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Moved On... Almost!

This story starts in ch.18 from New Moon. What if the phone didn't interrupet Jacob and Bella? what if they did kiss? What would happen next? would Edward ever come back? What happens when Bella and Jacob become more friends? Who will she choose? A new Ch is up!!! Ch. 24- What is the next step before Bella is changed? What is Bella's request?I HAVE EDITED THE FIRST FOURTEEN CH. SO IF YOU COME AND READ THEM, THEY ARE MUCH, MUCH BETTER!!! ESPECIALLY CH.4 - THEY ARE NOT PERFECT, BUT SO MUCH BETTER ! THANKS!

This takes place right after Bella thought Jacob had left. (In my version Jacob had tried to kiss Bella earlier, after she jumped off the cliff.)

9. Coming Back To You

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Edward’s POV

It had been two days since I called Bella. Alice had tried to call me back several times, but I ignored every single one of them.

I wanted to go back to her so much. Alice’s voice was nagging me in my head 24-7. ‘She needs you! You need her!’ I couldn’t get it out; it was like a nagging mother’s voice.

All I could think about was Bella. Her face, her smell, her warmth. I wanted to run back to forks and climb into her window while she sleeps. To see if she still says my name while she sleeps, to see if she has gotten anymore gorgeous while she sleeps.

But I couldn’t. I wouldn’t. I would let her have a normal life, without any mythical creatures in it. It will be as if I never existed. I wonder if Bella does still care about me, after all that I have done to her.

What if I did go back, but she didn’t know I was there. I could watch her sleep; I could listen to people’s mind to see how she was. I could see her without her seeing me. It could work. But what if she found out. No she wouldn’t find out, she would never know I was there.

I couldn’t wait any longer; I was taking the first plane to Forks. I grabbed my bag and my cell phone and ran the whole way to the airport. I hunted two days ago so I would be ok on the flight.

I boarded the plane an hour later. This was one time when I wish I could sleep. The plane was filled with screaming children and with my vampire hearing I heard every other sound on the plane. Not to mention everyone’s thoughts. I closed my eyes and thought of Bella.

I thought of what I would do. What if I went back to her? What if I forgot about why I left her and went for my love. But could I do that to Bella, could I take her away from the life that she has now, her human life. I love her and last I checked she loved me. But what if I went back to her and she didn’t want me anymore. What if she didn’t love me anymore? I did leave her and hurt her the worst way possible.

Even worse what if she moved on. Who knows she could be in love with Mike or Jacob. Well if she was I would win her back, that wouldn’t be too hard for me. But it would be better for her to have moved on; it’s what I wanted for her. I’ll decide all this when I see her again. If she has moved on then, I won’t bother her. If she is miserable then I’ll go back to her. What if she moved on, but she just did so she wouldn’t have to think about me. She was so miserable that she had to be with someone else because she was so lonely.

MAN, I THINK TOO MUCH! For the rest of the flight I determined what to do. I still hadn’t made a defiant decision when we landed. But I don’t think that once I got there and saw her that I would be able to stay away.

I rented a car when we landed. It was better than stealing a car. It was a black Mercedes almost identical to Carlisle’s. It was late about 10:00. By the time I got there Bella should be asleep. I decided to go to the house to drop off my bag and take a shower. I still had some clothes there and I should probably change. I have been wearing the same clothes for about three days.

I got to the house in less than thirty minutes. The house was spotless. I assumed that Alice had cleaned when she was here. I ran up to my room at vampire speed. I found a note on my door form Alice. It read-

Dear Edward, I knew you couldn’t hold out forever. Thank god you finally came to your senses. Bella needs you. Please go back to her. She is going to a dance on Friday at the school. I think that will be a perfect time to go back to her. Warning though she is going out with Jacob Black, but she still loves you, I see it in her eyes. It won’t take to much to win her back .I got you a tux, it in your room. It will perfect for the dance. I’ll see you on Thursday. I’m bringing Jasper and Rosalie. Jasper will come to see you that night before the dance. Don’t you dare change your mind! I’ll be watching, see you soon. Love Alice

Of course Alice has been planning this whole thing. Why would Bella go to a dance on her own free will? Well I guess Jacob made her. He is a werewolf , my angel has been with a werewolf. What if she doesn’t know, he has been lying to her. She has moved on, but Alice says she still loves me. I will win her back though, even if it takes years to do so. My angel is mine and mine alone.