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My One Love

I changed the summary: Our lives are stories that interwine with each other... our destinies are all related to one thing: love. No matter if you believe in it or not, everyone has a soulmate, it just takes some work to find one. This is a story about Bella, Edward, and other characters of twilight series, including some visitors that you will simply love! Please read the sequel to this story: Love's Light *stephanie Meyer owns all, and im just a normal addicted teenager*  (banner by Marauder by midnight--Thank you)

Bella is a danger magnet...and she's through with being ms. nice girl. Read through Bella and Edward's love, events that will make you laugh and cry, and get ready for some VISITORS!

2. Congradulations

Rating 4.5/5   Word Count 2347   Review this Chapter

Edward’s POV:

I looked around the mall. Stupid, stupid Alice! She said that the jewelry store was going to be next to the food court and when I looked around I could not see any jewelry store.

Oh my god, that guy is so hot and sexy I might just have to go see some more of him! The thought of some loopy teenage girl flowed into his mind. He ignored it and walked up to the customer service desk.

“Hello, I was wondering if you could point out the Jewelry store for me?” I asked the man who was standing behind the desk. Hey, he looks good; maybe I can get Marie to crush on him so that she would leave me alone! The man’s ‘voice’ said.

“Um, Yeah, sure. It’s right there.” He pointed behind me at the big Zales sign.

I smacked myself in the forehead and jogged at human speed towards the store after saying a quick ‘thank you’ to the man.

What was wrong with me? It was right there…maybe Alice isn’t so stupid. I laughed at myself and entered the store. The woman behind the counter smiled a warm smile at me and I smiled back.

I walked up to her and said. “Hi, I’m here to buy an engagement ring?”

Bella’s POV:

I turned around and the breeze made the gown on me flow around. I saw Edward running human speed and grabbing his cap and gown from the nearest teacher. He pulled it on and sat down in the second row of anxious seniors.

He turned back in his seat and mouthed ‘hey’ at my direction. I mouthed back ‘where were you?’ and he smirked as he mouthed ‘surprise’. Holy crow! He knows I hate surprises, why does he keep doing this? I stiffened as the principle of Forks High School got up on stage and started his speech.

He called name by name and when he said: “Alice Cullen” I clapped along with the rest of the Cullen family in the back of the ceremony. Then I heard my favorite name in the world: “Edward Cullen”.

He stood up and as he crossed the stage, held his diploma, and smiled his crooked smile at me, I felt my heart stutter, and pick up in a fast pace.

Suddenly, my heart seemed to really stop for a whole minute when the words “Isabella Swan” fell out of the Principal’s mouth. My teeth were chattering and my knees felt wobbly as I slowly climbed the stairs and started to walk across the stage.

It felt like a mile long, but I was proud when I only tripped once and managed catch myself before I fell. I shook the Principal’s hand and took my diploma.

When I stared out into the crowd and saw Edward, he mouthed ‘I love you’ as I shifted my yellow tassel from the left side to the right and I heard a wolf whistle come from the Cullen family, I looked up and saw Rosalie smack the back of Emmett’s head and I smiled. When I sat back down, I sighed. Only tripped once.

I threw my cap into the air when everyone else did, and smiled again. Finally, it’s over.

Edward POV:

The only reason I was doing this whole ‘graduating’ thing was because of Bella. She deserved every human thing that came her way and I was going to give it to her, no matter how stubborn she was for me to take away her humanity.

Alice and I have graduated many times and we never actually went to the ceremony, we just had the diploma mailed to our house before we moved again. But now that Bella was going through with the ceremony, I knew she would want me to too.

So I did it, and when it was over I walked over to my family. I grabbed Bella and gave her a kiss full on the mouth. I could hear her blood pulsing through her veins and it made the back of my throat itch. She fell limp into my arms and I knew that as usual, she had forgotten to inhale and exhale. I let go of her and intertwined my hand into hers.

I was so nervous that if I were a human boy, I would have been sweating.

I was going to ask Charlie for Bella’s hand in marriage.

I gulped and sighed. I was 106 years old, and I was almost invincible, but when this thought reached my mind, I looked into Charlie’s eyes and saw anger and pure loathsome there. I decided to block all of his thoughts, so I wouldn’t lose my nerve and walked up to him.

“Hello, Chief Swan.” I said politely.

“Hey, Edward. Congratulations to you too.” He said gruffly.

“Thank you, sir. I was wondering if I could ask you something…in private?” I saw curiosity in his eyes now. And Bella looked at me, puzzled, also.

“Um, sure, why not?” He walked slowly over to the parking lot, which was empty, and I followed, letting go of Bella’s hand.

“Well, what is it?” he snapped, sounding annoyed.

“Well, I wanted to ask you for something that is very precious to you and me also. I wanted to ask you for Isabella’s hand in marriage.” I looked down as I said this, and when I looked up, I saw his face draining its color, and turning white. I slowly unblocked his thought pattern and almost grimaced as I listened to his screaming thoughts.

What the hell??? He wants what?? No way, no freakin’ way!! He left my daughter almost catatonic, she almost killed herself jumping off a cliff, and NOW HE WANTS TO MARRY HER??? DOES HE THINK I AM THAT STUPID?? Before he could say something from his mouth, I cut him off.

“I know that you don’t trust me, and I rendered some awful experiences in Bella’s past, which I am truly, honestly, regrettable for; they were in good reason, and if I had a chance, I would go back and erase that horrible memory. You had no idea how much I suffered during those several months also. But, now I am here and I will always be by Bella’s side, as long as she wants me there. I love her with every bone in my body, and I would like to be with her until the end of eternity. I respect your decision, but I would like you to think about what I am asking, because if you force me away from Bella, she will be heartbroken once again.” I said quickly, trying to change his thought process. His eyes turned critical and his face hardened.

Bella is going to hate me forever if I say no. But how could I say yes? My police instincts are still telling me that this punk is bad news. And Bella will be heartbroken. They are what she called: “a package deal”. I almost smiled at that last thought, but kept my face straight.

“Well…I don’t know what to say, Edward. I guess, if Bella says yes, I have no choice.” He shifted from one foot to the other, looking fidgety.

I smiled and was about to say something, when he turned angry again, and said, “but if you hurt her again, you will have to deal with me. I will find something about you, and Police Chief Swan will deal with it. I still don’t trust you, but my daughter does, and I know how smart she is. Don’t even try to pull any tricks up your sleeve, but I guess I allow some permission for your- err- marriage.” He looked like it was hard for him to get that last word out.

“Thank you, sir, I promise I will never hurt Bella’s feelings again.” I shook his hand and walked over to Bella’s side smiling at her. I loved the way her heart beats faster when I smiled a crooked grin.

“What was all that about?” she whispered.

“I told you, it’s a surprise!” I snickered as I saw her face fall and before she could start complaining, I looked up and gave Carlisle a wink. He smiled at cleared his throat.

“Everyone! I say we go back to our house, and celebrate this auspicious event!” he started to walk to his car and I pulled Bella and opened the door to my Volvo for her to get in. She glared at me and sat down.

I got into my own side and started the car. I ignored Bella’s piecing stares while Alice and Jasper got into the back of the car.

Edward, did you get the ring? Isn’t it beautiful? What did Charlie say? Did he say yes? Are you going to do in front of everyone? You have to remember to get on one knee! I had a vision and it looked perfect, but I’m not going to tell you what she says. Alice’s thoughts were consistent as usual.

Alice, please calm down! You’re too excited; I’m about to start jumping up and down in my seat like you!Jasper was trying to send calming waves to Alice but her excitement was too much.

“Alice, calm down!” I looked in the rearview mirror and Rosalie’s BMW, Carlisle’s Mercedes, and Charlie’s cruiser were following us. I remembered that he was Police, and I slowed down.

“I am calm, I don’t know what you’re talking about!” Alice said, smiling. Bella turned around in her seat and turned her glare at Alice.

“No way, Bella, don’t even think about it!” I said. I knew she was going to try to weasel out information off of Alice, so when we got to my house, I grabbed Bella and kissed her, trying to make her forget about what she was angry about. I don’t think it worked, though.

I led her to the backyard, with everyone following us and saw her jaw drop as she saw that we had decorated the entire backyard in balloon’s and brought out tables, and I had a stereo playing some good 50s music.

“Edward!! We’re having a party??” Bella moaned. I knew she hated being the center of attention, but I loved to give it to her. I loved everyone looking at my mate, and I loved how she would try to hide the fact that she was really having fun.

We danced for a little while, and talked and pretended to eat while Bella and Charlie really ate. Soon, it was 3:00 and I pulled Bella to the front of the backyard, where I knew everyone could see us.

She blushed a red, delicious, color and I saw Jasper holding Alice’s hand tightly. I blocked out everyone’s thoughts and focused on dropping on one knee, and kneeling in front of my one love. My Bella; my sweet, sweet Bella.

As soon as she saw me kneeling, her heart started beating too fast, and I couldn’t hear her breathing anymore. I pulled out the velvet box from my pocket and heard Alice run over and stop the music. I took an unnecessary deep breath and looked into her “wide with shock” beautiful chocolate brown eyes.

“Isabella Marie Swan, I love you more than anything in this universe. You are my everything. Will you please, please, be my wife?” I asked slowly asked while opening the box and holding it up to her.

Bella’s POV:

I couldn’t breathe. I really tried to inhale but I just couldn’t. He was holding a beautiful engagement ring and kneeling in front of me.

It had a huge topaz gemstone in the middle of it (like as big as my eye!) and it had diamonds all around it, and around the silver band. I only had a little breath left in my lungs, but then I gasped as I saw the ring.

“I-I…YES!” I whispered loudly. I couldn’t talk out loud; it would ruin the loud silence that surrounded me. I couldn’t feel anyone else there; it was just Edward, the ring, and I. He smiled his crooked grin and slid the finger onto my awaiting left hand ring finger. It felt heavy but right. It felt like it was supposed to be there.

Now I knew why Alice was so annoyingly excited, why Edward was late to graduation, and why they wanted to dress me up. He stood up and pulled me into his arms, and swigged me around in many circles.

When he put me down, he kissed me, and I breathed in his heavenly scent. When I wrapped my arms around him and twisted my fingers into his silky bronze hair, for once, he didn’t let go! When I couldn’t breathe again, he pulled back and when I opened my eyes, I smiled.

It took about two seconds for Alice to almost knock me down and hug me so tight, that I knew there were going to be bruises around my ribs.

“Alice! I can’t breathe! You’re crushing me!” I yelped, and Alice let go.

“Oh my Gosh, Bella! I knew you would say yes!” Alice said. She ran over to Edward and hugged him. I smiled as Rosalie and Esme came over and hugged me also.

“Welcome to the family, Bella, dear.” Esme said. Rosalie just smiled and walked off. Since Italy, she has been nicer and stopped giving me evil glares, but we aren’t best friends yet. It was going to take some time.

Emmett gave me a huge bear hug and then tackled Edward. I shook Carlisle and Jasper’s hands, and then walked over to Charlie. He gave me an awkward side hug and kissed the side of my head.

“I just want you to be happy, Bella.” He looked defeated.

“Thanks dad. I love you.”

“I love you too. I’ll see you later...” He walked out of the backyard, and I felt a little guilty, but then Edward came and kissed me on the forehead, picked me up into his arms and ran up to his room.