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Moved On... Almost!

This story starts in ch.18 from New Moon. What if the phone didn't interrupet Jacob and Bella? what if they did kiss? What would happen next? would Edward ever come back? What happens when Bella and Jacob become more friends? Who will she choose? A new Ch is up!!! Ch. 24- What is the next step before Bella is changed? What is Bella's request?I HAVE EDITED THE FIRST FOURTEEN CH. SO IF YOU COME AND READ THEM, THEY ARE MUCH, MUCH BETTER!!! ESPECIALLY CH.4 - THEY ARE NOT PERFECT, BUT SO MUCH BETTER ! THANKS!

This takes place right after Bella thought Jacob had left. (In my version Jacob had tried to kiss Bella earlier, after she jumped off the cliff.)

7. Barbie Doll To Be

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The week went by very fast and the dance was approaching much faster than my liking. I had a new routine and enjoyed that Jacob had become a part of it. He spent every night in my room, keeping me safe. He always tucked me in and stayed behind me every night, holing me in his arms, protectively. He also drove me to school and picked me up everyday. Mike hadn’t spoken a word to me since Jacob threatened him. Life was better these days.

I didn’t ride the motorcycle anymore and I lately forgot that I ever had his voice in my head. Every night I thought about him and it slowly didn’t hurt as much. The hole began to seal it self. A few things still got me, jerked a few tears- which Charlie and Jake tried to avoid daily.

I mean yes, it still made me sad, but at least now I could hold in the tears, most of the time. It wasn’t as hard to remember his face, his smell, and his cold arms around me. My memories seemed stronger these days and I welcomed them with open arms. It was all I had left.

I still wished that he would climb in my window one night and tell me he loves me. But I now had Jacob and that was favorable.

On Thursday, Jacob had to go to meet the pack. Apparently Sam had called an emergency meeting or something.

I suddenly remember that Alice was supposed to visit the night I was going to the dance.

Now was as good as time as ever to call. I picked up the phone and got out the post-it note from the refrigerator, which had Alice’s cell number on it, written in her perfect scribe. She picked up on the third ring.

“Hello” her high soprano voice was like music to my ears.

“Hi, Alice. It’s Bella.”

“Hi Bella, are you alright?”

“Yah, I’m fine. I just wanted to know what day exactly you are coming back.”

“Um, tomorrow, I should be on the plane by midnight tonight. Oh, and I’m bringing Jasper.”

“Can’t wait. But could you possibly come early on Friday and help me get ready for the dance?”

I could imagine her eyes brightening at my words. She loved to make me her Barbie, let me tell you I was really looking forward to it.

“Really, You’re going to a DANCE, on your free will?!”

“Sort of. I had to make up an excuse to Mike, to why I couldn’t go with him and so…” Alice interrupted me mid-sentence.

“You said Jacob had already asked you, and now you have to go with Jacob, I saw.”

“So you’ll help me?”

“Of course.” There was a long pause and I bet my entire college fund that she was having a vision. “OH MY GOSH!!!! AHHH!!!”


“We have to get you as flawless as you were at prom, no exceptions.”

“Why Alice? It is just a high school dance.”

“That doesn’t matter. Something BIG is going to happen, trust me.”

“Alice I would never bet against you. So tell me what in the world did you see?”

“I’m not telling you. It’s a surprise. But let’s just say it’s one of the BEST VISION EVER!!!” I could imagine her jumping up and down, clapping her hands like a small toddler.

“Thanks Alice, that helps so much.”

“I’ll see you tomorrow Bella and we’ll get you all perfect for Ed-Jacob.”

“Alice were you about to say…” and the dial tone cut me off. I swear she almost said Edward. But I probably am just imagining things, my mind does seem to like to make up what is wants to think.

I made breaded chicken and mashed potatoes with French bread for dinner tonight. Jacob spent the night over again, just as usual. He was acting extra protective tonight, but he wouldn’t tell me what was going on. I assumed that he didn’t want me to worry, but that just made me worry more.

Every time, I would ask him something, it seemed that I was interrupting his concentration and his face would turn down into grimace. Then suddenly all was forgotten and his frown would turn to a brightening smile. But the minute I stopped talking, he was alert and focused again.

I eventually gave up trying to figure out what was going on and fell asleep, awkwardly. I felt like I was keeping him from something.

Jacob drove me to school on Friday morning and was thrilled about the dance tonight, yet deep down in his eyes there was still worry and protectiveness. I explained that Alice was coming to help me get ready tonight and he really didn’t seem to care about that.

The school was buzzing about the dance tonight too. That was all everyone talked about. Mike had asked Jessica out and by the look on his face he was not looking forward to that. He still wasn’t talking to me. All he did was stare at me; it made me self-conscious.

The day ended quickly and Jacob was waiting for me in the parking lot. He had been on time since the incident with mike.

“So when am I supposed to pick you up tonight?” He parked the car on the curb next to my house, turning off the engine.

“Around seven.”

“Ok, I probably shouldn’t come in just in cause your friend is in there,” he sniffed the air and his nose scrunched up in disgust. “And by the smell of it, she is,” I looked around and spotted a black Mercedes down the street. The sun sparkled off the shiny paint and made a glare that hurt my eyes.

“I think that would be best.” He followed my gaze and spotted the same car that was here the day I jumped off the cliff. The one that had started our fight.

“There is more than one. There is three.”

“Oh, she said she was only bringing Jasper. I wonder who else she brought to make these few hours horrible,” I inquired sarcastically. “I’ll see you tonight, ok.”

“Ok, can’t wait!” he kissed me on the lips briefly. I jumped out of the car, anxious to see her and who else she brought along, but not to be a Barbie doll. I walked into the living room and was astounded at what I found.