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The first part of Bella’s second adventure with Beck is over. And now begins her race to save the Cullens from the Volturi. With Cerberus out on the loose and more then a few supernatural creatures after her, will Bella be able to save her family? Oh, and don't forget about a certain revenge crazed demon. This is the sequel to Heaven Help Us and the third story in the series. Will Bella be able to live happily ever after? STORY FINALLY, FINALLY, FINALLY UPDATED!


5. Furies vs. Demon

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We all stood there for a few minutes, each of us thinking about the courses of actions we could take. I looked at the werewolves, they looked doubtful of their success if they went to Volterra with me. They were staring at the paper with deepening frowns on their faces.

“Uh, Bella,” Jake started hesitantly. Here it comes…I thought. They’re going to leave. “What will we do?” My head snapped up, looking at them with confusion.

“What?” I asked, not fully comprehending what he said.

“What would you have us do? How will we attack the Volturi?” Jake asked, like none of them even considered backing out on me. I blinked a few times, realizing that they weren’t going to leave.

“You mean you’re not going to leave?” I asked. Jake looked hurt and the rest of the werewolves looked insulted.

“Bella, what kind of people do you think we are?” he asked, giving me a funny look. “We want to come with you. Ever since we heard of those monsters, we all are aching to get a bite out of them.” I stared at him in shock.

“But what about your revulsion to the Cullens,” I asked all of them. Especially Edward… Jake snorted and crossed his arms over his chest. Sam stepped forward and looked at me curiously.

“For someone who has been through so much,” Sam started. “You are pretty thick headed sometimes.” I narrowed my eyes at him. “We agreed to help you three times. Jake got wounded for you. We have been chased by Cerberus and we had to face the Furies. We are all still here. I can’t believe you didn’t figure out that we are going to stay with you. Why would we quit, after everything we have been through?” I replayed his speech in my head, trying to understand his words.

“Then lets go to Volterra,” I said, a smile forming on my lips. I ran up to my room and dug around in my room to find my purse. I looked inside of it and saw that I had about five thousand dollars. I ran back down stairs to find the werewolves (in their wolf forms) and Hermes outside of the house and staring at the forest. I joined them and tried to find what they were staring at. I gasped when I saw a giant dog prowling out of the woods. Kate rode on top of him.

“I see you brought some pets along,” she sneered at me, kicking Cerberus’s right side. He yelped and then started to circle around us. “Oh,” she said surprised when she saw Hermes in the midst. “I…didn’t recognize you,” she stated and stopped Cerberus to stare.

“I think you are to blame for that,” Hermes said.

“And why is that?” Kate chuckled.

“It’s your fault Hell went under. My job is to carry messages from and to the three worlds; Heave, Hell, and Earth. Since Hell is in chaos, I can’t do that any longer. Hence, I lost my wings,” Hermes said wisely. Kate looked thoughtful for a few moments.

“So basically you’re defenseless,” Kate said, grinning. Hermes realized the danger he and everyone else was now in and stood up strait.

“Just because I lost my wings doesn’t mean I’m defenseless,” he said, his voice filled with confidence.

“Let Cerberus be the judge of that,” Kate laughed and kicked Cerberus hard. He reared up on his two hind legs, all of his heads snarling. I’m going to die…I thought surly. If Cerberus could injure angels, I could just imagine what he would do to a vampire like me. But then suddenly three grotesque women appeared in front of us. Kate saw them and almost fell off Cerberus.

“Ooh! Goody!” one of them women exclaimed. “It’s the Head Demon!”

“And she’s riding Cerberus!” another said excited.

“Now, that’s not right,” the last one said, shaking her finger. All three of the Furies glared at Kate.

“What are you doing?” Kate shrieked at the Furies. “Aren’t you supposed to kill the girl?” The Furies laughed then, a horrible sound that made me want to cover my ears.

“The Head Demon as been bad,” one of the furies laughed.

“Maybe we should teach her a lesson,” another of them said, looking like she was pondering what she should do.

“Oh yes we should,” one of them said, a full smile on her lips, exposing her brown teeth. “We don’t take orders from people like you,” she said to Kate. “We punish them.” The Furies then stepped forward, smiling and laughing.

“It’s been a along time since we had done something like this,” one of them said, cracking her fingers. “It feels quite good actually.”

One of the Furies turned around to talk to us. “You all should be going now,” she said. “We’ll meet you in Volterra.” With that, she turned back to a very scared looking Kate.

“You can’t be doing this!” Kate yelled, going into a panic. “You are supposed to answer to ME!”

“Those days are over,” a Fury said, her voice now riddled with hate. “I remember the days when we took orders from demons who cared about ridding the Earth of scum instead of infesting it with them. Back then there were no wars between Heaven and Hell about who controls this or who can destroy that!” she spit out, the snakes in her hair hissing.

“We want to take those days back!” another Fury yelled. I looked at Hermes and he was staring in shock at the four women in front of him.

“I think we should go now,” Hermes said quickly, grabbing my hand. I nodded. Hermes then jumped on Sam’s back and we ran away from the scene.

“What’s going to happen?” I asked Hermes when we stopped in front of the airport. Hermes looked up at the sky and sighed.

“I forgot about the days when Heaven and Hell weren’t at each other’s throats,” he said dazed. “I think the Furies will win,” he said suddenly. “If there are creatures that can get Cerberus under control with no blood shed, it’s the Furies,” he said, smiling. “Now all we have to do is get to Volterra.” I nodded and the werewolves, now in their human forms, dressed in clothes Hermes thankfully brought from the house, joined our sides. We bought the tickets and boarded the plane that was just about to leave.

“Volterra here we come,” I muttered as the plane took off.