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The first part of Bella’s second adventure with Beck is over. And now begins her race to save the Cullens from the Volturi. With Cerberus out on the loose and more then a few supernatural creatures after her, will Bella be able to save her family? Oh, and don't forget about a certain revenge crazed demon. This is the sequel to Heaven Help Us and the third story in the series. Will Bella be able to live happily ever after? STORY FINALLY, FINALLY, FINALLY UPDATED!


7. Getting In

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We stood in front of the large brick wall surrounding Volterra, at a lost of what to do. The plane ride had been fairly stressful and the car ride was extremely cramped. I was jumpy and itching to just crash through the main gate and demand the Cullens back, but that would be a very unintelligent thing to do. I doubted that the Volturi cared that much about the life of a few vampires and werewolves. Some other powerful vampires would replace us soon enough. I just had to get the Cullens out of Volterra before the Volturi decided they had enough of me and this game with Hell. It was easier said then done, though, because if we even much set a wrong foot inside the city, we would be surrounded by vampires within the minute.

“Bella?” Hermes said quietly, accessing our advantage over the Volturi. I turned to him unhopeful. What could any of us do. We didn’t have all the time in the world…

“Yes, Hermes?” I asked, dreading the answer that would come out of his mouth. He gazed around the outer perimeter of the city before turning back to me. His expression was defiantly not one that I expected.

“I think…” he started carefully, his grin widening across his face. “I think I have found a way into Volterra.”


(I’m switching to 3rd person for a little while, just so that it will make sense)

When Hermes finished explaining the details of his plan, a newfound hope surrounded the small rescue party. The werewolves especially liked their part in the plan. Even if it meant that a good portion of them may not make it out of the city. A dangerous vampire fight was as good as any, despite the odds.

“I actually hoped that the Furies would be here by now,” Hermes sighed, gazing up at the sky. The sun slightly glared in his face, making him squint. “Well, at least the Volturi won’t be able to make a chase right away,” he muttered. Bella nodded, still a little weary of the plan.

“I am just close enough to use Edward’s power,” Bella said, suddenly twenty or so feet away from the group. “I guess I just crossed that invisible line,” she joked, but her smile disappeared quickly due to the current situation. “I bet that I can use Alice’s as well, too,” she said excited and then closed her eyes for a brief moment, when she opened them, she was frowning.

“You can’t see them,” Sam confirmed. Bella nodded, disappointed.

“That Head Demon lady really messed this up for us,” Jared muttered, his frame starting to shake. Sam patted his shoulder and Jared immediately calmed down.

“Well,” Bella said, suddenly in a state of serene. She smiled once more at her companions before running her hands over the brick wall. “This is as good of a time as any to get going. Good luck to all of you,” she called before grabbing onto a loose brick and pulling herself over the wall with little effort. As soon as she was out of sight, the rest of the team spilt up and ran in different directions. Each of them quivering with excitement, but also dreading the outcome that was most likely to happen.


Hermes entered the city easily. It was doubtful any of the Volturi would recognize him and he also didn’t glow in the sun or anything to draw attention to himself. Despite how uncomfortable the human fashion was to him, he was glad that he wasn’t wearing his toga and sandals. Do doubt that would give all of them away.

He saw some cloaked figured by one of the entrances to the underground passage ways. He quickly turned away and headed in another direction, knowing the city practically as well as the back of his hand. He has had enough time to study the city in the hundreds of years that he was conscience as a the messenger from Heaven and Hell.

Thankfully, the Volturi did not notice his abrupt change in manner, but he knew he was going to have to be more careful if he successfully wanted to rescue the Cullens and bring Bella and the werewolves out alive. He was in no danger from the Volturi, but Beck would personally feed him to Cerberus if he let anything happen to one of them. He also had some compassion for the vampire and her family. She was a very likeable character in his eyes.

After a few more minutes of searching, he found an entrance that was unguarded. He looked around quickly before lifting the manhole cover and jumping into the darkness. After replacing the cover, he ran down the passageway, hoping that Bella was going her part of the plan as well.


Bella ran through the shadows of the city, making sure to go human pace. She was nearing the Volterra clock tower when she saw a cloaked figure in the shadows. She halted abruptly and was thankful that the wind was blowing towards her and her scent did not travel. A thought hit her then, and she listened carefully.

I wonder why Aro thinks the girl will come and save her coven. It will be impossible to even reach them. They’re all the way down in the dungeons. Well, not now exactly. Putting them in the dining room! What is he thinking! That they will join him if they smell human blood!

Bella stifled a gasp and stood stock still, listening for more. But the vampire was thinking of other topics. Specifically, how Heidi looked in the mini skirt she was wearing the day before. Bella cringed away in disgust, not wanting to listen to anymore of his thoughts that would scar her memory for a very long time.

After the vampire was gone, she crept along a building, trying to find an entrance that was unguarded. But then she remembered something that Edward told her. The Volturi chose the guard because of their powers. A grin slowly crawled onto her face and she concentrated hard. Her eyes snapped open in a few moments, having finding the power of her choice. She stepped into the sunlight then, for once not fearing anyone would see her. The power of illusion was very handy.


The werewolves stood by the southern end of the city, waiting for the signal to join Bella and Hermes. It was agony to them, just waiting while the other two were risking their lives. Or somewhat lives, anyway. One of them couldn’t die and the other was made of rock. But still they waited, even though the smell of vampire was overwhelming their senses. They all knew their plan could backfire and reveal the existence of vampires to the world. They also knew that they all had a fairly good chance of being killed.

They were starting to become worried when they heard a growl behind them. Hidden by a cluster of trees was a giant dog, bigger the anyone of the werewolves. But when they saw who was riding the beast, all sense of worry was flushed away. Suddenly, the odds weren’t that bad.