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Bella wanted a child. Now so does Renesmee. Will Jacob want the child or will he be like Edward and want to get rid of him/her? Why is Leah acting so weird? How she involved in this? Seth is acting weird too.

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1. Wedding Day (part 1)

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I never thought that this day would ever come. It always seems like it takes forever. I finally get to marry the man, in this case werewolf, I loved since I was a little girl. I am very nervous that I can hardly even walk to sit down so Momma, Aunt Rosalie, and Grandma Esme can put make up on me. I really didn't want to wear makeup, but that's what I get for letting Alice plan the wedding. And if I didn't let her plan the wedding party she would drag me for at least 2 years in a shopping mall, which I hated the most. Daddy said that I got from Momma’s side of the family, but I think I got from his too, I don’t think he would to be dragged around look for clothing in a shopping mall, especially with Alice.

“I heard that, Nessie.” Daddy said because as usual he was listening to my thoughts.

“Good.” I yelled back at him so he could hear me because Uncle Emmett, Uncle Jasper, Grandpa Carlisle, and Aunt Alice were trying out to figure out what music should be played after the wedding. “How about ‘Naturally’?”

“Sure that’s a good idea, Nessie.” Alice said very excited. Well at least she was happy and would have to drag me around in a mall or anywhere else with clothing. If she was happy then so was I. I wonder if Daddy is nervous at all.

“You bet I am Renesmee.” Listening to my thoughts again, huh?

“Yes, yes I am.” I looked through the half opened door and saw Daddy talking to Jake. Jacob seemed really nervous. I could see his hands trembling. Emily came in and said she came to help with the wedding party. She said that she would be happy to cook because all the werewolves were coming…even Leah was coming. I wonder want changed her mind about my family. She never liked my family. Maybe she’s coming because Seth is coming or because there’s going to free food. I heard Daddy chuckle and then I heard him tell Emmett and his laugh shook the entire house even though he was outside.

Alice suddenly barged in. I jumped and so did Emily while Momma, Esme and Rosalie. “Oooo….the bride looks wonderful. Well, she get her looks from her mother not her father.”

“I heard that too, Alice.” Only Daddy would be able to hear everything.

“Are you done lecturing him? He needs to get ready. Jazz and Em are help him because they need to get ready too. Now you get out here and help me with this, while Carlisle is mixing the music.” Mixing? Jake needs to do that. He is awesome at that stuff. Daddy tried to teach him how to play piano but he said he found that boring. But while he learned how to play he made a lullaby for me.

“Nessie, is it alright if I play the piano while you go down the aisle with Edward?” Rosalie and Daddy would always try to outdo each other because they knew Esme loved to listen to music and Rosalie likes to be better than Daddy. “Sure Rosalie. You don’t even have to ask me to play the piano. Alice let Carlisle mix the music and I didn’t even know about that until now. But sure, go ahead. At least you won’t help Emmett disapp…never mind.”

“That’s exactly why I asked. I don’t want to embarrass you on your special day.”

“That’s Rosalie. But that doesn’t mean you can’t embarrass Jake today. You guys can embarrass him as much as you want.” Rosalie seemed excited about that. I am guessing that so would Emmett. Leah would be laughing her head off. Jasper came in. I suddenly felt some cool waves had flooded me. I felt really calm. I wasn’t nervous at all. Only Jasper would do that to me, knowing that I was nervous. “Jasper, could you please give this CD to Alice? She knows what kind of music is on it.”

“Sure.” Then Alice came in. I wondered what she was going to do to me. “Okay. The bride’s ready, check. Jazz, is the groom ready?-he nodded-Check. Here the plan Nessie. You’re going to walk down the stairs and then you Dad or Mom will be there to take some pictures. Then your Dad will take your arm and walk you down the aisle. Jazz preaches. Claire brings the rings. Then you throw the bouquet. You and Jake will stand on the stairs to take some wedding pictures and the Carlisle starts the music and then you’ll find out the rest.”

"I can't remember all of that Alice. It's too much pressure for me to take. I can't believe Jake isn't nervous at all." It sounded more like I was begging not telling her that I couldn't remember.

"Sure you will, Nessie. You always remember everything. And Jacob is just as nervous as you are." Alice sounded so excited. Then she turned around to look at Jasper. He smiled. It actually freaked me out. He never smiles, well..., not like that anyway. He smiled like he was going to bite someone.

"Good point, Alice. I shouldn't worry. I am not the only nervous person in here." I sounded excited. Too excited. Then I remember everything she told me that we were going to do.

“Okay. Picture, walk down the aisle with Daddy, rings, throw bouquet, more pictures, and the party. I think I can remember that.” When Alice left Momma, Esme, and Rosalie giggled. I knew what that meant. “Jasper! No fair. The mood control thing.”

“Well I did because…never mind.” Then he left immediately knowing that if he stayed longer he would be in tons of trouble. But since I was getting married and he helped a lot I let that one go.