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My One Love

I changed the summary: Our lives are stories that interwine with each other... our destinies are all related to one thing: love. No matter if you believe in it or not, everyone has a soulmate, it just takes some work to find one. This is a story about Bella, Edward, and other characters of twilight series, including some visitors that you will simply love! Please read the sequel to this story: Love's Light *stephanie Meyer owns all, and im just a normal addicted teenager*  (banner by Marauder by midnight--Thank you)

Bella is a danger magnet...and she's through with being ms. nice girl. Read through Bella and Edward's love, events that will make you laugh and cry, and get ready for some VISITORS!

4. Boys Night Out

Rating 5/5   Word Count 1265   Review this Chapter

Edward’s POV:

After Alice had dragged Bella, Rosalie, and Esme out of the house to do who knows what, I leaned back on the sofa, closed my eyes and turned on my stereo. I listened to some of Fall Out Boy’s new album. The hard rock thrummed off my carpeted walls as I sat, thinking.

I couldn’t believe how impossibly happy I was. Bella had said yes! A real true yes! In a week I was going to be married! In all my years, I never thought about actually living like a claimed man. A husband. I was so distracted by this thought, that I didn’t notice Emmett and Jasper bounding into my room.

“Wow Edward, you’re REALLY happy, aren’t you? I could feel it around through the whole house!” Jasper said, grinning. I didn’t even bother reading his thoughts, because I knew they were true.

“Well he should be happy, soon enough he won’t be a 100-year-old virgin anymore!” Emmett stated with a barking laugh. He had been teasing me since he found out a couple decades ago.

“Shut up, Emmett.” I said, turning off my stereo. Although, I have to admit; being able to have a ‘real honeymoon’ sounded really good…maybe I would buy Bella and myself a private island.

“No, I was serious, Ed. Okay, anyway, let’s go be MEN!” He yelled as Carlisle stepped through my doorway. He looked amused at Emmett’s comment.

“Um, I take it that we are all going hunting, then?” He said swiftly.

“Yup! And then, we’re going for some real hunting.” Emmett had an evil grin on his face, and for once no one in the room except Emmett knew what was going on. Wow…well, there is a first time for everything. I unblocked Emmett’s thoughts and gasped out loud.

“WHAT??” I yelled. This made Carlisle and Jasper even more confused, but I was angry! Why the hell would Emmett even think I would do that?

“Well, you have to have a last bachelor’s party! We can use force, if you want to…” he cracked his knuckles and I inwardly cringed. I had been on the other side of those knuckles, and I didn’t want to go back.

Suddenly Jasper was grinning evilly too, and I looked up at Carlisle and he looked kind of torn. He wanted to go, but he was a gentleman.

“Please, Carlisle! Stop them!” I begged him. He sighed and ran his hand through his blonde hair.

“Okay, Emmett, Jasper, we’ll have a little fun…but I mean a little fun. And NO GIRLS.” He looked stern and Jasper and Emmett just shrugged.

“Don’t worry dad, we’ll make Edward have fun and remain a virgin for Bella.” I tensed and pounced on Emmett. He grabbed me and we all ran out to the car playfully hitting and punching each other. Like real teenage boys.

Carlisle was smiling as he started driving down the highway in Emmett’s jeep. I was sitting shotgun and Jasper and Emmett were still fooling around in the back.

We got to the forest in about 10 minutes and I could smell the animal’s blood from inside the car. We all ran off in different directions and had our meal.

I only drank from one caribou tonight because I was so distracted with thoughts of Bella and weddings and beaches. So when we all got back to the car, I wasn’t really focusing on my…um, “bachelor party”. But when the jeep came to a sudden stop in front of a huge store, I almost started shaking in fear. I knew this place. I had come here 50 years ago on Emmett’s favorite day of the year: New Year’s Day.

I gulped as Emmett and Jasper dragged me inside with Carlisle following us silently. I was scared before, but when we entered the building I was absolutely petrified. The only thing I could think about was the next time Bella would see me…she was going to run away screaming.

Bella’s POV:

I couldn’t believe my eyes. I must be dreaming…this could not be real. Four men were standing in the middle of the white living room completely covered (and dripping) in blue paint. They all had their shirts off and had black pirate hats on. I blinked a couple times; trying to wake up, and saw that Rosalie, Esme, and Alice all had the same expression as me on.


The men were standing there staring back at us, in an almost nervous expression. I looked around and saw that there was a trail of blue paint from the front door into the living room carpet. I did a double take of Esme’s coffee table in the middle of the room. It was cracked in the middle and I thought, “That must have been the crashing noise”.

When I looked back at the men…I recognized 8 pairs of topaz eyes staring back at us women.

No, it can’t be. No one spoke and a deathly silence surrounded the whole house. It was our men. Carlisle, Emmett, Jasper, and Edward (yes my Edward) were standing half-naked, painted blue, and pirated in front of us.

For 10 whole minutes none of us 10 people spoke. Suddenly Rosalie went up to Emmett and slapped him hard on the face. The slap echoed around us; and our jaws fell even lower.

“EMMETT MCARTY CULLEN!!! I CAN NOT BELIEVE YOU DID THIS AGAIN!” Rosalie screamed the last word so hard, that I thought she would lose her voice. But what was really amazing was that Emmett literally fell on his knees and put grabbed the bottom of Rosalie’s legs, and started whimpering.

“THESE ARE NEW PANTS, EMMETT!” She screamed again.

“Rosy! Honey! I am so so so so sorry! I kind of lost it! We were only going to get Edward done because we were kind of celebrating his last week as a bachelor, and then…and then…and then we all kind of got a little crazy! Please, PLEASE don’t be mad at me!” He was almost sobbing onto Rosalie’s shoes. She lowered herself and when I thought she was going to forgive him or something, she pulled on his ear! She really pulled on his ear and pulled him up back to his standing position, but he was kind of tilting because she was still holding on to his ear.

“Emmett! I had to scrub this stupid paint off of you last time! How could you be this stupid!” she stopped screaming, but she was now whining as she started walking up the stairs and pulling Emmett behind her. I had a feeling she would have to scrub a little harder this time…I wondered what happened the last time.

Alice (for once she was really speechless) ran over and grabbed Jasper’s arm and led him out to the backyard. She pushed him out and gave me a wink before she shut the door behind her.

Esme was still standing there staring at the bewildered Carlisle and Edward was staring at me so intensely that I thought his face would freeze like that…I kind of hoped it would, because he looked hot when he was nervous.

Suddenly, Esme started laughing really, really hard. She doubled over and her tinkling bell like laugh was jumping off the walls of the living room. My lips were twitching but I made my face stern. Carlisle started laughing too, but it was more of a shaky, nervous laugh.

They held hands and ran upstairs and out of sight. I sighed as I looked back at Edward. I still didn’t understand…Blue? A pirate hat?