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The first part of Bella’s second adventure with Beck is over. And now begins her race to save the Cullens from the Volturi. With Cerberus out on the loose and more then a few supernatural creatures after her, will Bella be able to save her family? Oh, and don't forget about a certain revenge crazed demon. This is the sequel to Heaven Help Us and the third story in the series. Will Bella be able to live happily ever after? STORY FINALLY, FINALLY, FINALLY UPDATED!


3. Furies

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The plane ride was anything but short. All I could do was sit there as precious seconds ticked by. Hermes wasn’t any help either. He just sat there like a statue, not moving an inch the entire time. The werewolves were lively, though. But Jake had to bend his head since the air plane seats were too low for his tall stature. Sitting there was agony. But it was the fastest way to get to Maine.

When we finally did land, I was one of the first off the plane. Hermes and the werewolves had to run and push through the crowd to catch up with me. There was a chores of ‘Excuse me!’s, ‘Pardon me’s, and one ‘Blame the pale girl up there’. I bet that one was Paul’s. I didn’t stop running when I was out of the airport doors. I kept on running into the forest. There I didn’t hesitate in running full out. A few minutes after I was out of sight from humans, I saw six werewolves running next to me. I wondered briefly where Hermes was, but then I saw him riding on back of Sam’s back. Hermes didn’t seem to like his situation. He gripped the wolf-Sam’s fur back in fright, causing Sam to growl every few minutes. It must have been an odd sight. A vampire and six giant wolves with a God riding on one of their backs.

“Bella!” Hermes called out. The wind passing by us droned out his voice considerably so he had to call a couple of more times before I heard him.

“What?” I called back. I turned my head to look at him, which turned out to be a big mistake because I wasn’t looking where I was going, resulting in me crashing into a tree. There was a loud crack as the tree broke in half. The werewolves stopped running when they saw me sprawled out on the forest ground. Hermes jumped off Sam’s back as they turned back into men and walked over to me.

“Smooth move,” he said with a chuckle. I glared up at him.

“What do you want, Hermes?” I asked, defiantly not in the mood to joke. He then put on a serious face and pointed into the forest.

“We don’t want to go any further,” he said, his voice suddenly filled with urgency. I looked up at him curiously.

“Why?” I asked. Cerberus? The Volturi? Some other mythical monster? What other monsters would I meet in my life time? Maybe a flying horse with wings. The thought made me smile. Hermes shuddered before answering my question.

“Furies,” he said with disgust. Wait, what? That wiped the smile off my face.

“Oh, crap,” I said. Probably the one thing I remembered about Greek mythology was the Furies. Those women were probably the one mythical monster I never ever wanted to meet in my existence (not including a three headed dog of course). They harassed criminals and sinners, making their lives miserable. You can see why I didn’t want to meet them.

“Maybe we can avoid them if we leave now,” he said, pondering his choices.

“You never want to see us,” a disappointed voice said behind us. We all turned around slowly to see three hideous women standing behind us. I don’t think they even counted as women. They had large black wings, black cloaks around their shoulders, snakes for hair and blood dripping from their eyes. Hideous. I saw Hermes’s eye twitch.

“Uh, hi…ladies,” Hermes said reluctantly. He focused his eyes on a tree behind the Furies.

“Stop adverting your eyes,” one of them said. Hermes hesitantly moved his gaze to focus on the Furies.

“What do you want?” Hermes asked, trying to make the meeting as short as possible. The Furies exchanged glances between each of them. Their eyes finally settled on me.

“The Head Demon wants her,” one of them said. “She ordered us to get her.” My eyes widened. I was frozen with fear.

“She didn’t do anything wrong,” Hermes said quickly, eyeing me suspiciously. The Furies nodded their heads in agreement, but they didn’t look like giving in.

“Head demon’s the boss,” another one said. “We do what she says. If she says Isabella Swan is bad, then she is bad.” If I was human my heart would be pounding in my chest. I was shaking violently.

“But it’s just a grudge,” I said quickly, trying to save myself. “She just wants to torture me because she has a grudge against me.” The Furies again shared a meaningful glance between them.

“Who are they?” one of the Furies asked, pointing to the werewolves. I looked back at The werewolves. All of their faces were deathly white and wide eyed.

“They are werewolves,” I said. “They were going to help me fight the Volturi,” I explained. The Furies nodded in approval.

“Volturi?” one of the Furies asked. “We have been trying to nail Aro for some time now.” I raised an eye brow. They started to converse with each other. After a few minutes they turned back to us. “We will let you go if you can make Aro miserable. The Head Demon won’t let us touch him.” I nodded in agreement. The Furies then started to fly away. But one of them turned around and winked at Jacob, making him stumble backwards and gag. After they were gone I tried hopelessly to not laugh, but a few chuckles escaped.

“Looks like you have a secret admirer,” I said, turning to Jacob. Fortunately, he was too freaked out to respond. Hermes shivered again.

“I always hate meeting with them,” he shook his head, shuddered again, and then walked over to Sam. The werewolves turned back into wolves and waited for us to lead the way.

“I think we just made a powerful ally,” I said, grinning.

“We should go back to your house first, Bella,” Hermes told me. “The Cullens will most likely be around there.” I nodded in agreement. He then looked out into space. “I hope Beck is okay,” he whispered. I raised my eye brows. “Heaven will be in chaos if she disappeared,” he added, even though he didn’t see my gesture. He then shook his head and hopped into the wolf Sam’s back. “That will be the last thing the afterlife needs. Chaos in Heaven and Hell.”

I started to run again, wondering if I was too late or not. All I wanted was to save my family, the last thing I needed was the responsibility to create peace between Heaven and Hell. But something told me I would have to do just that.