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A Small World

Edward leaves Bella. She is attacked by Laurent and turned into a vampire. Now, twenty yeas later, she's back in Forks. The leader of the coven, Meg is getting engaged. The Cullens are invited. Will Bella let Edward rectify his mistake? Or will she move on as he intenede for her to do so?


2. Chapter 2

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Chapter 2

Classes passed in a blur. I didn’t pay any attention. When you attend different schools for fifty years in a row, you tend to learn everything you possibly could.
At the end of the day Dan walked me to my Porsche. The car was a gift from him. I hated using it but he begged and pleaded and eventually I gave in and kept it.
“What?” I asked, jerking my head up in Dan’s direction.
“Please stop thinking.”

“What?” I asked again with a laugh.
“You just missed to walk into Tasha and Nathan’s car,” he pointed at the Audi R8. Nathan and Tash were both staring at me as if I had sprouted another head.
“Sorry,” I said quietly, knowing that they’d both be able to hear me.
Nathan just shook his head and took Tasha’s hand. I could see Shelly watching me from inside the car with disapproval written all over her face. For the past 50 years she had been trying to help me get over Edward. She still wasn’t having any success.
“Jake wanted to drop by later on,” Dan said as I got into the passenger seat of the car.
“Oh. What time is he coming?”
I was glad that Jacob and I could still be friends. He knew that if I could have my way I would still be human. And he was right. I missed being human. Odd, considering that when I was human I longed for nothing more than to be a vampire. You always want what you can’t have.
“So what are we going to do now?”
“Well, a certain vampire seems to be hungry so I think we should go hunting.”
I laughed. “Great. What’s on the menu?”
“Grizzly bear followed by elk,” he replied.
We had reached home by now. I looked up at the modest two-storied building. Meg had designed it and Shelly had decorated it.
The house was painted a light shade of green. It reminded me of cotton candy. I made a face as I thought of the dare. Nathan had dared me to eat cotton candy. I had eaten one bite before throwing up. That resulted in Tasha getting to buy me a new wardrobe whenever she wanted for the next 60 years. I had 10 more years of the torture to endure.
“Bella, I know how you love looking at the house but please get out. The elk isn’t going to hunt itself, you know.”
I mock-punched him and got out of the car to go get ready. I changed out of my uncomfortable dress, that Shelly insisted I wear. I swear, she, Tash and Nathan were all trying to kill me.
I grabbed the first thing I saw which was a pair of denim jeans and a blue T-shirt.
Blue. The colour Edward liked on me. I threw the shirt as if I’d been stung. I searched through my drawers and found a black T-shirt. I grabbed it and put it on. I raced downstairs. I was close to having a mental breakdown.

I picked up my phone and quickly punched in a number. I was throwing a party before my engagement and I wanted everyone present. Bella didn’t know about the party. She would definitely freak out once she found out.
“Hello?” answered a chirpy voice.
“Hi, Alice. It’s Meg.”
“Meg! Congrats. Esme told me the news. I’m so excited. I always knew that you and Peter would make a fabulous couple.”
“Thanks, Alice. I’m having a party on the 31st. It’s like a pre-engagement and Happy New Years thing. I want you to attend.”
“Oh. Cool. Where are you?”
“In Forks.”
She was silent.
“Alice? Alice, are you there?”
“Yes. Um, I don’t know if we’ll make it.”
“Why not?”
“Edward doesn’t really like Forks,” she seemed hesitant to answer.
“It’s just a week. Please,” I begged.
“We’ll come but I don’t know about Edward.”
“Let me speak to him!” I ordered.
“Meg…” she began.
“Hello, Meghan,” Edward said politely.
“Edward Cullen, if I do not see you at my engagement and party I will kill you and burn ever car you own,” I warned him in my most menacingly voice.
“Meghan, I can’t come,” he said flatly.
“Edward please,” I begged, “It’s just one week. Stay for the party at least. If you don’t want to then you can leave out the engagement. Just the party. Please.”
He was silent. I held my breath. Please agree. Please agree. Please agree.
“Okay. Fine.”
“Thank you so much. You won’t regret this, I promise.”
“I hope so,” he said quietly before hanging up.
I didn’t know what Edward’s problem was with Forks. I was glad that he’d be attending even if it was just the party. I entered the driveway before I realized something. I still had to tell Bella.
Nathan rushed to my side and opened my door.
He laughed. “Don’t worry. Bella’s gone hunting. I told Dan to break the news to her.”
I sighed. That meant she won’t get worked up. I didn’t understand Bella’s friendship with Daniel. It was definitely more than friendship but after the guy who had broke her heart before, Bella seemed wary of relationships.
I wondered who the guy was. I hated seeing Bella in pain. She was family. Perhaps there was some way to bring them together…