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My One Love

I changed the summary: Our lives are stories that interwine with each other... our destinies are all related to one thing: love. No matter if you believe in it or not, everyone has a soulmate, it just takes some work to find one. This is a story about Bella, Edward, and other characters of twilight series, including some visitors that you will simply love! Please read the sequel to this story: Love's Light *stephanie Meyer owns all, and im just a normal addicted teenager*  (banner by Marauder by midnight--Thank you)

Bella is a danger magnet...and she's through with being ms. nice girl. Read through Bella and Edward's love, events that will make you laugh and cry, and get ready for some VISITORS!

8. Vicious Defeat

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Bella’s POV:

My heart started beating too fast, and I heard a rustle in the trees. I was about to ask her what it was, when something stepped out of the forest and my heart skipped a beat.

“Bella! Finally! I was getting to think that I would never get you, what with your stupid dogs following me… but here you are, with just a little doll; I can finally exact my revenge!” Victoria said.

She was the same as I remembered her. Wild red hair, barefoot, an evil grin plastered on her face. But now, her clothes were tattered and leaves were stuck in her hair. I was frozen with fear, a bird locked in the eyes of a snake once again.

“Puh-lease, a doll? Revenge? What, have you seen too many movies or is that just your PMS talking?” Rosalie growled in front of me. I couldn’t see her face but I could tell she was rolling her eyes.

Victoria suddenly disappeared, then repapered about 10 feet away from us. I knew that Rosalie was strong, but I did absolutely not want any chance of her fighting Victoria.

“Look, I have nothing against you, just give me the girl and I won’t be forced to hurt you.” Victoria said to Rosalie.

“Just try touching this girl, and I’ll let you see what this little doll can do to you.” Rosalie said.

Even though I was frozen, tears sprang to my eyes. I couldn’t let Rosalie do this…I was about to say something, when suddenly two large arms grabbed me from behind. I couldn’t tell whose they were, but I knew I would never be able to get out of them.

I sucked in a large breath and screamed as loud as I possibly could, “EDWARD!!!!” I knew we were a couple miles away from the Cullen mansion, but maybe he might hear me.

The man clamped his large hand on me and whispered in my ear, “quiet little one, or else I’ll suck you dry.” I could feel his cold breath on my neck and I froze once again.

Rosalie whipped around and I could see that she didn’t know what to do. She could not take on the man and Victoria. Victoria started laughing menacingly and walked slowly up to Rosalie.

“This is Tanner. I changed him like a year ago, so he has more strength than any of you Cullens.” She spat the last word and I could see that there were a couple drops of spit on Rosalie’s shoes. No, it wasn’t spit. It was venom.

Rosalie jumped on Victoria and pulled on her hair. “THESE ARE GUCCI, YOU BITCH WITH A BAD HAIRSTYLE!” I heard Rosalie scream before all I could see was red and blonde fighting. I started to whimper under the man’s hand.

This was my worst nightmare, Victoria fighting with anyone… Suddenly, Emmett, Jasper, Alice, Edward, Carlislie and Esme showed up from behind the trees. FINALLY!

The man behind me was rapidly pulled off me and I fell back. I landed on my butt and Esme was swiftly helping me back up.

I looked around and Emmett and Jasper were pinning the man on the other side of the ground. I finally got a look at him.

He had brown hair and red eyes, after being changed. His clothes were tattered, and he had large muscles like Emmett. His face looked very perfect, but not dazzling, like the rest of the vampires I knew. And strangely, he looked familiar.

Like I had seen him before…in some horrible situation, probably. I felt someone wrap their arms around me softly but with a firm grip. I would recognize these arms even if I were a minute away from death. I turned around and looked at Edward’s worried face. He was looking me over, for any injuries.

“Bella? I’m so sorry, I got here so late, I heard your scream a minute to late, right?” He started speaking low and quick, like always when he was worried or agitated. “

Edward! I’m fine; look at me. I’m fine! You got here just in time actually.” I looked at Victoria who was being held by Rosalie, Carlislie, and Esme. Edward let go of me and turned murderously angry towards Victoria.

“HOW DARE YOU! I’m going to kill you.” Edward yelled at her, menacingly. She was struggling futilely against everyone and abruptly stopped, looking up at Edward.

“You know what? I’m tired…just go ahead and do it already.” Her shoulders sagged and she looked at Edward’s feet. Everyone stopped and stared at her. Ok, after all these months? Come on!

“Huh?” Emmett said dumbly, still holding on to the struggling man.

I walked up to Edward and put my hand on his shoulder. He looked at me with a worried look on his face.

“Edward…I don’t think you should kill her. You’re not a murderer, and she didn’t do anything to me yet.” I said quietly looking into his eyes.

I could not believe I was saving this woman’s life, but she just looked so sad and James was her mate…I thought. If Edward had been killed…but I instinctively shied away from the thought

“Bella…she’s probably just faking it, you can’t trust people like that.” He looked disdainfully at Victoria again. Carlislie was still holding Victoria’s arms back, but then he spoke.

“Edward, maybe Bella’s right, if we let her go and she promises to never come back.” He looked down at Victoria then. She looked like she would be crying if she could; small shudders made her body tremble, and she looked so full of ancient grief.

Unexpectedly, I felt a rush of sympathy for Victoria. (Wow, never thought I would say that). She lost the person she loved most in the world, and although I didn’t agree with her methods, all she wanted was some closure…too bad she felt killing me was the way to do this.

“No. Just please…just kill me, I want to die. I want an end to this stupid existence…it’s nothing without—without— J-James, anyway.” She stuttered slowly. I felt so bad that I wanted to go up to her and pat her hand or something. But Edward I know would never let me do that.

“Victoria? I know that it feels horrible…but you can’t just die, James would have wanted you to be happy, right?” I said softly. (Not that I cared what James thought, because he pretty much almost murdered me anyway). She looked up at me with sad eyes. She looked so different without the usual anger and maniacal laughter…she almost looked nice.

“Please? Just please. If you don’t do it, then I’ll get the dogs to do it for me. I just want to die.” She said quietly.

My thoughts rushed to Jacob. We hadn’t spoken since the motorcycle incident. I tried uselessly to send him notes through Charlie, but of course he rejected them and my calls. Edward would never forgive me if I went down to La Push, and I had no other way to contact him. I had lost my best friend.

“I’ll do it.” Esme suddenly said. Everyone was so shocked, and I thought I had misheard her. But there she was, standing and letting go of Victoria.

“What?” Emmett again said dumbly. Man, he needs to get some sensitivity.

“I understand how she feels. I felt that way once, also. You guys can go home, I’ll take care of it all.” Esme said quietly, Carlisle was so surprised that he let go of Victoria too.

“Esme, I do not think this is such a good idea.” Carlisle said, as usual, calmly.

“Carlislie, I can handle this; trust me.” Esme pleaded to her husband. Carlisle looked torn for a minute but quietly nodded and handed a limp Victoria over into Esme’s waiting arms. She ran off with her, and disappeared between the trees. I didn’t understand how Esme was going to be able to literally rip Victoria to shreds and burn the pieces but with a shudder, I decided I didn’t want to know.

“What do we do with this guy?” Jasper said, still holding the man down, with his hand clamped on his mouth, like he had done to me. The man was struggling really hard, and he was acting like he couldn’t breathe; which was weird, because vampires don’t need to breathe. Right?

“Can I fight him? Please?” Emmett said. Rosalie ran over and started shaking her head ‘no’.

“Oh come on, Carlisle, I can take him! I haven’t had any real challenge in months!” Emmett pleaded towards his adopted father. Carlisle still looked a little stunned from Esme’s request. Abruptly, Edward started pulling me away.

I looked at him, and for some reason, he looked calm and peaceful. I knew him long enough that something was brewing deeply under that calmness.

“Bella, come on, you’re tired and you need to sleep.” He looked at me. I nodded and let him pull me over his back. I was truly very tired and I didn’t want to be fainting all over the place tomorrow because of lack of sleep.

We were running through the trees and he didn’t stop when we came to the mansion, but rather ran through the door, up the stairs and to his room. He sat me on the couch and pulled out a duvet from his closet that he kept sometimes for when I slept over. Charlie thought I was staying with Alice but of course he didn’t really know too much about my life anymore… that I felt guilty for, but still; if he found out he would probably have a heart attack.

“Edward?” I looked up at him. He was sitting on the edge of the sofa and his eyes were closed. He opened them and looked at me.

“Yes?” He sounded so sad that I felt guilty. This angel should never be sad, he deserves much more.

“Why are you so upset? They didn’t hurt me, and now we won’t have to worry about Victoria anymore. What’s wrong?” I asked softly. He shrugged his shoulders and lay down, with his head in my lap. I stroked his hair and let him close his eyes again.

“Bella, do you ever think that your life might be easier if you weren’t in love with me?” He asked randomly, with his eyes still closed.

“Does it matter? I was never interested in the easy way out.” I smiled; his lips twitched also, but he kept still.

“Would your life be easier if you weren’t in love with me?” I asked quietly.

“Probably, but you know me; I like a good challenge.” He opened his eyes and smirked. His smell was so alluring; I leaned in and kissed him on the nose.

“Mmmm, I’m intoxicated by your very presence…” I whispered. His smirk became a smug grin and wrapped his arms around my neck, pulling me recklessly close.

“Bella, I think you should go put some real clothes on, before I do something really stupid.” I was still wearing the robe. I blushed really hard and he let go, sitting up and chuckling.

“I’ll ask Alice if I can borrow something to wear.” I said quietly and got up, walking towards the door. Before I left, I turned around and did something I had never done before. I blew Edward a kiss and gave him a wink before shutting the door behind me. In the millisecond I saw his face, his lips parted and he closed his eyes once again.

I smiled and walked towards Alice and Jasper’s room. Before I could knock on the door, Alice said, “Come in, Bella.” From inside.

I opened the door and saw Alice lying on her bed. She sat up and smiled at me.

“Alice, can I borrow something to wear to go to sleep in?” Alice jumped up and nodded, she pulled my hand and led me to her closet. Alice’s closet was as big as my room back in Charlie’s house. Maybe even bigger. She walked down the rows and whipped an outfit out. My jaw fell for like the millionth time that day. It was an itty-bitty black tank top with tiny black shorts to match with it. They were so small!

“Alice! I could never wear something like that! Especially not with Edward around!” I gasped.

“Bella, do you want to be changed or not?” Alice whispered. I guess her closet was sound proof and she was blocking her thoughts from Edward.

“What does that have to do with this?” I asked quietly.

“Ok, I know I’m going to sound like Rosalie when I say this, but you have to make Edward realize that this is the right thing to do, and trust me,” she purred, “this will persuade him.”

I had to admit, I was one self-conscious person. Alice tried to convince me that I looked good, but I didn’t believe her. I slipped out of her room after saying goodnight, and walked back to Edward’s room. I bit my lip and opened the door quietly.