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Time After Time

After Breaking Dawn all is going well and happily for the Cullen’s. But when a mysterious man arrives will everything fall to pieces. Edward’s in agony, Emmett’s missing, Jasper is thirsty, Bella's not happy and everyone else is really confused. As the story unfolds we realise things are not as they seem. Twilight and Doctor Who/Torchwood crossover.

Here's a little taster and its in Edward's Point of view:

"I was nervous. I couldn’t really understand why I felt like this, nervous with a mixture of excitement and longing. I wanted this. I wanted to do this, and Bella wanted it for me too. It was too late now to turn back. So why do I feel so unnerved about this?"

This is my first fan fic so I hope you like it. Disclaimer: I don’t own anything to do with Twilight or Doctor Who. If I did I would be a very rich woman, but since I don’t thank you to Stephenie Meyer, Sydney Newman, Russell T. Davies, Steven Moffat for there fantastic characters and worlds. This is a Twilight and Doctor Who fusion story. They are my two favourite things in the world so die hard fans of either don’t be mad at me for mixing them together.

2. Chapter 2 - Hunt

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Jasper's POV

"Bye Ali, love you" I said as I kissed her goodbye and let go of her hand.

Emmett and I had planned to go hunting together today. We weren't travelling far or anywhere special but it would be just us two. Our 'brotherly bonding time' as we jokingly called it. Edward used to come too, but ever since Bella and Nessie joined our family - it's generally just been me and Em. I missed Edward but he was happy now, happier then I'd ever seen him in the fifty or so years that I had known him.

I crouched and jumped from the porch as Emmett pounded along in front of me, almost cracking the tar mac after jumping from his and Rosalie's bedroom window on the first floor.

We raced each other towards the forest. Leaping in bounds, first over the river then flying past the in season conifers. We made it to a small clearing, and Emmett suddenly stopped.

I didn't notice him halting at first and as I was behind him, I crashed loudly into him.

"Hey!" he bellowed in annoyance but half laughing at the same time.

"Sorry, I wasn't paying attention," I responded.

"It's okay bro," he smiled "I wasn't paying much attention either."

"When do you ever pay attention?" I laughed sarcastically.

With that, Emmett had me in a head lock. I flipped him over my back and he landed with a smash on the ground. He jumped up onto the balls of his feet and pounced at me again. Another one of our famous wrestling matches had just kicked off.

We rolled along the ground for what I thought to be just over a half an hour. Abruptly, I felt a rain drop land on my arm and I was momentarily distracted. Emmett took this advantage and pinned me to the ground.

"Ha ha! I win!" he exclaimed with a smug expression.

He let me go and as he stood up he noticed the rain drops beginning to descend upon us. He held out his hand to help me up but I just slapped him a high five and jumped up myself.

"We should go and finish our hunting now before the weather gets too bad," I suggested.

"Yeah, you're right," Emmett replied, smiling again. "Lets Go!"

"Wait!", I stopped him from accelerating deeper into the forest.

"Why did you stop in the first place?"

"Oh…" Emmett said stiffing up. "Don't laugh or I will hit you so hard that not even Alice will be able to look at you without bursting into laughter, got that!".

He paused for a minute. "It's about Rosalie".

"Has this anything to do with the all the anger I could feel her emitting yesterday?" I asked trying to sound inoffensive.

"Ya… umm…" He began staring at his feet. "When Alice picks your clothes for you everyday do you ever end up fighting with her when she wants you to wear something that you really don't want to wear?"

"At first yes, but I hated having to feel the pain I caused her along with the pain of my guilt… and I love her, so a few dodgy shirts won't hurt anyone," I explained truthfully.

"Right… well ummm… Its just…" Emmett began to struggle with his words. Being open was always hard for him. "Rose wants me to wear a tie to the thing Edward's planned for tonight and-"

"You and Rosalie had a fight over a tie!" I raised my eyebrows while trying to hold back a smirk.

"No! Its not just that, she also wants me to wear this awful pink shirt that she keeps insisting is salmon and… and…" he began to struggle with is words again.

I put my hand on his shoulder and tried to comfort him "O Emmett," I chuckled. "Women, you can't live with them and you can't live without them! At least she's in a more pleasant mood today".

"Yeah," he smiled without showing any teeth and then sighed changing his smile into a frown. "That's only because I finally gave in to her. Like you said, I didn't like making her upset. But the thing is, I do not want one joke or remark made at my expense and-"

"Okay! Okay!" I interrupted. "Got it, I won't take the mickey and I'll tell Alice, Bella and especially Edward not to either, all right?"

"Thanks," he mumbled while he smiled to me.

"Come on lets go hunt," I said enthusiastically, pointing in the direction we were heading towards earlier.

"Race ya!" Emmett yelled and he rushed off. I then began to run as fast as I could until I blasted past him. I was going to win this time.

We were laughing, enjoying our race when Emmett stopped again.

"Emmett what is it now?" I asked trying not to sound patronising.

"Sorry, I thought I…" he paused "I thought I saw something".

He rubbed his eyes as if trying to clean them. He was staring into the direction of a dark, tree dense area of the forest.

"What did you see?" I asked in concern.

"No, it must be my overactive imagination again," he said sounding slightly confused.

"Its okay, you know that you can tell me anything," I said trying not to sound patronising again.

"Well I know that this might sound crazy but… I… ummm I think I just saw a statue in between those two trees."

"Your right that did sound crazy" I said before I realised that my comment could have hurt his feelings. Immediately I tried to make up for being a bit insensitive. "Was it an animal?"

"No… and anyway if it was I would have smelt it and so would of you," he said still staring in the direction of the proposed sighting.

"Come on we better hurry up, everyone will be worried if we're not home soon - especially as we have plans for tonight," I said trying to distract him from is imagination.

"You're right, I'm coming," he said as he broke his stare. He then shook his head in disbelief as if trying to dispel the image of what he thought he saw in his mind.

We both started running again and we picked up the scent of elk about thirty meters north west. An easy first target. Starters if you will.

Emmett and I killed our prey in one go and tried to enjoy their little satisfying amount of blood. Elk was my least favourite of the animals we Cullens devoured, but what can you do living in the north west coast of America?

"Now time for some grizzlys!" Emmett exclaimed excitedly. Emmett had always had a thing for bears ever since one tried to kill him when he was human. I had to agree with him on one level though - bears are more interesting to hunt and attack then elk ever were.

We were running again. My nose on alert searching every possible scent to find something delectable. Emmett found his prey and began his feast. I continued meticulously searching.

Then, if I had a beating heart it would have stopped.

I picked up a scent. Human, I initially thought. But as I got closer it was something different. Something new.

Why did I have to pick up this scent now, in the middle of my hunt, at the height of my thirst and bloodlust. All I could concentrate on was this unidentifiable sent. Like what Edward always says: the hunt is like an obsession.

I knew I would hurt my family especially Carlisle, but it was too late - my vampire instincts had taken over. I had to have this blood.

I wish Emmett would stop me. Why hadn't he noticed there was something wrong with me?

I was ashamed of myself. I knew I was the weakest in self-control terms but I was devastated that I had given up so quickly.

I could hear two heart beats, but I was only picking up one scent.

I had become feral, growling and snarling. I knew I was close to my prey and there it was. There 'he' was.

He was too well dressed for a hiker.

He was in in a brown suit with blue pinstripes and a royal blue shirt paired with a matching brown and blue stripy tie and also with a long brown coat which almost touched the ground.

These details were put in the back of my mind along with the remorse I already felt.

I was going to kill this man.

He saw me, but didn't move or scream. Even though the state I was in would send any full grown man into floods of tears.

I crouched and flung towards my prey. Flying through the air about to attack.