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Soft Girl

Bella is a soft girl. She's convinced after experiences that men are evil, that good for nothing, and that she'll never find love. At a party she meets a man that will change her outlook on life forever and treat her with everything she deserves.

Hey, this is Kerry. I recently looked over my old stories and cringed a bit. So I decided to try something new. And complete the damn story this time. :p. Rated Adult for loving, and of course language.

2. Chapter 2: History and Torture Devices

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Thinking about the events of last night made me feel lonely, pathetic; drinking by myself. But I was destined for fat loneliness. See, I was born thick. Never the skinny one or anything. I had an ass and boobs and I was 6 feet tall. I was soft but at the same time a Glamazon a healthy size 13. I’m not bony and skinny, and I’m not sorry for not being a size 0, and for the longest time I had all of the confidence in the world. I always had the big outgoing personality, the theater freak, the girl who was going somewhere in life. I thought, as well as everyone else that I could be a model if I wanted to. I even had the dreams of becoming this amazing singer on Broadway. Then my dad died, and I moved to Forks with my mother, and things were great for a long time. I had a great boyfriend Jacob and great friends. A few months after we graduated Jacob asked me to marry him and I obliged, Jacob was very controlling and manipulative but he was the only guy I had ever known. But everything turned sour one night in Port Angles about 2 years ago, when after a girls night at the bar, a man put drugs in my drink and dragged me out into an alley way where he raped me. I went home a mess, and crying, and I told Jacob. He said that I was a stupid whore, good for nothing, a fat bitch, and made my life hell. All of my so called friends abandoned me and took his side, no one would believe the fat girl. I wouldn’t take any help from anyone who did want to help me, even my mother. So from then on my confidence was down the drain, I had zero trust in men and thought I was eternally damned to loneliness. I gave up everything; my dreams of Broadway, true love, and finding someone who would accept me for me. He kicked me out, no food and no money. I’ve never been the same ever since. After Jake kicked me out I was just roaming the streets of Seattle where Rose picked me up. She owned a program for women who had been abused or raped, and were trying to get back on their feet. She was a thick girl too, supermodel gorgeous, and we clicked immediately. It turns out he SAME exact thing happened to her except for it was her husband and his friends that raped her. She was strong enough to move on from it, and help other girls. We have been best friends ever since. She is the one person who truly understands me and has been helping me get back on my feet. She met Emmett last year, at one of his fitness centers and she’s been with him ever since. Teaching thick girls how to keep their curviness and be healthy at the same time. They are partners in crime, and he just treats her like a fucking goddess. To tell you the truth I was extremely jealous as .. 1. Emmett was a hunk of man meat 2. Emmett was everything that I had looked for in a man. 6’6 , muscles, sweet as hell, and fucking hot. But they were together. But the fact that she had found love even in her situation of being raped, it gave me a small spark of hope that maybe one day that a man would accept me for me and love me as Emmett does Rosalie. And Alice… My thoughts were cut off by a knocking on my door, I wiped my tears that had formed at the corner of my eyes as I walked to the door. I took a deep breath and opened it. Alice squealed and jumped into my arms before I could really register anything was actually happening. “Goddammit you little nugget get off of me!” I grinned and she jumped off and brushed over her arms getting the wrinkles out of her shirt. I laughed and looked at Rose she slowly came over to me and gave me a gentle hug, and then whacked me on the back of the head with one of the 4 moderately large briefcase she was holding I cringed as I realized they were all hair and makeup tools. Bitches “Girl, that’s for last night!” She said I laughed, then she gave me another hug and we walked inside. Alice was talking a mile a minute as she walked in front of us, while Rose and I were giggling about last night. When we got into the living room Alice whipped around to see us whispering “Were you even listening?!” she screeched and then scoffed as we headed to my bedroom where the torture would be inflicted. “Alice, do I have to?” I whined and she looked back and gave me and evil smile. “Oh yes darling, don’t worry today will be so much fun.” “Fun my ass. This shit is torture!” I whined, and she grinned back at me. She sat down on my bed after taking all of the briefcases out of Roses hands and started to set up. Oh Jesus, there’s a waxing kit. I thought, my evil arch enemy. I groaned as she spread everything out, the evil torture tools starring me down. I glared back defiantly. “Bella, stop starring down the beauty tools.” Alice said, not even looking up at me. I smirked, we had always said that she had eyes on the back of her head. She started by waxing my eyebrows which hurt like a bitch, then putting a damn mask of eyeliner and eye shadow and lipstick and lip gloss and foundation and all that shit. It took 2 fucking hours just to “perfect” my hair, all the while I just sat there grumbling to myself while Rose and Alice chit chatted about nonsense. Finally after they were all done with the hair and makeup Alice squeezed me into a short French lace ivory dress with 4 inch black peep toe heels. I pouted from feeling so uncovered. They walked me over to the mirror and I looked really good! See this is what happened every time; they come over every time, I whine, they make me beautiful and give me a pep talk. Then we all have a good time. “I’m sorry you guys , I’m such a bitch. Thank you so much. I look amazing, and I just want you to know that I appreciate you guys. I’m just a grumpy bitch.” I said, and I felt the tears pool in my eyes as they came over to me and gave me a hug. “I mean, after everything that’s happened you guys are just always here for me. And Jake made me feel so shitty and you guys have always been here for me and … and now I am ranting.” I said through tears. T hey all just laughed and we sat there hugging until we heard a knock on the wall next to my bedroom door. “Hey, girls did I walk in on a bad time?” Emmett said and Rose jumped up to give him a kiss, when they reached each other he kissed her, gently embracing her in his arms. I pretended to gag, and Alice giggled starring at them dreamily. “Sorry I just let myself in, I know you guys were doing important beautifying. I didn’t want to interrupt you all. I just had to see Rose before tonight’s party I didn’t get to see her last night because she was with Edward at the party I wasn’t feeling well, I hope you don’t mind but I’m going to take her out to dinner before the party so if that’s okay with you, and you Rose we should go. Our reservation is in an hour and a half and I know you like to take forever to get ready.“ he said and chuckled still looking lovingly at Rose, and she blushed and nodded. I nodded in approval not like I had a choice, but I knew it made her happy. He smiled and she collected her things and she came around and hugged us both. “You know, Bella still hasn’t met Edward yet babe.” Rosalie mused. “Really? Well you’ll meet him tonight. This should be good.” He said quietly and looking over at me with a mischievous look in his eyes. They started to walk hand in hand out the bedroom to the front door before I could ask any questions when he turned around and walked back to me and squeezed my hand “Bella, by the way. I just want to tell you that you look really beautiful, not that you don’t all the time. You just look stunning.” I smiled and Rose beamed at Emmett with love in her eyes. It made my heart burn with longing as I saw them go. You could just feel the love radiating off of them. I heard Alice take a breath beside me as she got up from the bed and ready herself for the party. She knew I needed time to reflect, as I was always emotional from those kind of things. One thing that sucked about Rose and Alice, is that they both had men. Alice had Jasper; see before I knew her, she had a really hard family life. Her mother and father died, and the rest of her family deserted her for reasons unknown. I hadn’t know Alice all that long so I didn’t know her whole story. But I did know that about a year ago, Alice stumbled into Roses agency and Rose, took Alice under her wing. Even though Alice wasn’t a big girl she was far from that, she had a huge amazing personality. Slowly she had been pushing her way into all of our hearts We didn’t know Everything about her, but we were all so much alike that I couldn’t NOT like her. She was my little nugget. Alice and Jasper met through Emmett, Rose dragged all three of us to Emmett and Edward’s Gym one day. Edward is Emmett’s semi new business partner. I still hadn’t met him yet. Anyways, Jasper was teaching the aerobics class. He couldn’t take his eyes off of her and at the end of the session he walked up to her and said I’ve been looking for you my whole life, in his adorable southern drawl. And she beamed and then kissed him. It was a magical moment to say the least. Such an Alice moment. And all the while I couldn’t be happy for her. All I could think was DAMMIT I WANT A FUCKING MAGICAL MOMENT OF MY OWN. The good thing about it was that they didn’t purposely flaunt it In my face. But Alice was intuitive enough to realize that I don’t want to talk about my feelings or talk about what’s making me sad. Fuck that shit. I just liked to wallow in my own self pitty. And I was okay with that. “Bella, you are zoned out. Come back to me Bella.” Alice said waving a hand in my face. I apologized and giggled as I came out of my trance. Alice was twirling in her gorgeous glittery dress perfectly made for her. If I would have warn it, I would have no shape and I would have looked redonkulous. But it was perfect for her tiny petite frame. “How do you manage to look so good? Bitch.” I said with a giggle. She gave me the finger and continued to dance around like a little kid. The first line of Super Freak rang out on my phone, my mother was calling. Over the past year we had established a better relationship, after Roses help we have been able to finally talk about some things, and she forgives me for being such a bitch. The cool thing about us is that she is just as snarky and bitchy as me so we get along well, I got my assholeness from her. I must have gotten my sense of humor from my dad though... Anyways she got remarried a couple months ago and has decided to go all motherly on me and try and set me up with WHOMEVER she can get her hands on. I think its funny. “Hello mother.” “HELLO DARLING, I HAVE THE PERFECT LITTLE JEWISH BOY FOR YOU. HONEY HES PERFECT FOR YOU. JUST WANTED TO SAY HELLO, I HAVE TO GO NOW BUT I JUST WANTED TO TELL YOU. I LOVE YOU HONEY. MAKE SURE YOU’RE HERE IN 30 MINUTES YOU HAVE TO HELP ME GREET THE GUESTS” I had to pull the phone away from my ear as she practically screamed into the phone. Alice was giggling as she knew my mother well. She practically begged Alice to do my hair and makeup and make me into a “respectable young woman” of course Alice would play Barbie Bella without even being asked. So they were good o’l palls. This was my life. So Alice did some last touch ups on her and my makeup and we were out the door. I had a feeling something was going to happen tonight. I just wasn’t sure what that was. -