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A normal Day for Sara

This just a normal day at home for Sara Cullen. The youngest cullen and edward's true little sister.

Okay so I made up my new character. Her name is Sara Cullen. She's Edward's real sis. She's 15. She's has the same power as Edward but she can also control minds (which means she can make them move to.) She's also single. Hope you like it. Oh, and this is my first story. Did I mention it's weird?

1. Chapter 1

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Sara's pov

I was sitting at home. Emmett, Jasper, and Edward were out hunting and Carlisle was at the hospital. I was avoiding Alice so I didn't have to play dress up. I sat on the couch flipping through the channels. Nothing good was on as usual.

I decided to go for a walk. Knowing that Alice would find me I put on an ugly outfit to piss her off. It was not a good idea but I just wanted to have some fun. I walked vampire pace to town but slowed when I got there so I wouldn't attract any attention.

"Sara!" Alice called from behind. Then grabbed me and brought back home.

"That's th ugliest out fit I've ever seen! Why would where it?!" She asked searching through my closet to find a good outfit.

She pulled out a short pink dress. Oh no, I thought not dress up. She thinks I act like Bella when it comes to clothes. If you were dressed up like a barbie every day you would feel the same way.

The boys came home at noon. Nessie ran to Edward and Emmett went to find Rosalie who was helping Alice give Bella a makeover.

"Alice get to you again?" Edward thought.

"She always does." I thought back.

"Okay, here is Bella's new look."Alice said cheerfully coming down the stairs with Bella right behind her. Bella looked the same but she had new a new outfit on. And new makeup.

"You look beautiful." Edward said to her as Bella sat down.

"Thanks." She replied.

"Now it's Sara's turn Alice said in the same peppy voice as before.

"No!" I nearly shouted as I darted outside

"Sara!" Rose shouted she wanted to get in on it to.

I wouldn't let them get to me. I guess Alice was right. I was like Bella when it came to clothes. Edward caught up to me and grabbed me as I was thinking. Dang it! Now Alice was going to dress me up even worse than Bella for what I did earlier. I shuddered at the thought.

I couldn't escape from Edward but I had to think of a way. What would distract him? Wait I could use my power. Duh! I made him let go of me as I ran to my room and locked my door. That was easier than I thought.

Alice gave up after an hour. That sucks. Now I have nothing to do. I went to my stereo and played Bleed It Out.

I started to sing. I couldn't hear myself over the stereo though.

Then someone knocked on my door. I was surprised I could hear with the music being so loud. I turned the music down and opened the door. It was Alice. Dang. Now I was going to get it bad. Alice and Rose grabbed my arms. I couldn't use my power because Em and Jazz would just take over. Shit. Now I was a goner. Jasper opened the door and I was surrounded by clothes.