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A Small World

Edward leaves Bella. She is attacked by Laurent and turned into a vampire. Now, twenty yeas later, she's back in Forks. The leader of the coven, Meg is getting engaged. The Cullens are invited. Will Bella let Edward rectify his mistake? Or will she move on as he intenede for her to do so?


10. Chapter 10

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Chapter 10 Bella Of course. How could I have thought that Victoria would leave me alone? I was such an idiot. "Who's Victoria?" asked Tash. I raised my head and met Edward's sorrowful gaze. I averted my eyes to Dan, who had been watching me. "She's Laurent's mate. Laurent is the vampire who changed Bella," Dan said this last part to Carlisle. "The wolves and I killed Laurent. Victoria feels that Bella should die. Mate for mate," continued Dan. I understood what he couldn't say. Victoria thought that because James had been killed by Edward, it would be only fair to kill his mate too. But I wasn't his mate. I snorted. Victoria wouldn't really be getting revenge in Edward. I meant nothing to him. I was simply a distraction. "What are we going to do?" whispered Shelly. Carlisle exchanged a long look with Edward. "We'll have to fight," answered Meg. "That's really not necessary.." I began. Dan growled. "No Bella." He knew what I wanted to do. I had no idea how. "Dan, she wants me. She can take me. We all don't need to die." "And you do?" asked Tanya. "I'm the one she wants," I repeated. I was too shocked at Tanya's concern to say anything else. "No," this came from Rosalie. My jaw dropped. She hated me. "You're family," Emmett pointed out. Excuse me? Since when? They had left me! I was about to point this out to them when I felt a sharp nudge. It was Meg. Why had she came up next to me? What was going on with everyone. "And we protect our family,"Rosalie finished off for him. "Are you guys on crack?" "Bella," Meg warned me. "Forget it. I'm leaving." I pushed past Dan and ran outside. "Let her go," I heard Dan say to someone. "It's not safe," Edward protested. "She'll be fine," Nathan replied firmly. "She's coming back," Alice added. I ran faster until I was surrounded by nothing by forests. With a sigh, I sank against a tree. Edward This was all my fault. None of this would have happened if I hadn't made my family leave Bella. "This is all your fault," Tanya told me, storming into my room. "It wouldn't kill you to knock," I replied. "It wouldn't kill you to grow a pair and speak to Bella!" she yelled. "I tried." "Not hard enough." "Since when do you care about Bella?" I asked her, remembering how she had reacted when Bella had made her own plans. I couldn't believe that Bella would actually give her life up. "Since I found out what you had done to her. She's been in the same condition as you are currently in, if not worse. Dan is the only one that can make her close to normal." Dan? Since when had she started associating with him? "We're friends," she replied defensively. "I didn't ask," I replied icily. Tanya sighed. "Edward please. You've got the chance to make things right with her. Don't let her go. She loves you. I don't understand why cause she deserves so much better then you but she does." "Thanks," I said sarcastically. "Anytime." Tanya turned and walked out. "Oh, and one more thing," she called from outside my room. "What is it?" "Dan and her aren't dating." Bella I stayed on the ground, curled up into a ball. He was gone. He had left me. He didn't love me. He lied. All that time, he told me that he loved me and he lied. He lied. Everything was all a big lie. Every kiss, every touch, every minute that we had spent together. I had thought that he loved me but he didn't. I was nothing to him. I was just a useless, pathetic, clumsy human. I was inferior to him. Of course he wouldn't love me. How did I delude myself into thinking that he could? He was utter perfection and I was nothing. "Bella?" I looked up and saw Jacob standing above me. "Jake?" I choked out. "You okay?" I shook my head and threw myself at him, sobbing tearless sobs. He wrapped his arms around me and we just sat there like that. Hours later, my cellphone beeped. It was a message from Dan. Jasper is giving lessons on newborn elimination. Come home. PLEASE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! "Newborn elimination?" Jake asked, reading over my shoulder. "Um, yeah." "Why?" "Victoria's back," I whispered. "And?" "She created an army of newborns to kill me." "And you're telling me this now?" "Jake, I'm sorry. I didn't want to worry you." "Worry? Bella, this concerns you and the rest of Forks. "What are you going to do?" I asked him. "For starters, I'm going to shower. I smell like a bloodsucker," he sniffed his shirt and shuddered. "Jake!" "And then I'm going see the pack. Brace yourselves. We might have to crash your parade. We prefer newborn vampires." He grinned while I scowled. I didn't like the idea of Jake fighting newborns, or even worse Victoria. "It'll be fun. Besides you get to meet Vanessa." "She's a wolf?" I cried incredulously. "Yep." "Wow." "Don't you have training to do?" he reminded me. "Oh. Right." I started running home, hoping that the Cullens weren't there yet and had gone home after I had left.