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Letters to My Angel

Bella was hospitalized when she didn't get better after Edward left. He doesn't come back in time to save her. All he has now are her letters.

This takes place during New Moon. It is Bella/Edward, but doesn't have a happy ending. AU Disclaimer: Twilight, it's characters, plot, etc belong to Stephenie Meyer. I'm just borrowing them for a bit.

2. Chapter 2

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Chapter 2

February 13, 2006

My angel,

Do you remember our last good day together? It was my birthday, before that damn party. We were lying on my couch watching Romeo and Juliet. Do you remember how you told me you wouldn’t live without me? I remember that now. For so long, I could only remember that horrible, life-ending day in the woods. I only remembered that you didn’t want me anymore, didn’t love me anymore. But then I dreamt about that day on my couch, and I remembered that you did love me. Is it possible that you still do? I think maybe it is.

But if you do still love me, why aren’t you here? Why did you leave me? Didn’t you know what it would do to me when you left? If you could see what I’ve become…no, I don’t want you to see this. You said, “It will be as though I never existed.” What a ridiculous promise to make. You can take birthday presents back; you can cut yourself out of my pictures, but not out of my soul. You are a part of my very cells now. Don’t you know that? Maybe it isn’t the same for you. Maybe you can forget me.

That’s the question that has plagued me. Whether or not you could still love me. But it doesn’t matter anymore. It has been almost six months, and I haven’t heard anything from you. Even if you somehow still love me, you’re not here, and I can’t keep living this way. The truth is I’m not even living anymore. I died that day in the woods when you walked away from me. My physical death is nothing more than a technicality now.

I have to go now; it will be lights out soon. This is my last letter. Tell Charlie I’m sorry. I love you my angel, my sweet, beautiful angel.



She overdosed on sleeping pills. She must have been planning it from the beginning, squirreling away those pills night after night until it was enough.

Edward folds the letter back up and puts it in his pocket with the others. He knows what he must do now. There is no life left for him now that she’s gone; he’ll go to the Volturi and end this pain.

His cell phone rings. “Hello, Alice.”

“Edward, no, don’t do this! They’ll kill you!” She’s frantic, pleading.

He is already running through the woods. “There is no other option, Alice. I can not, will not, live in a world where Bella no longer exists.” He closes his eyes against tears that aren’t even there. “Tell them I’m sorry. Do not follow me.” He closes the phone without waiting for her response and throws it through the trees. He is certain they will stay away as he’s asked.

At that moment the sky opens up and rain begins to fall. It seems to him as though even the earth is crying for Bella.

He continues to run toward his end, whatever it will mean. He lets himself hope that Carlisle is right and there is more after this. He whispers to the night, “Bella, my love, I’m coming.”