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stay awake

What if everything was just a dream? Can Leah finally have the happy ending that she deserves?

hope you'll like this one.....

1. stay awake

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“Leah, I’m so sorry. I’m really sorry.” For how many days those words were all I can hear from him, words that I can hear from the one I love, from Sam.

It’s been three days since my world crumbled and it has been three days since he broke his promise and my heart. At first we didn’t believe to those legends but then destiny made it true and really painful.

It was when Emily came to visit and I introduced Sam to her. When their eyes met Sam suddenly let go of my hand that he was holding. He just stare t Emily for the rest of the dinner, he never drew back his gaze towards me. Then all of a sudden I lost him.

“Leah, forgive me.” Emily said while crying. Its Friday morning the fifth day she’s asking for my forgiveness. I’m not mad at her; it’s not her fault to be destined to the man whom I love. I’m trying to forget him now but I just can’t.

“Emily, how many times do I have to tell you ‘I HAVE NOTHING TO FORGIVE!’?” it’s not their fault but why does it have to be Emily? There’s a certain part of my heart that’s full of hatred.

“Leah, Forgive me.” She sobbed.

“I said ‘I have nothing to forgive,” I went to my room and shut the door loudly, and by the uncountable time, I break down and started crying. Then mom knocked on my door.

“Leah,” she called.

I stood up trembling then opened the door.

“She said she’ll come back later,” she informed me while stepping inside my room.


“Don’t worry I told her that you need time,” she said while wiping the single tear that escaped my eye. “And especially my baby needs space.”

“Thanks mom.” She enclosed me in her warm embrace like what she always does when I was a kid. I wish I can go back when I was five, when you don’t even know what’s the true meaning of love and all of these heart-breaking stuff, but I can’t go back to the past and remove the words in my head that ‘love also means letting go.’

If you’re not meant to be together no matter how hard you tried to keep your relationship alive, fate will always make its way.

“Leah, are you okay?” I heard someone’s calling my name.

I opened my eyes and saw my destiny.

“Are you okay?” Sam asked me.

Sam is always by my side every morning. He sounds tired every time he’s here. He enclosed me in his arms and sooth me.

“Sam.” My voice cracked then I cried.

“Tell me about it.” He pleaded.

“You left me.” I sobbed. “You fell in love with Emily.”
“Emily? I will never leave you. I promise I will never leave you.” He said with so much sincerity in his voice.

But still my tears won’t stop. “That was just a product of your subconscious.”

“Leah, Emily’s here.” Mom called.

I just froze and stared at Sam. He holds my hand and pulls me out of my bed. “I don’t want to go out.”

“Leah it’s just a dream. And i promised to you remember?” he wiped my tears. “I will never leave you.”

Those words somehow gave me strength. I started walking towards my door, he opened it for me and there I saw Emily standing with a big smile on her face.

“Leah!” she hugged me. “I missed you!”

After she let go of me I introduced Sam to her. “Emily, this is Sam.” And “Sam this is Emily.”

Just what happened in my dreams their eyes met, Sam let go of my hand and all of a sudden broke his promise.