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basically, it is edwards POV and he is trying to decide whether he should get close to bella or not. beginning of twilight


1. Chapter 1

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I was the "odd one out"

Out of finding love

Loved being single

Single-handedly falling head over heels

Healing all of the wounds I never knew I had

Had met my one true love in her

Her body so fragile and human

Human... yet beautiful

Beautiful lips, eyes, face, arms, legs, and smell

Smelled so intoxicating and dangerous

Dangerously unaware of the effect she had on me

My senses where tantalized and told me to suck all her blood dry... but...

But my head told me to take control

Control my body and my instincts

Instinctively, I saved her more than once

Once I started, I couldn't stop

Stop thinking about her, her smile, her laugh, so I didn't

Didn't keep trying to avoid her and trying to protect her from me

My mind was made up