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Where Fate Has Brought Us

After Edward left Bella in New Moon, she made an unexpected decision to go to the Volturi and ask them to change her. After 100 years have gone by, Bella realizes that leaving to join the Volturi to escape the devastating memories Forks has left was not the solution. Soon she discovers that a twist of fate can change everything.


2. After All These Years

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I stepped inside the room feeling awkward as I took very slow steps. Aro was standing in the middle of the room along with seven other unfamiliar figures. They were in deep conversation, and I also noticed Marcus and Caius talking to the others as well. Demetri, Felix, Jane, and Alec were all on the other far side of the room having their own conversation as well. I decided to go over there to join them, when Aro suddenly noticed I was in the room.

"Ah, Isabella! So glad you could join us. Please come, I want you to meet our guests." Aro called cheerfully. As Aro talked, the seven strangers quickly turned around and were all now facing me. I stayed frozen in shock, just standing there as the seven pairs of eyes were locked straight on me.

No...it can't be. I gasped at the thought that my mind realized it wasn't any strangers I didn't know.

I could clearly see all their faces. That was when I recognized them. They weren't strangers at all, I could recognize these familiar faces anywhere. I must be hallucinating or dreaming. But, that's silly to even think. Vampires can't sleep, but why is this happening then? I don't think I'm hallucinating. There's got to be some sort of explanation. But there isn't anything to explain. The fact is they were right in front of me...all of them.

It was them.

The Cullens.

"Um, Isabella?" Aro asked confused bringing me back to reality.

"Yes. . .master?" I croaked trying to hide the pain in my throat as I spoke.

"Yes well, as I was saying, this is Carlisle. He is my old friend that I was talking to you about earlier," Aro explained as he gestured toward Carlisle who stared at me shocked, not believing what he was seeing. Carlisle hadn't changed much, he look just the same as the last day. . .I saw him. And right in front of me he looked bewildered and confused with eyes wide opened and his mouth hanging.

"He and the rest of his family will be staying with us for a while. Isn't that great, Isabella!" Aro clapped his hands with great excitement.

Yeah, perfect. I thought to myself.

I looked at each one of them individually, reading each and every one of their different expressions. Esme's eyes looked sorrowful, like a mother looks when she has hurt her child's feelings. Alice looked like she could just burst with excitement from her sparkly eyes. Emmett and Jasper looked as if they couldn't believe what they were seeing, like their eyeballs were about to pop out in any second. Rosalie looked at me with resentful eyes. She just stared up and down at me shaking her head in disapproval.

The last one was Edward. The empty whole in my chest felt heavier and more painful than ever when I said his name in my head. Seeing him for the first time in a long 100 years sent waves of hurt through me. I couldn't bear to see right in front of me, especially the way he looked at me. His face read pain and hurt but his eyes read sorrow and disappointment. He suddenly looked down from me to hide his obvious expression. I myself couldn't bear to stand in this room any second longer. There was nothing but dead silence in the room. You could feel the tension in the atmosphere. I had to get out of here.

"Isabella, is there something wrong?" Aro asked finally.

"I...I have to get out of here," I quickly turned around and ran for the door not knowing where to go.

I reached the entrance of the castle and I wasn't sure whether to leave or not. But it was too late now I have to get out of here, somewhere far from them. I ran as quick as I could through the dark city. The street lights were very dim and there were no humans out in city.

"Bella!" I heard someone call my name from behind. But I didn't stop.

"Bella, wait!" Then I recognized the voice. It was Edward.

I kept running faster and faster ignoring his pleas for me to stop. But it was no use. I felt his hand grab my wrist bringing me to a sudden stop from my intent to escape. He spun me around so that I was facing him. I didn't know whether to be furious or glad to see him, I felt sort of both. But with him holding me in his arms just like he used to and seeing his face through the moonlight one more time everything sort of melt inside me.

"Oh, Bella." Edward whispered looking down at me. The way he said my name again sent butterflies up my stomach.

But then I remembered why I was running away from him. The reason why I was even here in the first place. And that sent rage through me and venom in my teeth.

"Let me go, Edward! Let me go!" I tried to struggle out of his grasp but he was stronger than me. I figured was no use trying to fight a battle you know is not worth fighting. I gave up reluctantly and let big sigh as I rested my head on his chest.

"What do you want, Edward?" I muttered.

I looked up to see his face. He had his eyes closed tightly and his eyebrows were pulled together, creasing his marble forehead. He sighed deeply. "Why, Bella?" He asked as he opened his eyes trying to read my face.

"What are you talking about?" I asked confused. But then I understood what he meant.

"Oh, " Was all I could manage to say. He held my face in between his hands, his eyes searching mine for an answer.

"Bella, is this what me leaving you has done? Forcing you into becoming a monster? I thought I remember specifically telling you not to do anything reckless before I left," He said sourly.

"I thought I remember you telling me you would never leave me," I retorted.

My words made him flinch. He felt guilty for what he did. I could tell by his expression. But I didn't feel guilty either for treating him rudely. He's caused me so much pain in these past years that it doesn't even compare to the way I'm speaking to him right now. Besides there's no point in him or me having this discussion. What does he care? He told me he didn't want me so that's he going to get. Definitely not me.

"I guess I understand why you would react that way, but-"

"But, nothing Edward," I interrupted him. "Now if you'll excuse me I have to go."

He didn't try to hold me from leaving this time. I walked around him and sprinted inside the castle. I stopped at the entrance door and looked back. He stood there next to the fountain in the middle of the lonely street, looking down. He didn't move at all, just kept staying there frozen like a statue. I turned around and kept walking.