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Music Around Me

All Human Bella is a rock star, into Alternative, Metal, and t.A.T.u (In my opinion Russia's BEST!) Edward is the guy at home, he works at a music store in the mall and would listen to anything. When a mall performance happens will Edward see that maybe love can be found on the darker side in music interest? Chapter 4 is being validated(I personally don't like chapter 2 because I think I rushed things) "You drink like a Russian" James said since he had lived in Moscow, Russia for seven years."Like you don't!" I said as I drank more. "Laurent! Can you make me a Long Island?" I asked.

Characters belong to Stephenie Meyer

4. Chapter 4- The Wedding

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(Bella's POV)

Today was Alice's lucky day. After Edward and I started dating Alice and I became best friends, and Emmett and I can definatly get along, and Jazz is pretty cool too. It's just Rosalie I can't agree with. I still don't understand why she doesn't like me.

I even asked Edward multiple times and he told me that she doesn't hate me. Rosalie and I were two of Alice's bridesmaids. The rest of them were some cousins and friends.

The bridesmaids were wearing blue gowns with a satin belt, no straps, but was supported by the ribbon going around the back of the neck. I was helping Alice get ready right now. Rosalie was helping, and so was the maid of honor, one of Alice's class mates from college.

Alice was wearing a white dress without straps or sleeves with flower printed designs, white heels with a peep toe, which only made her a few inches taller, and had a early 20th century veil that a Princess would wear. It went past the ground! Her bouquet consisted of only red roses.

Instead of Alice's usual spiky hair style, it was curled and was more of a wavy/straight style. Alice wasn't in her usual peppy mood, she was freaking out.

"What if I'm making a mistake?" Alice asked me. "Your not" I said. "How do you know?" she asked. "Because, I can see the way Jasper looks at you and the way you look at him. It's definatly more than something you see every day" I responded.

"Really?" she asked me. "It's definatly something different than Rosalie and Emmett, or Edward and Bella" the maid of honor, Kirsten said. Alice smiled slightly. I could tell she was still nervous. "Alice don't worry. Come on it's time" I said.

Rosalie smiled at Alice as she was finishing cleaning up a small make-up spill. The other three bridesmaids where three cousins. I reconized one being Irina, our agent that Laurent won't admit he has the hots for, and then a strawberry blond, then a dirty blond.

"Bella" Irina said. "Irina" I announced. "You know each other?" Rosalie asked. "James' friend, our agent/PA" I said. "This is Tanya and Kate my sisters" Irina said. "Pleasure to meet you" I said.

"I'm Kate" the dirty blond said. "Bella" I said. "Tanya" the other one said. I'm not stupid, I guessed since you were the only one left!

We heard the wedding march. I grabbed my bouquet of white flowers and so did everyone else. We saw the adorable flower girl, who was Kirsten's daughter, throwing the flower petals on the ground.

"I can't do this" Alice said. "Yes you can" Kirsten said putting a hand on her shoulder. Jasper was standing by the priest. The 'groomsmates' and the best man where standing there. The best man was Kirsten's husband, and the ring bearer was Rosalie's brother Andrew.

Emmett is still laughing at him for that. Alice started to walk down with the veil covering her face, Kirsten followed and then we did.


Alice and Jasper were dancing looking so happy, so in love. I smiled happily as I was drinking some water. A familiar arm wrapped around my waist. I looked up and saw my personal Greek God.

"Enjoying your sister's wedding?" I asked him. "Yes, I am" he said. Emmett came up to us with crocodile tears.

"She grew up so fast!" he said "wailing" and he sniffled. "It's okay Em" I said.

"Really?" he asked. "Yes really" I said.

For some reason Alice wanted to do dancing first and then the boquet, and then the toast and the main course.

Alice stood at the top of the stairs and threw the bouquet over her head. I wasn't trying, just standing in the back with Edward next to me watching. I looked up and saw the chandelier. "Edward look how beautiful it is" I said pointing and one of my hands was out and then I felt something smash into that hand.

It was Alice's bouquet. I looked up shocked. Everyone clapped. I was really suprised. Edward chuckled and kissed the top of my forehead.