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Music Around Me

All Human Bella is a rock star, into Alternative, Metal, and t.A.T.u (In my opinion Russia's BEST!) Edward is the guy at home, he works at a music store in the mall and would listen to anything. When a mall performance happens will Edward see that maybe love can be found on the darker side in music interest? Chapter 4 is being validated(I personally don't like chapter 2 because I think I rushed things) "You drink like a Russian" James said since he had lived in Moscow, Russia for seven years."Like you don't!" I said as I drank more. "Laurent! Can you make me a Long Island?" I asked.

Characters belong to Stephenie Meyer

3. Chapter 3- Meeting the Swan(s) (And Dwyers!)

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1 Month Later

(Edward's POV)

Tonight I was meeting Bella's parents. I wore a dark grey sweater with jeans. I rang Bella's doorbell. When she answered I saw her wearing a blue blouse, a black pencil skirt, her skull ring, fishnet gloves, and short black boots with chains.

"What's with this outfit?" I asked.

"My aunt is visiting, your going to meet her too" she said.

"The color blue makes you look lovely" I whispered into her ear. She blushed.


We reached the Swan household. It was a old house. We walked inside.

"Bells!" a guy with a bushy mustache said.

"Hey Dad" Bella said giving him a hug.

I smelt burnt food.

"Dad... are you cooking?" she asked.

"No" he said turning away.

"Dad" Bella nagged.

"You must be Edward" Chief Swan said.

"Yes sir" I said shaking his hand. A woman with short brown hair like Bella's came over to us.

"Bella!" she exclaimed.

"Hey Mom" she said giving her a hug. "This is Edward" Bella said gesturing to me.

"Hello Edward. I'm Renee" she said giving me a hug.

"Hello Renee" I said.

Bella brought me to the living room.

"This is my stepdad Phil, and my halfbrother Demetri" Bella said bringing me to a man with very light brown hair and a boy who was 12 who didn't have very dark brown hair, but it wasn't light like his father's.

"And this is my Aunt Heidi, my Uncle Felix, and my cousins Jane and Alec" Bella said leading me to more brunettes.

"Everyone this is Edward" Bella said.

"Hello" I said.


I realized why Bella wore the skirt. Her aunt was...well ugh!

Bella and her brother started joking around, and they were scolded by their aunt.

When Bella went to the bathroom Demertri sat down next to me.

"So you really like my sister huh?" he asked. I stared at the twelve year old.

Was a 12 year old trying to threaten a 23 year old? I just stared blank at him.

"Dude, I just want to know if your just trying to her ladie panties" he said.

"Hell No!" I said almost a bit too loud. "I should tell you the time when I got shrimp down her bra. God that was funny. It happened three years ago, and she was visiting us in Florida so we went to a restauraunt by the dock.

It was seafood of couse. We ordered shrimp, and Bella being the older sister got 10 year old me pissed so when Mom and Dad were off looking at the water we kind of got into a food fight. That was really fun" he said.

I just stared at him. Bella came out and saw us.

"Do I want to know?" she asked.

"Just telling him about the seafood fight" Demetri said.

"You left out the part about clam sauce didn't you?" she asked.

I nodded.

"I got him back after the shrimp by pouring clam sauce on his head" she said.

I smiled. She was about to sit down on the part of the couch next to me, but I grabbed her around the waist and pulled her towards me.

I sat her on my lap. She chuckled and gave me a kiss on the lips. Demetri cringed away.


(The Next Day)

(Bella's POV)

We were having practice at my house. Since we live in Seattle and not Hollywood we go there for a couple of weeks every two months.

James, Laurent, Jacob, and Victoria were over. "Anyone come up with any ideas for songs?" I asked.

"We know you didn't! You were thinking about your boyfriend" Laurent said.

"Shut Up! You haven't even asked your PA out to dinner" I said.

"Hey Irina is this little devil, in a hottie body" Laurent said.

"Laurent likes Irina, Laurent likes Irina, Laurent likes Irina!" we all sang in a tune.


(The Next Day)

(Edward's POV)

I enjoyed meeting Bella's family. They seemed better than mine. Alice called me.

"What?" I asked.

"How was meeting Bella's family?" she asked.

"Better than ours" I said. She laughed.

"So Friday's the wedding huh?" I asked. Alice was getting married Friday.

"Yep! The happiest day of my life" she said.

"I'm letting my baby sister go" I said pretending to cry.

"I'm sure if I take my twin brother with me on my honeymoon night he'd be trying to find a way to escape" she said.

We laughed. My twin sister is going to be a married woman in two days.