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Moved On... Almost!

This story starts in ch.18 from New Moon. What if the phone didn't interrupet Jacob and Bella? what if they did kiss? What would happen next? would Edward ever come back? What happens when Bella and Jacob become more friends? Who will she choose? A new Ch is up!!! Ch. 24- What is the next step before Bella is changed? What is Bella's request?I HAVE EDITED THE FIRST FOURTEEN CH. SO IF YOU COME AND READ THEM, THEY ARE MUCH, MUCH BETTER!!! ESPECIALLY CH.4 - THEY ARE NOT PERFECT, BUT SO MUCH BETTER ! THANKS!

This takes place right after Bella thought Jacob had left. (In my version Jacob had tried to kiss Bella earlier, after she jumped off the cliff.)

6. Ow!! There is a Wall There!

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Once we were in the car. Jacob took my hurt hand in his. “Did he do this to you?”

“Sort of, it wasn’t really his fault.”

“What happened? How bad is it? Do I need to take you to the hospital?”

“Slow down, Jake. I’m fine it doesn’t really hurt too much. I was in gym when it happened. I was hit in the head with a volley ball and I fell. I think I just twisted my hand or something. Then Mike tried to help me up and my hand snapped and that’s when I felt the pain.” I lied just a tiny bit.

“Ok, well I don’t have to kill Mike for that! But he wouldn’t get his hands off you so…”

“Jacob, stop, please! It was nothing he just wanted me to go to this dance with him and I kept telling him no because…” I trailed off.

“Because… why Bella?”

He looked in as good as a mood as he was going to get but… I could make it a little better. I leaned over and softly placed my lips on his. He like it and smiled when I pulled back.

“Why did you stop?”

“Because, I have to finish telling you what I was trying to say before.”

“Oh so you were just buttering me up. Is it really that bad?” he smiled again. I groaned, although it was true.

“Ok… here it goes…see there’s this dance on Friday and well Mike asked me to go. I had to make up an excuse so I said… you were taking me.” I looked up into his eyes and I was surprised; he was excited. He had a huge smile spread across his face and his eyes were filled with happiness.

“Really, we’re going to a dance together… at your school?”

“I guess so… are you ok about going?”

“Of course Bella, this will be so much fun.”

“Yah, tons of fun.” I replied sarcastically.

“What’s wrong Bella?”

“I just hate dancing… wait correction I can’t dance!”

“Well we don’t have to dance that much, but you do have to dance with me once… a slow dance. I promise to make sure you don’t hurt yourself all night, ok?”


He finally started the car and took me home. Jacob insisted that we go to the hospital to get my hand looked at, but I told him that was unnecessary. I didn’t hurt that bad anymore. He watched me make lasagna and sampled it every once in a while.

When Charlie came home Jake contemplated whether to go or not. I told him that his father might enjoy seeing him to. I gave him enough to feed a small army or more Jake. I walked him to the door and out of the view of Charlie.

“Bye Bella.” He kissed me lightly on the lips. “I’ll be back later.”

I watched him drive away till he was out of sight. I was dreading going back into the kitchen, I figured Charlie and I were going to have that talk. Maybe I should have had Jacob stay, but I couldn’t have Jacob guard me forever.

I walked back into the kitchen and instead of going through the doorway I walked right into a wall.

“Ow” I fell backwards onto my hurt hand. “OK extra Ow!”

Charlie rushed over to help me up. Apparently he hadn’t noticed my hand yet, because he gasped when he saw it.

“Oh no Bella. What did you do this time?” he helped me get off the floor and over to the couch.

“Um well… I was in gym and I got hit in the head with a volley ball. When I fell I must have twisted my hand or something. I’m not completely sure of what happened.”

“Do you need to go to the hospital for a cast or something?”

“No, it’ll be fine.”

“Ok, well then let’s go eat.”

I followed him carefully back into the kitchen watching for all walls. We ate in silence for a while. But I knew it had to be coming soon. It seemed as if he heard my thoughts.

“So Bells… I just wanted to ask you a few questions about you and Jacob. Please don’t get angry with me, their just questions a father needs to ask, ok?”

“Ok, Dad.”

“OK… are you and Jacob dating now?”

“Depends what you call dating. We don’t go out per say, but we are more then friends now.”

“Ok… how long has this been going on?”

“Not long… a week maybe.”

“This one you may get upset at, but please understand I just have to know. OK… Are you dating Jacob just to get over…Edward… and so you don’t have to think about him?”

“NO dad! I’m not using Jacob! I would never hurt Jacob like that!”

“Ok, sorry, it’s just that… well I didn’t know, ok.”

“Ok. I’m going to bed early tonight, I’m really tired.”

“Ok. Look I’m sorry if what I said hurt you. I just wanted to know.”

“No it fine dad. Don’t worry about it.” I went to the sink and started washing dishes.

“Don’t worry about those, I’ll get them.”

“Ok, thanks.” I walked slowly up the stairs careful not to trip and into my room. Unfortunately I forgot that my door was closed and I walked right into it. “Shoot.” At least I balanced my self this time. Although my head hurt now.

“You ok, Bells?”

“Yah, I’m fine! Just forgot there is a door there.” I heard him chuckle downstairs.

I went in and sat on my bed, not noticing Jacob sitting in the rocking chair in the corner. “Hi, Bella.” He spoke quietly.

“AHH!!! Oh thanks Jacob you just scared the crap out of me!”

“Sorry, Your head ok?” Before I could respond Charlie called from downstairs.

“Bella are you ok!?” my dad yelled. Shoot it sounded like he was coming up the stairs. I ran to the door and peak my head out so he could see I was fine.

“Ya dad, I was just a spider. I set it free back out my window. It’s ok.”

“Ok, Goodnight Bella.”

“Goodnight Charlie.” I closed the door and looked at Jacob. He was about to burst with laughter.

“It wasn’t that funny. That was close.”

“It was funny through. Is your head ok, you hit it pretty hard?”

“Yes, know I’m just getting a headache.” I went over to sit on his lap. He rocked us back and forth for a while.

“I really should go get ready for bed.”

“Ok, I’ll be waiting.” I grabbed my PJs and went to the bathroom. I took a quick shower and brush me teeth. I took some ibuprofen for the now coming migraine. I skipped back to my room and Jacob was still waiting there.

“Time for Bed!” he picked me up and tucked me in. He got behind me and kissed me on the forehead.

“I can’t wait for the dance, Bella.”

“Oh goody.”

“Oh come on, it’ll be fun!”


“Let’s not argue about this tonight. But I do have to know… what are you going to do about Mike tomorrow?”

“Well I think after today, he probably won’t try that again. Since I can take care of my self.”

“Fine, but if he touches you again, you let me know.”

“Ok, goodnight.”

“Goodnight Bella, I love you.” That was the last thing I remember. My eyes closed and I fell deeply asleep, with another dream, but this one I wouldn’t mind coming true.