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My One Love

I changed the summary: Our lives are stories that interwine with each other... our destinies are all related to one thing: love. No matter if you believe in it or not, everyone has a soulmate, it just takes some work to find one. This is a story about Bella, Edward, and other characters of twilight series, including some visitors that you will simply love! Please read the sequel to this story: Love's Light *stephanie Meyer owns all, and im just a normal addicted teenager*  (banner by Marauder by midnight--Thank you)

Bella is a danger magnet...and she's through with being ms. nice girl. Read through Bella and Edward's love, events that will make you laugh and cry, and get ready for some VISITORS!

15. morning movies

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Bella’s POV:

We piled back into the truck, waving goodbye to the La Push gang. Jacob was hopping from one foot to another as his arms shook. He grinned excitedly at us; I could tell that the second we were gone he would burst into a wolf and run himself out.

Ally, on the other hand, looked dizzy and her jaw was clenched shut. Dan was just looking out the window, thoughtful and quiet. The silence filling the cab was a bit much for me to handle.

“You are such an amazing singer, Ally.” I said. She jumped, straightening rigidly. Out of the corner of my eye, I caught her taking deep breaths, trying to calm herself. Did they kiss? She looked like I had felt when I had first kissed Edward.

“Thanks, Bella…for everything.” She said a little breathlessly. Dan was now looking at her curiously.

“Al, take a shower when we get back, you reek of werewolf. It really is quite a shame that they smell so awful to me…I thought they were nice people.” He said considerately. Alice nodded her head and touched her lips.

“Very nice.” She whispered. “So, will Charlie be angry with us cuz we didn’t come back in time?” she said, changing the subject.

“Probably not, since it’s not a school night and he loves it when I go down to La Push…plus he’s most likely asleep by now.” I laughed. I pulled up into the driveway and we filed quietly into the soundless house.

“Are you hungry? We didn’t really have dinner.” I whispered over to Ally. She shook her head.

“For once in my life, I really don’t feel like eating.” She whispered and giggled. Suddenly, Dan fell to the floor and silently pretended like he was fainting from shock. We laughed and Ally smacked his knee.

“Ally, I’ll make you a makeshift bed in my room, and I’ll throw a few covers on the couch for Dan, so that when Charlie wakes up in the morning, you can pretend like you’re sleeping, ok?” I whispered. They both nodded and I got everything ready. Dan borrowed a couple of my books and sat down on the couch, saying he would be fine for the night. Ally and I silently got ready for bed and then sat in my room, talking in whispers.

“So what happened when I was distracting Dan? Tell me everything!” I said. I felt so awake; the whole “normal-human-girl-sleepover” thing gave me adrenaline. She gave me a quick recap of everything from the gifts to the kiss.

“I knew it! I knew you kissed! I could so tell! Holy crow, how was it?” I asked.

“Well, it was…indescribable. I mean, I’ve had a couple other kisses before, but this…this was like the books; you know? It was everything I dreamed for. Heck, there were even FIREWORKS! How much better can it get?” she said excitedly. We both sighed happily.

Suddenly, the phone rang and I jumped. Only one person would call me this late at night, when he knew Charlie would be sleeping. I ran downstairs, tripping repeatedly, which caused Dan to get up from reading and run like a bullet to get the phone and hand it to me; helping me up from the last stair.

“Hello?” I answered in a breathless voice.

“Bella?” The best voice in the world asked for me.

Edward.” I sighed into the phone, relaxing at the sound of his voice.

“I’m so sorry I could not answer your phone calls earlier; are you alright? How are you feeling? Are you very angry with me?” he asked quickly.

“No, Edward; I’m fine. Hey, is Alice not having any visions of me or something, because a lot of things happened; and I was kind of wondering why you weren’t calling me and freaking out.” I asked. I could almost hear his breathing quicken, and my heart gave a jump.

“Alice didn’t see anything…what happened?” he demanded.

“Um…” I gave him a brief update since the doorbell rang up to about 10 minutes ago. He stayed silent during the entire time. That’s Edward for you.

“Can I speak to this Daniel, Bella?” he asked once I was finished. I was a little shocked…why wasn’t he angry with me for trusting a vampire?

“Sure, here.” I handed the phone to the awaiting Daniel, who had heard everything on both ends of the line.

“Hello?” Dan asked. I turned to Ally whose eyes were wide and was biting her thumb.

“Are you in trouble?” she whispered. I giggled and shook my head. I strained to hear what Edward was saying, but I knew he would be talking low and quick like he always did when agitated.

“Of course not! I would never hurt her!” Dan suddenly snarled into the phone. His perfect face looked angry and his jaw was clenched. Then, he relaxed and smirked at me.

“Yes, she’s pretty wonderful for a girl her age…Mmhmm…her and Ally are getting along great…no, the werewolves made no trouble for her, but as she already told you about Ally and this ‘Jake’…no, I don’t trust him, but Bella does, and I can’t exactly do anything about it…yes, of course…Ally and Bella are both safe with me…I’ll tell you more about it when you and your family gets home…no, it’s fine, we’ll talk then…No, Charlie is fine with it all…alright then, bye, Edward.” He handed the phone back to me.

“Bella, are you sure you don’t want me to come home right now? It would only take me about two hours.” Edward said. I smiled. As much as my heart hurt, I couldn’t ruin his family’s fun for my benefit.

“No, Edward, you have fun; hey, did you guys find Emmett?” I asked.

“Yes.” He groaned. “Rosalie is still yelling at him; Alice and Jasper are laughing their heads off, and Carlisle and Esme went somewhere…alone.” He seemed reluctant to enter the subject and it made me laugh. Then I felt Ally tap me on the shoulder.

I turned around and she whispered, “Ask him what the displacement of the engine is in the Vanquish, and if it really will accelerates to 60 miles per hour in under 4.5 seconds!!!”

I blinked. What? The only thing in that whole sentence I understood was the word ‘seconds’.

“What are you talking about?” I whispered back to her. She rolled her eyes and held out her hand for the phone. I reluctantly handed the phone to her and pouted, I wanted to talk to Edward!

“Edward?” Ally said on the phone. It was so quiet around that I could hear Edward’s flawless voice on the other line.

“Yes, who is this?” he said.

“Hey, this is Ally.”

“Ah, the infamous Ally. It’s very nice to…hear you.” Edward said. I smiled, always the gentleman.

“Yeah, you too. Um, so I was just wonderin’ if I could ask you somethin’?”

“Yes…” He sounded wary, as always, when asked a question.

“Bella told me you had a Vanquish, and that’s like my dream car; so I was really, really, really, wanting to ask you personally what it’s like to drive one…oh and what the displacement of the engine is, oh and if it really will accelerate from 0 to 60 miles per hour in under 4.5 seconds?!?!” She said the whole thing super fast and I pretty much missed it all over again.

There was a long pause on the other end of the line. I vaguely wondered what Edward was thinking.

“Well…driving the Vanquish is quite a remarkable experience. I have no idea what the displacement is. I guess you can ask Rosalie when we get back, I’m sure she knows. And yes, the acceleration is quite amazing; the car practically flies when you drive it. It also has amazing maneuvering turns.” Listening to Edward talk about his car was kind of…weird.

“Wow.” Ally breathed into the speaker. I could see the longing in her eyes, and wondered if she was literally insane. How can a person love cars that much?

“Ally, can I talk to Edward, now? Please?” I said. She nodded and handed the phone back.

“But the bass of the stereo—“ he was still babbling about it! I decided to interrupt him.

“Edward, if you don’t mind, I really wanted to talk to you…and not about cars.” I said, a little annoyed. I could hear Dan chuckling behind me. I took the phone into the kitchen and shut the door, even though I knew they would probably still hear me.

“Oh, right, sorry Bells. I got a little carried away…so how is my angel doing?” he asked. I sighed dramatically, choosing to ham it up a bit.

“I don’t know…my brain hurts from thinking too much.”

“Ah, and what are you thinking about so hard?” He sounded so sexy. I tried to sound at least a little alluring with my reply.

“About how to welcome you when you come back…” I whispered; glad that he wasn’t here to see me blush. I heard him taking deep breaths, trying to calm himself. I fought a giggle down.

“And what are your choices, so far?” He whispered back, this time I could literally hear the lust in his voice. I leaned on the counter, pleased with myself.

“Hmmm… I was thinking that I could start by calling you every cute name in the book. Like cupcake and honey and sugar pie. If you didn’t mind…oh and my favorite, Eddie.” I murmured. I thought could hear him growling.

“And then…” his voice sounded restrained.

“And then I would wear something like the pajamas that Alice gave me, but in blue this time…” I silently wondered where all this confidence was coming from. I could hear the growling deepen and then he groaned.

“Isabella…” He spoke so softly, it made my heart flutter. Normally, I would yell at him for calling me by my full name, but I was too inclined to care.

“Well Eddie, it is the middle of the night, and a growing woman like me needs her sleep. Plus I have a lot of planning to do!” I said brightly, knowing I would agitate him further.

“Wait! I have to tell you something important.” He said suddenly.

“Yes?” I purred, hopping to have some effect on him.

“You are my soul mate.” He whispered, before the phone went dead. My jaw quivered as the words sunk in. Did Edward just call me that? Does that mean he believes he has a soul? YES! That would make my transformation a lot easier for him…and me.

”Bella! I’m tired! Let’s go back to bed!” Ally whined. I grinned and hung up the phone, following her upstairs. Dan had gone back to reading and house was deathly silent, except the snores retreating from Charlie’s room.

I woke up to the sunlight streaming in room. Sun! Finally some sun. It took me a minute to realize that two people were on the floor beside my bed. I looked down and saw Ally sleeping and Dan sitting next to her, trying to wake her up silently, so as not to wake me up also.

“Hey Dan, let her sleep. She’s probably tired.” I whispered. Ally and I had not fallen asleep last night until about 3 a.m. Dan looked startled by my sudden awakening.

“Oh, ok. Good morning, Bella.” He said pleasantly.

“Morning. How was your night? Pretty boring?” I asked. He shrugged.

“Not really, the Da Vinci Code is not something you feel bored reading.” We both smiled. I loved the Da Vinci Code…it was amazingly mysterious and kept you entertained.

“Have you seen the movie?” I asked, because it was one of the few DVDs I owned.

“Nope, I wanted to though. I’ve read the book about 5 times already.” I laughed and sat up, stretching my arms in front of me.

“Let’s go then! I’ve got it on DVD.” I said. He looked surprised and nodded, standing up in a blindingly fast movement. Vampire speed never ceases to amaze me.

After I went to the bathroom, put on a hoodie and grabbed an energy bar, I popped in the DVD and sat next to Dan on the sofa. We decided to forward through the first credits and then the movie began.

Watching the movie with Dan was so much fun. We laughed at the same parts and we both loved the storyline and we had the same favorite part: when they found the cryptex.

“Wow, that was a really good interpretation of the book. Usually they mess up the events, but this was really well done.” Dan said once the movie was over.

“I know; I loved it. Hey, why isn’t Ally awake yet?” I said. It was 12 o’clock…I’ve never slept that late in my life.

“Hmm, I’ll go wake her up. She’s so lazy sometimes.” He got up and in second he disappeared without a sound. Suddenly I heard a truly blood freezing scream come from my room. I ran as fast as I could, surprisingly only tripping once and came to a sudden stop in the doorway of my room.

Ally was sitting on the floor with her eyes closed in an over reaction, and a grimace on her face. Oh, and she was covered head to foot in water, dripping on the carpet and shivering. Dan was hollering in laughter. He looked like he would have been passing out or crying, he was laughing so hard.

“URGH! I HATE IT WHEN YOU DO THAT, YOU STUPID LOSER!” Ally jumped up and threw a pillow at Dan’s head, which made his laugh harder. I was astonished…I never would have thought Dan would do that…I just thought he was always reserved and peaceful and gentlemanly, never making trouble; hmm, I guess not.

“F-f-f-r-eeee-z-zing!” Ally shivered. I don’t know why, but the look on her face made me laugh too. I handed her a towel and giggled as she slipped her way to the bathroom. Dan was now chuckling lightly.

“Wow, that gets me every time…” he said, pretending to wipe the tears from his face, even though he could never cry.

“And how many times have you done this?” I asked. He smirked, but didn’t say anything. I got my answer… he had done this a lot of times. Suddenly, I had an idea.

“Hey Dan, what’s Ally’s favorite type of cake?” I smiled suggestively.