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Your empty soul

I've been reading so much fan fiction lately. So many of the stories really touched me. I was reading Untouchable by The Romanticidal Edwardian and this just came to mind. Odd, because I'm not sure it applies to the story itself, but who know's how my mind works! Please leave feedback, but be gentle, this is the first time I've published my poetry. - triin


1. Your Empty Soul

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I say to you, do you understand why I'm here?

Do you see why you called me back?

Is it because you can not stand the pain or the fear that you feel with every breath?

The gaping hole where my soul should reside is dripping with blood and venom and regret.

I touch you where no one else can, I wake you up to what you are.

I lay next to you quietly listening to you moan my name.

I have returned to you, I shall not leave again.