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A Small World

Edward leaves Bella. She is attacked by Laurent and turned into a vampire. Now, twenty yeas later, she's back in Forks. The leader of the coven, Meg is getting engaged. The Cullens are invited. Will Bella let Edward rectify his mistake? Or will she move on as he intenede for her to do so?


6. Chapter 6

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Bella After the day that I had met Tanya, I stayed at home. The only time I left was to go to the library, where I had recently started working. Dan didn’t like my moping around but he never commented nor questioned it. Today was the day of Meg’s party. I was driving home from the library. Shelly wanted me home early so that she could dress me up. What a joy! I pulled into the driveway and got out with a sigh. Shelly raced outside, grabbed my hand and pulled me upstairs with her. I took a deep breath and prepared for the torture. Amazing was an understatement. Shelly had curled my hair and left it loose. I was wearing a blue dress. The dress was made of a rough satin material that held tight to my body all the way down to the middle of my calves where it flared out just enough to make me look even slimmer than I was. The bodice was very tight and form fitting and the arms were made of the same color blue but they were a stretchy, see through material that started just barely on my shoulders and clung to my arms all the way down to my wrists. The back of my dress had the same see through net material that went down all the way to the small of my back. At the waist, the satin gathered just off center in the back and created a bit of a bustle making me look extremely curvy and slim. I didn’t want to wear a blue dress but Shelly insisted and there was no arguing with her. She was wearing a black dress. It had a v-neck but had straps the width of two of my fingers. It went over her hips in a tight way. The dress ended snugly around mid thigh, about three inches above her knee. She wore a black belt around her waist, which accentuated her figure. “Ready?” Tash asked. She was wearing a bright red, one shoulder dress and metallic gold heels. “Absolutely,” Shelly replied. Tash looked at me. I forced myself to nod. “Let’s go,” I said with false enthusiasm. They led the way downstairs. Shelly first followed by Tash and then me. I walked down the stairs slowly, scanning the room for Jake and Daniel. I found them standing next to the staircase. Daniel winked at me. Jake let out a wolf whistle. I smiled as Daniel shot him a dirty look, holding his hand out for me. I took his hand and he pulled me towards him. “My Bella, how do you do?” “I’m good,” I said, wriggling out of his grasp. I walked to Jake and hugged him. “Long time, no see Jakey.” “It’s good to see you too, Bella,” he said, bending down to hug me. I hugged him back. Daniel narrowed his eyes at us and played shoved Jake. “Behave,” I ordered. He laughed and put his arm around me. “Sorry, Bells.” He looked at something behind me. “It looks like you have an admirer,” he said. I didn’t bother turning around. After years of being a vampire, I was used to people looking at me. Even if they themselves were vampires. “Bella,” called Meg. I turned to the sound of her voice. She was walking over to me. Peter was standing with a group of people. I noticed that one of the vampires had strawberry blond hair. It could have been Tanya. I shook the thought out of my head. “Do you need help with anything, Meg?” I asked. “No. Not at all. I want you to meet some people,” she said. “Oh. Sure. Bye, Dan. Jake.” They nodded in acknowledgement and beginning discussing cars. I shook my head and followed Meg. She introduced me to some of Peter’s friends, Charlotte and Ben. Then she led me to a group where the head of strawberry blonde hair was now. “Tanya,” called Meg. My jaw dropped. I composed my expression quickly as Tanya turned around. “Hello, Bella,” she greeted me warmly. “Hi,” I said, forcing a smile. “Have you two met?” Meg asked. I nodded. “Ladies room,” I replied. I didn’t want to get involved with details. “Oh. Well, have you met with the rest of the coven?” She asked. “No.” It was then that I noticed the seven other vampires standing with Tanya. I recognized them all too easily. They were the Cullens. My emotions were out of control. I felt fear, followed by hate and then anger before finally feeling numb. I pretended to toss my hair back and caught Dan looking at me. He had the skill to take away all emotion and feeling from people. I faced the Cullens again and snuck a peek at Edward. His expression changed to shock, then surprise then relief then worry and then he put on a blank mask. He looked the same as he did in the forest. I turned away from him and pushed a strand of hair away from my face. It was a signal to Jake to get me away. Dan appeared at my side instantly. He wrapped an arm around my waist protectively. Meg introduced the Cullens to Dan and me. We smiled and greeted them politely. Dan made a show of checking his watch. “Oh. I need to get some stuff from Jake. Bella, come with me please.” “Of course. Goodbye,” I nodded at the Cullens and smiled at Tanya. Dan led me to his car. “Where’s Jake?” I asked. “He had to leave. He couldn’t control his anger.” This surprised me. Jake’s control over his phasing ability was second to none. He must have been really upset. “Who was the girl?” Dan asked. “I think she’s his mate. I smelled his scent on her that day at the cinema.” “That explains so much,” Dan said with a low growl. “Stop the car.” He gritted his teeth but did as I said. “Bella-” he began. “Daniel, this doesn’t change anything. He’s still the same vampire he was fifty years ago.. I’m not going to forgive him.” Daniel snorted. “Don’t snort at me!” “Bella, you forgiving him is the least of my worries. I can see what he’s done to you. Do you know that you haven’t hunted in seven weeks?” I cupped my throat. I didn’t feel the normal burning sensation to indicate that I was hungry. “I don’t feel hungry,” I said, trying to sound determined, but I sounded weak. “Of course, you don’t. Jake told me what you were like as a human when he left.” I flinched. My catatonic state was something that I wanted to be left in the past. In fact I had wanted Edward to stay in the past but look where he was now. I took a deep breath and exhaled, trying to remain calm. “This doesn’t change anything,” I repeated. “Bell-” “I’m not going to forgive him,” I said firmly. Daniel sighed and got back in the car. I followed him with a sigh of my own. I wasn’t sure if I was trying to convince him or myself. I contemplated running away. I wasn’t sure if I could stand to be near Edward and his mate.