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Music Around Me

All Human Bella is a rock star, into Alternative, Metal, and t.A.T.u (In my opinion Russia's BEST!) Edward is the guy at home, he works at a music store in the mall and would listen to anything. When a mall performance happens will Edward see that maybe love can be found on the darker side in music interest? Chapter 4 is being validated(I personally don't like chapter 2 because I think I rushed things) "You drink like a Russian" James said since he had lived in Moscow, Russia for seven years."Like you don't!" I said as I drank more. "Laurent! Can you make me a Long Island?" I asked.

Characters belong to Stephenie Meyer

2. Chapter 2- Kiss the Blood Goodbye

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(Edward's POV)

I got Bella a glass of water to go along with Advil. I put the glass of water on the table where she sat and the Advil was in front of her.

"Thanks" she said. She then took the pills and swallowed them as she drank the water.

"Your welcome" I said. She smiled.

"No, I'm really thankful. I mean you saved my life. You should get something in return. Is there anything I could get you?" she asked.

"No there's nothing" I lied. The thing I wanted was her.

"Are you sure?" Bella said. For a punk rocker she's really sweet.

"Yes Bella" I said.

She crossed her arms over her chest. "Edward I can't just let you get away with this, I mean you saved my life! Seriously I'll be your slave for a day" Bella said.

I thought about it. I was considering having her go out on a date with me, but why force someone on a date?

"My brother's girlfriend has a brother, and he is in love with your band. He loves your music and pretty much has every single album of yours. Maybe your autograph would be nice" I stated.

She chuckled. I stared at her. "Just a autograph huh? Maybe having him meet us personally would be too much?" she asked joking around. I just shook my head.

"I guess that hangover's gone" I said.

"Just some Advil and it goes away for a bit" she said.

"Lucky" I said.

"Um Bella?"


"Do you want to go take a walk in the park tommorrow?" I asked.

She bit her lip and looked down.

I knew it was going to be a no.

"Sure, I'd love to" she said.

I was so happy. "Really?" I asked.

"It would be nice to go out with someone that isn't famous. The worst part of the spotlight is the paparazzi and the rumors" Bella said.

I'm not sure to take that as a compliment or a insult...


(Later that Day...)

(Bella's POV)

I still couldn't believe that I met my old Biology partner from high school, and that I'm going on a date with him tommorrow.

Okay, it may be a date, but it's probably not, but I hope it is. The phone rang.

It was my stepfather. Phil Dwyer. Weird. I picked it up.

"Hello?" "

Bella!" Phil exclaimed.

"Yes Phil?" I asked.

"I haven't heard from you in years" he said.

"Yeah... not to be rude, but why exactly are you calling?" I asked.

He sighed.

"Your mother and I are visiting next week remember? I'm calling to remind you. Your mom probably emailed you that she wants to visit" he said.

"Oh yeah. I forgot, thanks for the reminder" I said.

"Oh, your mom wants to talk" Phil said.

"Hi sweetie! Are you really dating Jacob Black?" my mom asked. Ugh the stupid gossip saying I'm dating my best friend. Gross.

I think of him like a brother. "Hell no!" I said. "Honey..."

"Sorry Mom..." I said.

"But the pictures in the magazine and-" she said until I interupted her.

"Lies. Remember Jake is my best friend. It would just be weird to date him" I said.


(The Next Day)

(Edward's POV)

I stretched as I woke up. Today Bella and I were going for a walk in the park.

My cell phone rang. "CarmelDancen" played meaning Alice was calling. I picked up my phone.

"Hello?" I asked still being tired.

"Good morning sleeping beauty!" Alice sang.

"What do you want pixie?" I asked.

"Well Eddy-kinz, I came home yesterday and Mom wants you to come home" she said.

I growled through my teeth once she said the nickname.

"Too bad I have plans, tell Mom I'm canceling" I said.

"Ooh, Eddie boy here has a date huh? Well I'll tell Mom. She's meeting us tommorrow" Alice said.

"Alice, you don't just-" I was about to finish but she hung up on me.

I sighed. Great now Bella has to meet my family tommorrow.


I was meeting Bella at the park at 12:00. It was 11:58. I saw Bella come up to me. "Hey, ready for our day at the park?" I asked. She nodded.

We walked around trying to not get noticed but I saw people take out their cell phones and take pictures.

Bella and I got ice cream and just spent the day in the park.

"Bella?" I asked as we were eating our ice cream.

"Yes?" she asked.

"You consider this a date right?" I asked. "Depends" she said.

"Depends on what?" I asked. "If you throw your cellphone into the puddle" she said. "

What?" I exclaimed.

"If you'd do it it's a date" she said.

"Okay I'll do it" I said. She laughed.

"Okay, it's a date now hand me your phone" she said. I did as she said. One minute later she gave me my phone back.

"I added my number to your contacts. Now add yours to my phone" she said handing me her phone.

I did as told and handed it back to her. She smiled.

"Okay Bella... since we're 'dating' my sister Alice randomly guessed I had a 'date' today and now my family wants to meet you tommorrow" I said using air quotes around dating and date.

"Okay, but what's the air quotes for, I mean we are dating" she said. Holy crap I got a famous girlfriend in one day...


(The Next day)

(Esme's POV)

Oh boy! When Alice told me Edward had a date yesterday I became so excited, and when Alice said he was bringing her here I became even more excited. So here I am trying to make the house look perfect.

And the best part is, is that everyone is here for the holidays, and it's wonderful that Alice is having a Christmas wedding. Carlisle has a day off from work today, Alice and Jasper are here, Emmett brought Rosalie here and her younger brother Andrew came also.

And now Edward is introducing his new girlfriend to us. I bought scented candles and I started to light them.

"Esme, don't you think this is a bit too much?" my dear husband asked.

"Carlisle I want this to be special! What if this girlfriend is different" I said.

"Different how?" he asked.

Alice came in.

"Dad, she's hoping that this time he doesn't bring a slut home" she said.

"Alice Mary Cullen!" I yelled.

"Sorry Mom" I said.

I saw Edward's Volvo pull into the driveway. I couldn't wait to meet his girlfriend.


(Bella's POV)

Edward pulled up into the driveway of a huge mansion. This can't be his family's home can it?

I was wearing black ripped ladder skinny jeans, black converse hightops, a black sweatshirt, my silver skull ring, a black and white square choker/necklace, my shirt had mesh and regular fabric with gold gems on the top, and a black diamond belt.

All black today huh Bella?

I held Edward's hand as we walked up the steps to his home.

Before he opened the door he sighed. He then opened it. Then a muscular man came up to Edward and gave him a huge hug.


"Emmett let go of me!" Edward yelled.

The man named Emmett let go of him.

"What can I say, I'm a hugger" Emmett said.

"Well for starters you can let me hug my baby boy" a woman with caramel hair and soft green eyes like Edward said.

"Hi Mom" Edward said.

"And this is...." the woman said gesturing to me. Then a boy dressed in black with blond hair came in.

"HOLY CRAP!" he screamed.

I sighed.

"I... the concert...and the two days ago...and the....." the boy managed to say. I sighed. The woman in front of me gave us a confused look.

Edward was right. This guy is a big fan.

"Can I have your autograph?" the boy squeaked.


"Um... how about we go introduce ourselves in the living room" Edward said dragging me along.

In the living room was a short girl with spiky black hair, a tall boy with blond hair, a girl with blond hair, and a man with blond hair.

Soon the three others came to living room.

"Everyone this is Bella" Edward said. I smiled and waved. The blond man stood next to the woman with caramel hair.

"I'm Carlisle and this is my wife Esme, we're Edward's parents. That's Alice over there and the guy sitting next to her is her fiancee Jasper." Carlisle said gesturing to the short girl and the blond man.

"I'm Emmett" the buff guy said.

"Hi Emmett" I said.

"And this is my smoking hot girlfriend Rosalie" he said sitting next to the blond girl.

She gave me a small fake grin.

"And that's her younger brother Andrew" Emmett said as he pulled the young boy over to him.

The fire alarm went off.

"Opps! There goes the steak" Esme said going to the kitchen.


The dinner was delicious. Even though if the steak was a little burnt.

"So Bella, how long have you and Edward known each other?" Alice asked.

"Well, I kind of knew some of you guys in high school a little. I was Edward Biology partner" I said.

"Gell lat's jhen Mekward das a gig noron" Emmett said with his mouth full.

"Emmett!" Esme scolded him.

Emmett swallowed his food. "Sorry Mom. Well I was saying that's when Edward was a big moron" he continued.

"Like you weren't" Edward said.

"Well, yeah I was awesome and I still am!" Emmett said.

Alice scoffed. I laughed. Edward's family was very easy to get along with, but I wonder if he can get along with mine...


(Esme's POV)

Edward had already left with Bella to drive her home.

"I think Bella was nice" I said.

Carlisle and I were washing the dishes.

"Yes she was" he said. Alice was sitting by the counter.

"She would look really nice in the color blue" Alice said.

"She seems like she can wrestle" Emmett said.

"Charming too" Jasper added. "I don't like her" Rosalie said.

We looked at her.

"Why?" Emmett asked.

"She's ruining our family, she wraps Edward around her finger, besides what would Edward want with a celeberty? Other than money or fame? Nothing" Rosalie said.

"Edward may be a manwhore but he would never ever con someone for money or trick someone into loving him for fame either" Alice said standing up.

"Alice dear" Jasper said. "I like the sluts better than her" Rosalie said. Oh no...


(Alice's POV)

Emmett sure picks the bitches. "I can see why you like the sluts, because you are one. Oh and Emmett thinks your boobs are lop sided" I said walking out of the room.

Nobody ever says anything about Edward. Even though he's a few minutes older than me I look out for him and he looks out for me. And even if that bitch will be part of my family one day, nobody can ever do anything that offends my brothers, or else Angry Alice steps into the picture.

And nobody wants Angry Alice.