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My One Love

I changed the summary: Our lives are stories that interwine with each other... our destinies are all related to one thing: love. No matter if you believe in it or not, everyone has a soulmate, it just takes some work to find one. This is a story about Bella, Edward, and other characters of twilight series, including some visitors that you will simply love! Please read the sequel to this story: Love's Light *stephanie Meyer owns all, and im just a normal addicted teenager*  (banner by Marauder by midnight--Thank you)

Bella is a danger magnet...and she's through with being ms. nice girl. Read through Bella and Edward's love, events that will make you laugh and cry, and get ready for some VISITORS!

13. Love, Cars, and Pie

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Bella’s POV:

His hands were trembling and I could hear his harsh breathing. His eyes were wide and his jaw was hanging open. He blinked. And I realized that he wasn’t staring at me, he was staring at Alyson.

“Jake, what’s wrong?” I asked him. He seemed to snap back to reality and was now shaking his head as if to clear it.

“Jake, did you just…?” Sam was asking him.

“I…I think so…Oh SHIT!” Jacob yelled. I was confused. What’s going on? I looked around and Ally and Dan were confused also, but the other pack members were smiling, snickering, or angry. No confusion there.

“What’s going on?” Ally asked. Popping her gum, once again, she was staring at Jake. Dan was politely holding the back of his hand to his nose. Oh, he smells the werewolves.

“Bella, can I talk to you, real quick? In private?” Jake said, emphasizing the last word and still staring at Ally in a strange expression.

“Uh, sure…” he grabbed my arm and picked me up. “Ugh! Careful, Jake, I’m not a pillow you can throw around.” He snorted and started to run off to the edge of the forest. He sat me down on a log and started pacing.

(A/N: this is where Jacob tells Bella about IMPRINTING if you haven’t read Eclipse yet, well, then, your pretty much out of luck. Sorry, but I’m not going to explain the entire thing.)

My breathing was shallow as Jake told me about imprinting. Apparently, it was like love at first sight, only more powerful. It could happen to any werewolf at any time. It was supposed to be rare, but three members of the Pack had already succumbed, and the others all hoped it would happen for them.

“Jake…why are you telling me this now?” I asked softly. Jake was still walking around, looking jumpy.

“Bells. I think I just did. On your new friend.” He whispered at looked at me.

“WHAT? You imprinted on ALYSON?” I yelled at and stood up. He nodded and shrugged his shoulders. “But---HOW? You don’t even KNOW her! Her brother is your enemy! You wouldn’t want me to be a vampire but you’re ok, just falling in love with ALLY?”

“Bella! I have no say in the matter!” he yelled too. I was so amazed. I mean, before when I said that Ally reminded me so much of Jake, because they had so much in common, I did NOT mean this. I mean, sure, Ally reminded me of Jake, but I never thought they should be together!

“Well, Jake…what are you going to do now?” I asked him softly, smiling. Jake was in LOVE. This made me happy, for some unknown reason.

“BELLS! You gotta help me out, what’s she like?” he was suddenly anxious.

“Well, why don’t you go talk to her? She’s a car fanatic you know. I thought she reminded me a lot of you before she even knew about you.”

“Wow…when Sam told me about it, I never thought it would happen to me. Here, come on, they’re probably waiting for us now.” He held out his arms and picked me up. He ran quickly through the woods, amazing me at his level of endurance.

Everyone was standing in the exact same positions we left them in-- all with their noses wrinkled, except Ally, who was sitting on the grass-- and looked up when we came. I jumped out of Jake’s arms and ran to Ally. She stood up and smiled.

“So what was that all about?” she whispered when I stood next to her.

“Ally, I want you to meet my favorite wolf, and my best friend.” I smiled and took her hand, leading her over to where Jake was biting his lip and staring at Ally. She was grinning and walked straight up to him, not scared in the least. All the other pack members stepped back, except for Sam, who had his hand on Jake’s shoulder.

“Jacob Black, Alyson Hartman. Ally, this is Jake.” I gestured to each and smiled. Ally grinned up at Jake, and held out her small hand. Jake grinned back, and shook her hand.

Jacob’s POV:

I smiled back and took her hand. It was soft and warm, although not comparable to my temperature. She was so beautiful. Her soft skin, her pretty hair. She had chocolate brown eyes and really cute pink lips.

“Uh…nice to meet you.” She said softly. I relished in the sound of her voice, looking into her eyes. It was like falling off a cliff. I was still holding her hand, but I couldn’t let go. I couldn’t even think.

“I’m Jake.” I blurted out. One of her eyebrows lifted and she chuckled. Was she laughing at me?

“Yeah, I know you’re Jake…if we’re going to repeat our names, then I’m Ally.” She chuckled again. I wanted to smack myself. I was so stupid.

“Uh, right, sorry. I…uh…” I stuttered like a moron. I just was speechless, I couldn’t even think of anything to say.

“Are you…ok?” she asked. I blinked. I let go of her hand, pulling myself out of the daze.

“Yeah, I’m fine. It’s nice to meet you.” I felt Sam squeeze my shoulder. Was he there the whole time? It had felt like only Ally and I had existed.

“This is Sam, the pack leader.” I pointed at Sam. He nodded and smiled at Ally. She smiled and waved.

“Hi!” she said enthusiastically.

“That’s Paul, Jared, Embry, and Quil.” Pointing at each of them in return. She waved at all of them, the smile never leaving her face. I was surprised, wasn’t she scared of us?

“Hey!” Quil and Embry said at the same time. Paul and Jared just nodded. I looked at the other leech that was standing a couple yards away, staring at Ally in a guarded expression.

“Well, I guess it’s nice to meet all of you. This is my brother, Dan.” She smiled and pointed at the bloodsucker. She ran up and grabbed him by the arm, pulling him along to stand next to her. I looked at Bella; she was standing there, smiling at all of us too.

“My pleasure.” The leech said, as if he didn’t loathe us on sight nodding at all of us.

“Um, why is everyone so tense?” Ally asked. No one answered her. I was still trying to get my brain to work right.

“Will you be staying with the Cullens?” Sam suddenly asked Dan. He shrugged.

“Maybe, I’m not sure. We just came for a visit, but they weren’t here. We’ll be waiting until they come back, and I’d like to speak to them then.”

“If you do, then make them explain the treaty.” Sam said. He turned around and left, Paul and Jared following. Embry and Quil left too, smiling at Ally. I didn’t want them to smile at her. I felt weird, like protective about Ally. I barely even knew her! I wasn’t going to get mad at the guys, just because they’re looking at her.

“So…I hear you like cars?” Ally asked me. I guess Bella told her.

“Yeah. I was working on my rabbit before you came. Wanna see it?” I asked shyly. Wait, shyly? Since when was I shy? I bit my lip. What is going on with me? Ally gasped and nodded eagerly.

“You have a rabbit? What year?” she asked excitedly. I could tell we were going to get along great if she cared about my car.

“1986.” I replied.

“Whoa, vintage!” she raised her hand for a high five. I put my hand in the air and she had to jump up high to reach it, we both laughed, and I intertwined my fingers into hers. When she had jumped, she had been a foot away from me, and now she was only a couple inches away. I brought our hands down and looked down into her eyes. They were so mesmerizing.

I instinctively bent lower, so that we were almost on the same level. She blushed a little, her cheeks turning a light pink. I wanted to close the distance between us. To make her feel how I was feeling, to smell the scent coming off her skin. She was looking straight into my eyes, and I felt my heart jump.

She tilted her head to side a little and smiled. She didn’t even seem fazed about the lack of distance between us. I thought about kissing her. About holding her until the day I died.

“Jacob is a nice name.” She whispered. Her breath flew in my face and I was stunned. I staggered back, still holding on to her small hand. She chuckled and the bloodsucker behind her cleared his throat and was obviously shocked at our exchange…

I knew that I haven’t even known her for a full 10 minutes, but I felt like I had been waiting for her. Like we were meant to be together. Like soul mates.

Back to Bella’s POV:

They were so cute together. The way Jake was looking at her; it looked like the way Edward looked at me, or the way Sam looked at Emily. With love in their eyes. I felt like crying. You know, it was like watching a romance movie or something.

“Ally…rules?” Dan was saying. She wasn’t even listening to him. She was just looking into Jake’s eyes. It was so romantic. Jake was grinning like a cat in a cream pitcher. I couldn’t hold it in.

“AWW! You two are so adorable!” I said softly. I don’t know why, but that snapped them both out of their dazes. Darn it! I ruined their moment! At least they were still holding hands. They looked around at everybody and seemed to be coming down to earth.

The door to Jake’s house opened and Billy rolled his wheelchair out. He was a trifle surprised to see Jake—holding hands with an unknown girl but didn’t seem too shocked.

“Alyson, this is my dad. Dad, this is Alyson.” Jake said, letting go of Ally’s hand and gesturing towards his father. Billy smiled and held out his hand. Ally took it tentatively and smiled.

“Nice to meet you…who are you?” Wow, Billy just had to be as blunt as a dull axe. Ally laughed.

“Me and my brother Dan are visiting Forks. We wanted to meet you after Bella told us about all of you.” She said. Oh, so now she was ladylike?

“Well. That’s…good. Jake? Can I talk to you for a sec?” Billy said to his son; obviously Sam ran home and called Billy. Jake followed Billy and pushed his wheelchair into the house, shutting the door with his foot.

“Wow…that’s some guy.” Ally said, astounded. I snickered. It kind of reminded me of the first time I talked to Edward in biology. There were definitely more sparks in that conversation than any of the others we had.

“Alyson Brittany Hartman! Did you completely forget the rules? I said no touching, didn’t I? He could have hurt you! You don’t even know him! I couldn’t even move you away, for fear that all of them would pounce on me or something!” Dan said, exasperatedly. Ally turned around and put her hands on her hips.

“He wouldn’t have hurt me. He’s gentle, and kind, and caring. And hot!” she whispered the last two words. Although Dan, I, and probably even Jake heard it. Dan looked angry, and I was trying to hide my smile. Yay! Jake was going to have a happy ending too!

“You don’t even know him! He doesn’t look like that at all! He actually looks a bit dangerous to tell you the truth.” Dan said. Ally scoffed and rolled her eyes.

“Hello, Dan my man, you’re the one who always says don’t judge a book by its cover! And who cares even if he is dangerous? Although, I bet he’s not, right Bella?” she said, suddenly turning to me for support. Dan looked at me also and the smile fell of my face.

“Uh…well, not really.” What exactly should I tell her? What would be going to far? “Jake is gentle, kind, and caring…just stay away from him when he can’t control his temper. A warning sign is when his body starts to tremble. That’s when he’s about to turn into a wolf. He’s really good at controlling it though.” I said, trying to tell the truth and protect Jacob in the process. Dan sighed and Ally smiled, running over and hugging me. I hugged her back. I guess she’s a wolf girl now. She’s going to have to meet Emily.

“I think I’m in love!” Ally sighed and smiled contentedly.

“One more thing, they have really good hearing so he probably heard everything we just said.” I told her. She gasped and pulled away, looking embarrassed. She grimaced and looked back at the house.

“Don’t worry, Jake feels the same way about you, of that I am sure.” I said. She smiled and the door banged open. Jake came running out, looking happier than I’d ever seen him. Yep, he definitely heard everything.

“So you wanna see the rabbit?” Jake asked Ally, running down and skidding to a stop in front of Ally and me. Both of their grins were identically HUGE. Ally nodded. He grabbed her hand and started running to the back of the house, where the garage was.

“Jake! You’re gonna pull her arm out of the socket!” I yelled at him. He smiled back apologetically, and went slower, just holding hands with Ally; smiling as she moved a bit closer.

I looked back at Dan, who was now flustered, confused, and angry. Poor Dan, he had no idea what was going on.

“What? They don’t even know each other! This…this is not love! This is some sort of trick; he’s trying to get something from her. I should tell her.” He started to move but I grabbed on to his arm. He looked startled; like he just realized I was standing next to him.

“Dan, I know it’s hard to believe, but it’s another Quileute legend. Once a werewolf sees his soul mate for the first time, he’s bonded to her for life. It’s called imprinting. Jake is a really amazing guy, he saved my life tons of times, and I know Ally will be safe with him.” His face became defeated.

“But she’s only 16! I knew this was going to happen some day, but I’m not ready to let go of her yet! This never would have happened if I didn’t turn into some sort of stupid mythical creature.” He sat down Indian style and put his head in his hands. I leaned down and sat next to him.

“Daniel, I know that it looks like a bad thing, but really its not. Ally will be happy, and I mean, who wouldn’t? They’re soul mates…like, they belong together. Oh, and there is nothing wrong with being a mythical creature; trust me, I seem to attract a lot of them. Edward calls me his danger magnet.” We both laughed. He seemed to be a little less troubled.

“Well, I guess it would be nice to spend the rest of forever with someone. Now Ally will leave too, and I guess I’ll be alone…forever. Wow, that does not sound like such a fun concept.” He smiled sadly and looked at me.

“You know, Edward spent 106 years on this earth with no one but his family, but he said it was worth it when he met me. I know you’ll find someone too. Everyone has someone. And you won’t be alone. You’ll have us. Me, Edward, Jasper, Alice, Emmett, Rosalie, Carlisle and Esme. You’ll love them; they’re a great family.” I smiled. Dan smiled too, and patted me on the head.

“You remind me of someone. I’m not sure why.” He said.

“Who?” I asked quietly. He sighed and looked out into the clouds that constantly covered Washington.

“I don’t really remember. My memories are becoming distant, and the harder I try to hold on, the faster they leave my brain.” He said thoughtfully. I didn’t know what to say. Would I be like this? Would I forget everyone, who I was, how the first 18 years of my life were? Would my life be ruled by the thirst for blood?

“No, the gas mileage is great. I’m getting about 30 to 35 miles per gallon.” Jake was saying as he and Ally (who now had grease on her shirt) came back out to the front. They were obviously very enthralled in their conversation…that I didn’t understand.

“Well, yeah, I mean with that master cylinder! That must have cost you. The manual labor you put into that thing must give you great compensation.” Ally said. Jake suddenly grinned and I thought I saw a little blush under his russet skin. Aw! Jake is blushing?!

“Thanks. It isn’t much.” Jake said shyly, looking down at his feet.

“Whatever! Ally, you should see Jake when he’s working. You would be amazed, he’s like a magician with tools.” I said. Ally grinned and Jake’s blush became a little darker. Wow, this is amazing. Finally, I’m not the one blushing.

“Hey, you guys coming to the firelight festival down at the beach tonight?” Jake said. I had a feeling he was asking Ally more than anyone else.

“What’s a firelight festival?” Ally and I asked at the same time. We both giggled and smiled at each other.

“Every year, the reservation puts up a big bonfire and streams lights everywhere. The old ones tell us legends and then there’s a big swim contest. Since you guys killed that red haired leech, we needed some form of entertainment.” Jake grinned as I glared at him.

“Bella, you killed a red haired leech?” Ally said, completely serious.

“No, he’s talking about Victoria. Jacob has an annoying habit of using slurs.” I glowered. He was still grinning.

“Well, I would love to come to the festival. If it’s alright with you, Bella?” Ally asked me.

“I’m not sure…” I said, biting my lip, and looking at Dan. Ally walked up to us and held my hand.

“Come on, Bella, I know you want to come. Please?” She started to pout at the both of us. I saw Dan grimace and I started biting on my thumbnail. Oh my gosh, I give up.

“Okay, okay! I’ll come with you. But only if Charlie agrees, and if we promise to be home by 10.” I said quickly. Dan rolled his eyes and put an arm around Ally’s shoulders.

“You my friend, could be a really good lawyer when you grow up. Too bad you’ll be too busy fixing your car to go to college.” Dan said and laughed. Ally looked up and grinned.

“I’m HUNGRY! Let’s go down to Emily’s for a snack.” Jake said at random. I smiled. Same old Jake, always ready to eat.

“Yeah, let’s go wolf down some food!” Ally said, laughing at her own joke. Jake laughed harder than normal, and I giggled.

“Ally, you just ate enchiladas at Bella’s house.” Dan said smiling.

“Yeah, so? I have a big appetite, bro.” Ally said.

“I know what you mean. The other day, Billy and I ordered a couple pizzas and I ended up chowin down 1 and ½ by myself.” Jake replied sheepishly. I grinned; So Jake and Ally had another thing in common. This is so cute!

“Wait, who’s Emily?” Ally asked.

“She’s Sam’s fiancée, and always has food on the table. Oh, and don’t stare at her too long; Sam gets angry about that.” Jake said quickly, walking us down the street; Sam’s house was only a couple blocks away.

“Um, ok…hey, can I ask you something?” Ally asked Jake, who was walking next to her. Dan and I were following behind, and I was trying not to trip.

“Yeah, sure.” Jake replied.

“How do you just manage to turn into a wolf? Can I see you as one?” Ally asked excitedly. Damn, this girl is brave. I was freaked out when I found out Jake was a wolf, and she wanted to see him as one?

“Well, it mostly goes on our temper. It’s pretty easy when you get the hang of it. I can show you, if you want.” Jake said unsurely. Ally nodded and Jake smiled and turned on his heel, running into the forest. I sighed; the last time I saw Jake as a wolf, he had gotten into a fight with Paul.

Suddenly a russet colored shape moved out from behind the trees. It was bigger than I remembered, his hair was shaggy and his black eyes were on Ally as he moved forward slowly and cautiously.

Ally got down on her knees in the grass and held out her hand hesitantly. The wolf came closer and sat down in front of her, laying his head in her hand. She smiled and the wolf’s lips pulled back and I could see his many sharp teeth as his tongue lolled out to the side, making a sort of wolfy grin. Literally.

“Jake?” Ally said, putting her other hand behind the wolf’s neck and petting him. The wolf made a little grunting sound, meaning yes. I squatted next to Ally and also put my hand on Jake’s neck, smiling at him. His hair was silky and soft under my hand, and he turned his grin to me.

“Wow…this is awesome.” Ally said, sounding awestruck. Jake gave a growl of approval. The wolf suddenly shook off our hands and licked Ally on the cheek, running back to the woods. Ally gave a yelp and stood up, wiping her face with the back of her hand. She laughed and Dan looked a little disgusted as he handed her a handkerchief from the inside of his jacket.

“So, did you like wolf Jake better or human Jake?” Jacob asked as he came out of the woods, now without a shirt. He made it sound like a joke, but I knew seriously wanted to know the answer.

“Hmm, I’ll have to spend more time with the human Jake before I can answer that question.” Ally replied simply, looking at the sidewalk. Jake’s answering smile could seriously brighten the cloudy day. We had started to walk again and Jake guided us to a small house with a bright yellow door. Without even knocking, Jake opened the door and led us inside.

“Hey Em, got any food?” Jake shouted. I heard some bustling in the kitchen and Emily Young peeked her head out. She smiled and the three scars turned half her smile into a grimace.

“Yep, I just made a chocolate cake and some key lime pie.” Emily replied. Her eyes suddenly turned to me and she looked surprised. “Oh, Bella! You’re here! I thought I would never see you again! And this must be Alyson and Daniel. Sam just told me about you.”

Emily made her way out of the kitchen and crossed over to stand in front of us. She was looking excitedly at Ally, as if she would start doing flips or something.

“Call me Ally, you must be Emily.” Ally said holding out her hand. Emily shook it and smiled again.

We ate—actually, just Ally and Jake ate—and then we walked back over to my truck.

“So…see you guys tonight?” Jake asked hopefully.

“We’ll be here!” Ally said.

“Yeah, we’ll see you tonight, Jake.” I said, giving him a little hug and opening the car door, hopping in the cab. I looked back and Dan was holding the door open for Ally, but she seemed to preoccupied to notice.

They were smiling at each other again and Jake swooped down and gave Ally a kiss on the cheek before he stepped back and onto the sidewalk. I could see Ally blush and stumble to get into the car and sat next to me. Dan got in after her and shut the door a little angrily. I smiled at Ally and started the car, carefully driving down the road and I could see Jake waving in the rearview mirror.

“Psst, Bella, can he hear us now?” Ally whispered in my ear when we got on the highway.

“Ally, their hearing is good, but not that good.” I laughed. Ally sighed and leaned back.

“That was the best afternoon of my entire life. I feel like dancing around in circles to some loud rock music. By the way, where’s the stereo in your car?” Ally asked poking the gaping hole in my dashboard.

“I dug it out when Edward left me. It was a present from his family, and it hurt too much to look at it.” I said, glaring at the road with more intensity as I felt my heart sink. I hate thinking about the time when Edward left, it hurt too much.

“Oh. Hey Bella, what’s Edward like?” Ally asked, trying to change the subject. Amazingly, I didn’t know how to answer that question.

“Well…he’s very protective. He can hear the thoughts that are in your mind, it’s his power; like Alice can see the future and Jasper can control emotions. Although, he can’t read my mind. He’s usually frustrated about that, because I’m the only one he met so far that he couldn’t read like a book. Personally, I think he has somewhat of a multiple personality disorder, I mean; he has mood swings that drive me crazy. When he’s angry, he acts calm and peaceful and when he’s happy, he tries to hide it. It’s all very confusing, really. Hmmm…he’s a perfectionist, he thinks he’s always right and sometimes acts like a know-it-all. He loves music, his room is more stocked than a CD store, and he knows how to play all kinds of instruments; the guitar, the drums, and the piano is his specialty.” I gave my long list of Edward’s attributes, the things that attracted me to him, and why it physically hurts to be separated from him.

“Does he have a car?” Ally asked. Man, she’s obsessed with cars.

“Yes, he has a shiny Volvo that he loves very much. Oh, and a vanquish that he uses for special occasions.” I said smiling.

“OH MY GOSH!” Ally yelled, bouncing up and down in her seat and flailing her hands. “HE HAS A VANQUISH? THAT’S MY DREAM CAR!!!!!!” Dan was covering his ears and grimacing, and I leaned away from Ally, afraid she would burst.

“Is she always this excited?” I asked Dan. I pulled up into our driveway and got out of the car. Dan and Ally got out, and Dan was nodding his head.

Always.” Dan groaned.