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Time After Time

After Breaking Dawn all is going well and happily for the Cullen’s. But when a mysterious man arrives will everything fall to pieces. Edward’s in agony, Emmett’s missing, Jasper is thirsty, Bella's not happy and everyone else is really confused. As the story unfolds we realise things are not as they seem. Twilight and Doctor Who/Torchwood crossover.

Here's a little taster and its in Edward's Point of view:

"I was nervous. I couldn’t really understand why I felt like this, nervous with a mixture of excitement and longing. I wanted this. I wanted to do this, and Bella wanted it for me too. It was too late now to turn back. So why do I feel so unnerved about this?"

This is my first fan fic so I hope you like it. Disclaimer: I don’t own anything to do with Twilight or Doctor Who. If I did I would be a very rich woman, but since I don’t thank you to Stephenie Meyer, Sydney Newman, Russell T. Davies, Steven Moffat for there fantastic characters and worlds. This is a Twilight and Doctor Who fusion story. They are my two favourite things in the world so die hard fans of either don’t be mad at me for mixing them together.

3. Chapter 3 - Hello

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The Doctor's POV

About to leave, for one last time I embraced the scenery of the beautiful coastline of Woman Wept. I liked visiting here. It was a place packed full of lamenting emotions but it had a contradicting beautiful, calming effect.

I unlocked the door to the Tardis and as I closed the door behind me I threw my coat on my coat stand. I walked slowly dragging my feet behind me as I made my way over to the console room of my glorious ship.

I was bored again.

"Where to next?!" I exclaimed trying to cheer myself up.

I started jumping around the Tardis flicking numerous switches and pulling and pushing a wide range of gizmos and gadgets to start up her engine and put her into motion.

"Where to next… where to next…" I began repeating as I contemplated the next stop on my endless travels.

"Perhaps Midnight" I thought to myself. Have a little holiday, I deserve a quick break I thought. Then a shiver went through my spine as I remembered what happed the last time I set foot on that gleaming planet.

Sometimes I wish the Tardis had a random button.

I suddenly noticed my fuel was running low.

A quick pit stop was all she would need. So I decided to go to Earth and let her rest and absorb the energy escaping from the rift that runs through Cardiff.

As I hovered over the earth I realised I could take in a visit with the Captain and his Torchwood team while I would be there.

I haven't seen him in a while and I should be keeping an eye on his little groups activities after what I saw at Canary Wharf, though I know he insists that his gang is different.

As I made my way towards Cardiff, I started to hear a binging noise. I looked around trying to find a source of the unexpected sound. I came to a pile of my experimentations with random assorted bits and bobs. It was my timey-whimy detector. I pulled it out of the cluttered mess. It was activated, giving off signals. Someone's messing with time again, I guessed. With that I hooked up the detector and got the Tardis to follow the signal.

As I got closer to the source the beeps got closer together, there was even less static but I could not locate its exact origin. I was headed for North America. As I examined it further, I realised that I was landing somewhere in Washington State.

As soon as I landed, I ran towards the doors and flung them open. I was in the middle of a forest. Beautiful shades of greens and browns galore, with hundreds of giant spruces. A perfect scene of nature in its natural element. The weather was overcast with a drizzle of rain leaking through the thick clouds, so I leaned back and grabbed my coat.

I began exploring this new place with interest, but at the same time I was continuously searching for the reason I was led here.

I was about to run back to the Tardis to see if there were any more signals or readings, when I noticed something accelerating towards me.

I couldn't make out what it was at first as it was moving way too fast. As it got closer it looked almost human.

He had blond hair, was tall and muscular. The pallid pigment of his skin was unnaturally white, but what struck me the most was his pitch black eyes and the tinted purple bruise-like bags underneath them. He looked like he was battling with himself inside his mind, twitching almost, as if trying to control himself.

Then it dawned on me. You could almost hear the clicking noise as I put things together.

He was a vampire.

Could this have been what I was led to? No, it couldn't be, they are too simple a race to manipulate time and energy.

I then remembered the last encounters I had with vampires, and a sudden wave of anger swept through my veins and quickly dissolved.

The vampire crouched and flung himself towards me.

I didn't move, he seemed to be in an unstable condition. Highly unstable- ruled by the ever present thirst. I tried to think up a plan of what to do, but I then got distracted as always. "What a glorious creature," I thought aloud.

Then I realised that he was about to attack.

Jacob's POV

"For goodness sake Seth! You're so annoying go home!"

I ordered angrily in my thoughts as I headed towards the Cullen house to visit my precious Nessie. We were in werewolf form while we ran through the forest.

"I coming too!" Seth yelled stubbornly.

"Why can't you follow Leah instead and leave me alone?!" I demanded.

We were getting on each others nerves more and more each day. There seemed to be no danger around anymore. So my pack and I were now consistently bored. Things were as 'normal' as they were ever going to get. Though yes, I know I shouldn't complain as I am happy, but I just wished that I could kick some ass from time to time.

As we ran through the forest it was beginning to rain so we sped up. Then a god awful sent hit me like a strong punch to the face.

"Vampire definitely," I thought. I sniffed harder to see if it was one of the Cullen’s or if it was a threat. It was only Jasper. I could smell a hint of Emmett's scent too, but Jasper's was stronger, closer I thought, maybe they weren't together, but why would they be apart?

Seth picked up on the scent too, and we both ran to greet our friend. I then picked up another scent. It was different, weird different. Human like, but it was a scent I had never smelled before.

As we got closer I saw Jasper and noticed there was something wrong. He looked feral and wild. He was running fast, on a hunt I assumed.

"What the hell is wrong with Jasper?"

I asked Seth, but before he could answer we both simultaneously realised what was going on.

I noticed there was a tall man in a long brown coat just standing there staring Jasper. Hello?! Didn't he realise he was about to be attacked and killed by a bloodsucker?!!

A fit of anger rushed through me. I didn't want to hurt Jasper but as the Alpha I have to protect this stupid man. Seth and I ran as fast as we could to try and get to the man before Jasper could.

I used all my strength pushing my legs as fast I could. Where was Leah when you needed her? Her speed would really have came in handy right now. I was almost there but I couldn't help think that I wasn't going to make it. Jasper was flying through the air about to sink his teeth into this poor, innocent man.

Jasper was so engulfed with his thirst that he hadn't noticed me or Seth coming, I took it as an advantage.

With all the force I could muster I smacked into Jasper. A huge crash resounded through the forest. With that we both went flying into an unsuspecting tree. Snapping it practically in two.

I wrestled Jasper to the ground. He was savage, snapping growling and spitting. He was squirming under the tight grip of my paws but he was too easily pinned down. I then realised he didn't want to kill this man any more then we did. He wanted us to stop him.

I suddenly felt sorry for him. I was one of the ones who joined in the jokes about his self-control. I knew now that his weakness hurt him. If we all survive this I'll promise myself never to make fun of him again- well, for this anyway.

"Glorious! Werewolf's too! Ah ha!" the man exclaimed with pure joy. Was he crazy?!?

"That mans a lunatic!"

Seth said as he got a firm grip on Jasper.

"Of all the times not to have a camera! They're beautiful!" the crazy man stared yelling with joy again.

Does he not understand the term 'run away from the monsters?!'

Seth had a good tight grip on Jasper even though he was spitting out growls and profanities while snapping and squirming. So I decided to give him orders "Take him back to the Cullen's house now! I'll deal with the man. Just go! Now! Get him away from his scent!"

Seth began dragging Jasper home as he was kicking and screaming in a desperate attempt to get to the man. The man just kept looking around as if he was trying to find something. I jumped behind a bush and phased into my human form, so that I could talk to the stranger. I pulled on the trousers I had tied to my leg.

As I walked over to the man he didn't flinch or move. He wasn't frightened at all.

"Man… are you okay? Aren't you scared? Who are you?" I asked inquisitively.

He held out his hand for me to shake and a huge grin splashed across his face. He beamed as he began to reply.

"Hello, I'm the Doctor."