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A Small World

Edward leaves Bella. She is attacked by Laurent and turned into a vampire. Now, twenty yeas later, she's back in Forks. The leader of the coven, Meg is getting engaged. The Cullens are invited. Will Bella let Edward rectify his mistake? Or will she move on as he intenede for her to do so?


4. Chapter 4

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Chapter 4 Bella “Fine. I’ll come. But I’ll hate every minute of it,” I said to Dan. He smiled at me. “Thanks, Bella.” I made a face and followed him back home. He had just given me the news about Meg’s pre- engagement party. They knew that I hated parties. I think that Meg’s joined Tash, Shelly and Nathan in trying to kill me. “Some friend,” I muttered. “You know we love you,” Shelly said, coming outside and giving me a hug. “The feeling is somewhat mutual,” I replied. I heard a familiar laugh from inside the house. Jacob. “Jake,” I cried, running into the house. “Bella,” he picked me up and swung me around. “How are you?” I asked once he had set me down. “Good. And you?” “Perfect.” Daniel snorted from behind me. I growled. He backed away with an apologetic expression. “I take it that you’re not as perfect as you say you are.” “Jake, please don’t start.” “Bella, I thought you were getting better.” I snorted. “Like that’s even possible.” Jacob didn’t reply. I looked at the TV. The PS3 was plugged in. “Hey. You up for karaoke?” I asked with a smile. “Bring it on.” The next day was the day before graduation. All the teachers were immersed in preparations. This meant that we spent most of the day messing around. We were all excited. The taste of freedom lingered so close, yet so far. I caught sight of a poster of prom. The picture was of a canopy decorated with lights. Canopy. Prom. Edward. I sighed. Why couldn’t I forget about him? What did he have that no one else did? He was gorgeous. He was smart. He was… Stop it, I ordered myself. I joined the cafeteria line and just picked up lemonade. “Aren’t you going to eat something?” Dan whispered in my ear. “I’m not hungry,” I replied with a smile, paying for it. “You shouldn’t be. We just ate last night.” “Aw. And now Dan’s whispering sweet nothings,” Nathan said. “He’s growing up so fast,” Tash said, shaking her head indulgently. “We need to go shopping,” Shelly gasped. Dan imitated her and gasped. “No! We won’t survive if we don’t.” I laughed and swatted his arm. Arguing with Shelly and Meg was pointless. And I wanted to remove all blue items from my wardrobe. “When are we going?” I asked. “This afternoon,” she answered confidently. “How will you be going? There’s no way I’m letting you use my car,” Nathan said. “No problem. I’ll use Bella’s.” “And how will I go home?” Dan asked. “Run. Or go with Nathan. I really don’t care,” she snapped. “I think she’s in a bad mood,” I stage-whispered to Dan, knowing that she would hear me. “Bella Swan, I’d watch your tongue if I were you.” “But you are not Bella,” Nathan pointed out. “Thank God for that,” Dan added. “Don’t irritate her,” Tasha said to them. “Why is she in such a bad mood?” Dan asked. “The wedding planner dropped out and so Meg needs to find a new one.” “How does that affect Shelly?” Dan asked. “I wasn’t done, idiot,” she said to him. “Oh. Sorry. Continue.” “Meg is thinking of having one of her friends plan the wedding. Alex, or someone like that, is supposed to be a great planner. So in order to get Alex and the rest of the Cohen’s here, Meg is moving the party forward resulting in Shelly having no time to order designer clothing,” she said this last part, looking at me. “No,” I whimpered with a tortured expression. “Unfortunately yes,” Tash replied. “When is the new date?” I asked. “On the eighteenth.” I hit my head against the table. This was so unfair. “Wait. Who’s the Cohen’s? Have we met them before?” Nathan asked. “No.” Meg was the most popular vampire I knew. She had lots of friends. We never could keep track of all of them. The bell rang and I dragged myself to class. Graduation, prom, reminders of being human and a party in exactly one week. Could this week get any worse? Bella I walked as slowly as I could to the car park. Shelly was waiting impatiently at my car, leaning against the bonnet. I caught sight of a freshman eyeing her. I jerked my head slightly in his direction. Shelly looked at him, smiled and waved. The freshman smiled and waved back shyly. He was so absorbed in flirting with Shelly that he tripped over a soda can. I laughed out loud as he tried to regain his balance. I threw the car keys to Shelly. She caught them expertly. “Take care,” I warned her. “Yeah. Whatever. We still need to wait for Tash,” she reminded me. I rolled my window down and looked outside. Tasha was walking with Nathan. His arm was around her waist. He stopped at his car and bent down to give her a kiss. I averted my eyes. Shelly noticed that I was uncomfortable with the sight. She hooted loudly. The couple broke apart and Tash headed towards us. “Impatient, much?” she huffed. “Get over yourself. After 150 years with the guy, you still act like you just met him,” Shelly made a gagging face. “Not everyone can flirt shamelessly with humans and vampires like you do,” Tash shot back. I knew that if I didn’t step in soon. This would turn into a full-blown war. I switched the radio on, hoping to distract them. I closed my eyes and zoned out, trying very hard to ignore the music. Port Angeles was quiet. Shelly, Tash and I split up. Shelly wanted to check make-up, even though she didn’t need it, Tash wanted to buy groceries, again she didn’t need it and I wanted books, which I did need. We decided to split up and meet in an hour to go shopping together. I entered the book store, trying very hard to block out images of my previous two visits to Port Angeles. I found an interesting book ‘Twilight’. The cover looked interesting. I picked it up and read the synopsis. After a few minutes I put it down, romance novels were not my thing. Especially novels with vampires falling in love with humans. I found a few book by Stephen King. I paid for them. As I was about to leave the store, I caught sight of a head of bronze-hair. I bit back a sob and walked, too fast for an average human, out of the store. Shelly had already finished shopping by the time I met her. “Am I late?” I asked, confused. I was pretty sure that I had come earlier than an hour. “Nope. I’m just early,” she said, smiling widely. “Where’s Tash?” “She got Nathan-sick and went home.” I forced a smiled. Shelly saw through my feeble attempt at acting normal. “Bella, are you okay?” “Yeah. It’s just bad memories.” Edward I walked into the bookstore and was hit with the smell of freesia. The smell of similar to Bella but with a slight vampire edge to it. I pushed the thought aside. “Edward,” Tanya called me. I turned around. Tanya was walking up to me. Her blonde hair was pulled back in a ponytail and she wore an angry expression. “What is it?” I asked in a polite, controlled tone. “I am sick of your anti-social behavior. I understand that that girl was an important part of your life but she’s gone. You have left her. You have created this melancholy mood that you and the rest of your family now live in. So get over it. Meg’s engagement is being pushed up, just because she wants you to be there.” Her angry expression faded to one of sympathy. “Edward, I can see what her disappearance is doing to you, but please try to be more…human.” “Human?” “You know what I mean.” I looked in her eyes filled with nothing but concern. “I’ll try,” I promised her. “Good. Now let’s get going. We need to meet Alice. She wants to go shopping for the party.”