love your daughter more than anything on this planet that has ever existed. She is my everything, and I would die without her,” he finished with a deep breath.

I kissed his check and climbed onto his lap. He poured his feelings out. I couldn’t have said it like that. I was pretty sure by the blank look on Charlie’s face, he was convinced.

Heck, I was almost in tears as he spoke. Edward wrapped his arms around me and kissed my neck. Charlie was too locked in his own thoughts to notice.

I suddenly remembered Carlisle’s and Jasper’s presence. Carlisle smiled at me, reassuringly at me. I tried to smile back.

“Dad, can I please tell you my… our news?” I took a hold of Edward’s hand and squeezed it. Then I placed my left hand, the one with the huge, sparkling diamond on it, on Charlie’s knee.

I was sure that the only way you didn’t notice the expensive diamond on my finger, is if you were blind. And I was right, the moment the finger was out from Edward’s grasp, he noticed.

His deep intake of breath was noticed by everyone.

“Oh, Bella,” he whispered as my hand lightly rested on his knee.

“Dad, I love him. We are getting married. You can’t stop us. I could have run off to Vegas the moment he proposed and I accepted, but instead I came to tell you. I want you to walk me down the aisle… in two days, when we are married,” I whispered the last words softly.

I saw his face turn from blank to red and furious in moments.

“Bella, no. you are so young… and TWO DAYS! Please at least wait a few months. Why so soon?” he choked out.

“I…. I have a good reason,” I managed to mutter.

“Can I hear it?” he pressured me.

This was the hard part. How was I supposed to tell him it was because my new future family was all vampires and there was another royal and powerful clan coming to kill me because I knew too much? So I had to be turned into a vampire so they couldn’t hurt me. Oh, but wait I have to be married first, because my fiancé wants to be married before I am changed.

Yah, I’m sure that would come out, just great! I thought sarcastically.

“Dad… it’s a long story. I… I need you to believe me, and trust me. You have to let me tell you everything before you… faint or throw a hissy fit. I need you to hear me out. Okay?” I wanted to make sure he understood what I was asking.

“Okay,” he extracted every syllable and had a very confused, but priceless look on his face. His eyes flashed in between faces in the room.

“You know what I think someone else should do this. Please.” I turned to Edward, begging for help.

“Carlisle?” his eyes focused on his face.

“What is going on? Can someone please tell me, because the suspension is much worse?

“Dad, I am going to marry… a bampive,” I trailed off on the last words.

“What was that honey? I thought you said you were going to marry a vampire?” he chuckled at the last word and then broke down in hysterics.

But when he saw my serious face, and the gaze that I could not meet, he stopped.

“You’re kidding me, right? It’s all some practical joke? You thought by telling me your boy- fiancée,” he choked out, “is a vampire, it would take my mind off from you telling me you’re getting married, right? Funny, but really you didn’t need to go that far,” He chuckled.

“Dad, I’m not kidding.”

“You’re telling me that all those legends are real. That the stupid legends they have about vampires and werewolves are real, down in La Push? What are you going to tell me that witches are real next?” he asked confused.

“No, witches are real. Just the other two mythical creatures, right Edward?” I spoke confidently.

“Yah, Bella, you’re right.”

Several emotions crossed Charlie’s face at once, a few I recognized. Confusion, scared, Bewilderment, frightened, shock, disbelief, and maybe trying to act like it was all a joke. Then he suddenly fainted.

“Charlie,” I screamed as I rushed over to him.

Carlisle jolted out of his seat and rushed over to Charlie at vampire speed. He put his cold fingers to his throat to check his pulse.

“He’s fine. He’s just shocked. He will be awake soon.” He turned back to me.

“Its okay, Bella. I’m sorry I should have stepped in. but you did better than I could have done.”

“Better? How, I just blurted it out. Then he fainted!” I yelled. Edward took me in his arms as I dry sobbed into his chest. He stroked me hair relaxingly.

“Its okay, Bella. He knows. Actually his thoughts were quite entertaining. He will be awake in a few minutes. You did a splendid job breaking the news.

He kissed the ring that was mine and then kissed me softly on the lips, making me lose my train of though.

“Thank you for distracting me,” I sighed. Jasper laughed lightly in the background. I abruptly remembered his presence. He had been so quiet.

“The emotions coming from you two are hilarious.” He laughed. Edward ignored his brother, still focusing solely on me.

“Anytime,” he chuckled lightly. I felt his chest rumble from the quiet laughter.

“Do you think you could take it from here? I rather not try to explain all the rules and… unique abilities for vampires.”

“Of course, Bella. I’m sorry we didn’t help you before. It’s just… this isn’t something you can… tell someone easily,” Carlisle admitted.

“I understood. It wasn’t that hard,” I spoke as I thought back to our first “date” in Port Angles.

“Yes, well first of all, you are Bella. You have a very… complete different mind than most. It’s one of the things that I love you for. Plus, you guessed, so that took a lot of the pressure off me. This is a different time and has separate circumstances.” Edward spoke with a chuckle or two.

Charlie made a grunt or two, before suddenly jolting awake. Edward released me as I ran to my father. Carlisle also kneeled beside him.

“What happened? I have the weirdest dream. You would not believe…” as he franticly sat up, he noticed our company and finally realized it was not a dream.

“So… is it really true. Edward, you’re a vampire?” he asked in a stunned tone.

“Yes, sir. And it’s not just me, it’s my whole family. Alice, Carlisle, Esme, Rosalie, Japer, and Emmett.”

“Alice, sweet, innocent Alice… sucks blood!” abruptly his thoughts and words caught up to him, “oh God! You suck blood! You want to eat me!” he screamed.

“No, no dad. They’re different. They don’t drink from humans. Instead they drink from animals. They won’t hurt you or me.”

“Oh, but you still… drink blood?”

“Yes, sir. But I assure you that we stink to our diet continually. You are safe around us and so is your daughter.”

“Yah, Charlie. I have been here all the time and I was a vampire the whole time. You don’t have to worry.” Alice made a tentative step forward, measuring Charlie with her eyes.

She had also been surprisingly quiet. Alice… quiet… it’s not a usual combination.

“So, all of you are… vampires? And you don’t hunt people? Right?”

“Yes, we have actually been keeping your daughter safe. We have saved her many times. We care for her, she’s family.”

“Dad, do you remember last year when I ‘ran away’. I was trying to escape from a bad vampire that wanted to hurt me. The Cullen’s risked their lives for me. They kept me safe and you too. I had to lead the vampire, James, away from you. That’s when I got hurt in Phoenix. He caught me, and almost killed me,” Edward flinched beside me, “but Edward saved me, actually in more than one way. You see, James bit me, and Edward sucked the venom back out before… it turned me.”

“Turned you? What do you mean by that?”

I looked towards the Cullen’s for help. Carlisle stepped in.

“Charlie, when a vampire bits a human, they inject venom into their bodies, starting a conversion. The venom coursed through their veins turning the cells and making the transformation to vampire. The body changes, your are more beautiful and become very pale, and hard. It’s very hard to kill us because we are so hard, almost granite like. Once that change is made, after about usually three days, they are a vampire.”

“Ok, so, you saved my daughter… from becoming like you?” he asked Edward.

“Yes, sir. I couldn’t let her become like me. I didn’t want that for her.”

“What you are… being a vampire, is… that a reason why you left her?” he asked curiously.

“Yes, it’s part of it. I felt like I was putting her in too much danger and blamed myself. When she went to her birthday party, she knocked over a large sum of glass plates and spilled some blood. It was very difficult for my family and I to resist.

“Especially me, because Bella’s blood is… more potent to me. At first, it was extremely hard for me to resist her, to be within a mile of her. It took all my years of control to be able to walk away from her that first day at school. But it has developed our relationship more. Now, her blood doesn’t even bother me.”

“but I left her because I couldn’t’ bare to have her hurt anymore, especially when it would be my fault. So I left, and I regret every minute of it. We were both miserable. I want you to know that I love her so much, and I would not let any harm become of her.”

“Do you promise that?” Charlie asked softly.

“Of course. I couldn’t live without her.”

“Good, I think she is in good hands. All I want is for my baby to be safe.” And for the first time, he looked up.

His eyes were watery and a single tear rolled down his cheek. I kneeled back down and hugged his waist. I felt warm drops plop onto my head.

“I love you, dad,” I mumbled into his damp shirt.

“I love you too, honey,” He whispered back.

I pulled back and Edward’s arm found its way around my waist again. He kissed the tears away on my checks, completely ignoring Charlie.

“Dad, there is more.”

“What? What else is there?”

“A lot, actually,” Carlisle replied with a short chuckle.

“First of all, some of us have abilities… special abilities. I believe that when we are turned, we bring something with us to the next life that is strengthened. For example, Edward can read minds. He can read mine, your’s, Alice’s, Jasper’s, everyone. Well expect for Bella’s. For some odd reason, she is the only acceptance.”

“He… can read my… mind? Every thought?”

“Almost every thought. I have to be within a few miles, but like right now, I can read your thoughts. And I accept your apology. Don’t worry about it. I deserved most of them.” Edward held up a hand, accepting his forgiveness. He was all too nice. Carlisle continued.

“Alice can see visions. She sees what’s coming, the future. The are subjective to change when the person changes his mind. Jasper over there, can feel emotions. And he can also change the atmosphere. Like make a group of people excited or calm someone down. You can’t resist him.”

“So that’s why I felt suddenly calm while you were telling me the news?”

“Yes, I send out waves of calmness or relaxation.”

Charlie nodded his, taking it all in. “what else is there?”

“Well, we have… powers, special traits,” Alice tried to explain. “We can outrun a car, we have supersonic hearing and sight, and we have very pale, but beautiful skin like Carlisle said. Our smell and voice is very alluring to our prey. Our bodies are very strong and are not penetrated easily,” Alice finished.

“Do you burn up in the sunlight or run away from garlic? What about all those myths?”

“Almost all of them, ninety-nine percent of them are false. We can not burn up in the sun light, but we can not allow a human to see you in the sun light. Our bodies sparkle, like a thousand diamonds. If someone did see us, it would give away who we are. Garlic can not hurt us. We don’t sleep in coffins; actually we don’t sleep at all. We don’t age or change appearances as we age. We are very different from Hollywood’s version of it.” Carlisle chuckled.

“How old are you and your family?” he inquired.

“I’m 323, but I’m really 23, my wife Esme is 85, but looks 26. Emmett is 71, but was changed when he was 20 and his wife, Rosalie, is 73 but was changed when she was 18.”

“I was changed in1863 and I was 20 years old at the time. Alice, my wife, is 19. She doesn’t remember when she was changed or what happened before that time or at least not in a lot of detail.” Alice nodded along with Jasper, trying to hide her disappointment about how she didn’t remember her past.

“And I’m 106, but was changed when I was 17.” Edward finished.

“So, you are all married?” Charlie asked with a bit of disgust.

“Yes. We are not related in any way. We pretend to be, just for show. But Jasper and Alice are married along with Emmett and Rosalie and lastly me and Esme. Edward is the only one who has never married or even dated someone, until he met Bella.” Carlisle replied.

“Ahh, that makes a little more sense,” Charlie whispered as he was deep in thought.

“Another thing that you must know is about the Volturi. This matter concerns your daughter.” Charlie’s head shot up at the mention of my name. “It’s also a long story.”

“The Volturi are a royal and very powerful vampire family that lives in a town around Italy. Some of our old acquaintances decided to inform them of Bella. You see, humans are not supposed to know about us. This means we could even get killed if they knew we told you. So you must keep it very quiet and are not allowed to tell anyone. Do you understand, because if you do, you too will be in grave danger?”

“Yes, I swear not to tell anyone, but why is Bella in danger?”

“Well she knows too much. They are coming to investigate and if they find what they were told is true, and then they are likely to kill her. They will be here in less than two weeks. So that is why Bella and Edward are getting married so soon. Because immediately after she is married to Edward, we will change her for her safety. It has to be done, there is no other way. We have discussed every possible way to get out of this; it must be done to keep her safe. If she is a vampire when they arrive, they can’t do anything to her.” Carlisle took a deep breath and studied Charlie carefully as he took in every word.

“So… Bella… you’ll be a… vampire?”

“Yes, I will.”

“Do you want this too?”

“Yes, dad. I wanted this from the beginning. I wished that Edward had let the venom spread when I got bit in Phoenix. This has been a long discussion between Edward and me and this is the conclusion we have come too. Please dad, understand this is why I told you about this, about them. Because I couldn’t bare to be separated from you.”

“You love me that much?” he asked in a pitiful voice.

“Of course, why did you ever doubt that?”

“I never did, it’s just… for you to tell all this because you couldn’t lose me… it makes me… it means a lot to me. Thank you, Bella.”

“Your welcome. I’m sorry that I have put you in danger now, but I thought you had the right to know. Actually this was Edward’s idea originally. I was just the one who pushed it.” I squeezed Edward’s hand that was placed on my knees.

“You know, Edward, now that I know the whole story, you’re not such a bad guy. I apologize for being so rude to you and thinking such thoughts. I’m very sorry. I’m glad that my daughter chose you, I really am,” his voice rang with sincerity.

“It’s fine, I accept your apology.” Edward shook Charlie’s hand. I saw him flinch lightly when his hand made contact with Edward’s cold one.

“Is that another vampire thing? The cold, I mean?”

“Yes, our skin is always extremely cold.”

“Oh… are those legends that Billy and the other people talk about in La Push true then. Are you the so called ‘cold ones’?”

“Yes, all those legends are true. We have made a peace treaty with them. They don’t like us to be on their land, just in case we could lose control. They don’t exactly trust us. The werewolves protect their land. That story is for another day or maybe Jacob could explain. This brings me to my last news that you should be aware of.

“Jake was turned into a vampire four days ago. He was bit by a vampire that our clan and the werewolves of La Push had been hunting for a long while. She was once again after Bella. Because Edward killed James, she wanted revenge against Bella. Victoria, was James’s mate.

“Well, when Jake was fighting her, she bit him and the transformation began. We took him in and he know lives with us,” Carlisle explained with a bit of remorse that he hid very well.

“So Jacob’s a vampire now? Is that possible?”

“Apparently, I had only heard of one other case of it and then that vampire/ werewolf committed suicide for what it had become. Luckily, Jake was not suicidal when he awoke. He is at our house right now. He is not like most newborns, bloodthirsty and uncontrollable. He is still like a werewolves, partly. He will visit sometime soon, I hope.”

“Right,” Charlie sighed.

“I realize that this is a lot to take in, and I appreciate your corporation with it. I think we should leave you alone with your thoughts.” I took a deep breath. I wanted to go home with Edward, my job was done, and I wanted to leave desperately.

“Yes, I think I would like that. Bella are you going too?”

“Do you want me to stay?”

“No, you don’t have to. I’ll order piazza. Go ahead, but try to be home by 11:00, okay?”

“Thanks dad, I love you. Thank you for understanding.”

“Anytime, it’s just…wow, so much news at once.” He sighed loudly and seemed to daze off.

“I know, I went through it once. It is a bit overwhelming. I will be back tonight. Thanks again.” I hugged him and I noticed that he hugged back more than usual.

When he released me, he walked over to Edward and surprisingly hugged him too. Edward was a bit taken back, but quickly hugged back.

“Take care of my girl.”

“Always,” Edward replied simply.