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A Small World

Edward leaves Bella. She is attacked by Laurent and turned into a vampire. Now, twenty yeas later, she's back in Forks. The leader of the coven, Meg is getting engaged. The Cullens are invited. Will Bella let Edward rectify his mistake? Or will she move on as he intenede for her to do so?


7. Chapter 7

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Chapter 7 Edward I couldn't believe it. Bella. My Bella. She was okay. She was a vampire. It was her scent that I had smelt on Tanya. It was her who was with werewolves. Jacob Black was a werewolf. Alice had heard at Bella's funeral that after I had left, she spent all of her time with Jacob. I had left her with a werewolf. Control yourself, Edward. Meg doesn't know, Jasper warned me. I composed my face. Bella pushed a strand of hair away from her face. I caught sight of another vampire, making his way over to us. I WILL KILL HIM! The thought was vicious. I wasn't sure who it was directed at until the stranger wrapped his arm around Bella. Around my Bella. I fought with the growl that yearned to come out. The vampire, Dan, checked his watch. "Oh. I need to get some stuff from Jake. Bella, come with me please." "Of course. Goodbye," Bella nodded at the us and smiled at Tanya, before she was led away. "Edward." My eyes remained closed. "Yes, Tanya?" "Was she the one?" I sat up. "What?" "Bella. Was she the one that you left? You seemed to recognize her." "Yes. She was the one." "Why'd you leave her?" "Because I loved her. I was a danger to her. I didn't want to keep her from having a normal human life." "And now she's a vampire. Good move," she said sarcastically. "Tanya, please leave me alone," I pleaded. "Sure." She turned and left the room. As she left, I caught her final thought. You're an idiot, Cullen. I have no idea what I had seen in you Bella I ran my hand through Jacob's fur. I had stayed with him throughout the night. He was angry. I was angry and sad. As always, we comforted each other through everything. Dan had left me with Jake the night before and up until now, I had been coaxing him to return to his human form. He refused. "Jacob, please. This is for Meg. There's no way I'm returning home without you." He howled. "And I'm sure that Dan wouldn't like that," I added. He growled at me and got up and slinked behind the bushes. A few minutes later he returned in his human form. "I hate you, Bella Swan," he said. "Aw. I hate you too, Jake." He got into his car. "Aren't you coming?" he asked. I shook my head. "I'd prefer to run home." "Suit yourself. What are you doing today?" "Meg has me off work for about a month. I'm helping her pick out a location for the wedding." "Are…Never mind." "I don't know. Bye, Jake." "Bye, Bella. Good luck." An hour later we were in my car. It was Shelly, Dan, Tasha and I. Nathan was busy organizing a bachelor party. We were on our way to Port Angeles, for some reason. Meg just called and asked us to meet her there. Dan was driving and Tasha was playing with the radio. "Tash, will you please just stop?" Dan asked. "I want music." "No. Put it off." She switched the radio off. The car was eerily silent. "Don't you find the silence uncomfortable?" I asked. "Don't encourage her, Bella." "Sorry." The car stopped. I practically jumped out, and then wished that I could go back in. We were outside La Bella Italia. Even though it had been fifty years, it still looked the same. I swallowed. Dan walked to me and whispered in my ears. "Again?" I nodded. "Sorry." He looked at me as if I had sprouted another head. "Don't apologize." He put his arm around me shoulder, before sighing heavily. "What?" I asked. He jerked his head ever so slightly towards Meg's car. I turned and saw Alice, Tanya, Meg and Rosalie getting out of the car. There was a Ferrari behind them. I had a pretty good guess who was there. I forced a smile and turned to Dan. He sighed. "I'm not saying anything," he told me. "Good." "Where are we off to?" I asked Meg. "We're going location scouting." "All of us? There's eleven of us." "Jasper, Edward and Emmett and going to help Peter with the suits. Alice, Rosalie and Tanya are going to help us pick dresses." "Is that plural?" I asked. "Bella-" "I promise I won't wear jeans. There's just so many of us. Why don't you guys go and pick the dresses? I'll go and…check the cards." "I'll help you," Dan chirped in. "Oh. They want some alone time," Tash explained to Meg. I glared at her. She smiled at me. "It's cool, Bella. You have needs. We understand that." If I could have blushed, I would have. Meg deliberated for a moment. "Okay. Fine. I'll go with Alice and Rosalie to pick out dresses some other time. For now we'll go location scouting and then we'll check out wedding cards." "We'll?" "Yes. All of us." She beamed at me. I forced myself to smile back at her. A whole day with the Cullens. What a joy. Not!