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Bella wanted a child. Now so does Renesmee. Will Jacob want the child or will he be like Edward and want to get rid of him/her? Why is Leah acting so weird? How she involved in this? Seth is acting weird too.

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3. The Dream

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As I fell asleep, I dreamt. Then I opened my eyes. I realized I was dreaming because there was snow on the ground. I started to walk and then found wolf paw prints with sixteen small wolf prints beside them. I followed them to see where they would lead me to. The paw prints lead to a small brown woven beautiful basket. I looked inside and there were six pink blankets and six blue blankets. Under the blankets were six baby bottles. I looked up then I saw this figure walking away. Then I realized it was Jacob. I yelled, “Jacob where are you, going? Come back Jacob.” He didn’t answer and he didn’t come back.

I turned around and he was right behind. “Jacob what are you carrying?” He smiled. “I don’t know who they are but they were in the basket.” I wondered who “they” were. “Can we keep them? Please Nessie?” I thought about it and I didn’t know if we were ready for this. “I don’t know Jake. Are you sure you are ready to take of them? You don’t even know who they belong to. I mean six children in the house is a lot.”

A week later...

Apparently, I've had the same dream over and over again every day. This time when I was dreaming someone placed their hand on me. It was Daddy’s hand. “Wake up, Renesmee.” I looked puzzled at him. “Daddy, why do you want me to wake up? I am awake.” Then Daddy started to shake me for some reason. Then I woke up from my dream and everyone was there. Carlisle, Esme, Rosalie, Emmett, Alice, Jasper, Momma, Daddy were there and Jake was helping me sit up and then he handed me a shirt.

“Are you ok, Nessie?” Carlisle’s sweet voice sounded worried. “Yes. I’m fine, Carlisle. Why?” I sounded worry because Carlisle was very worried… about…me? “Because you’re talking in your sleep.” Me? Talking in my sleep? “No. I wasn’t talking in my sleep. Was I?” Everyone nodded except for Alice, Daddy, Momma, and Carlisle. “You know what Carlisle? When Bella was pregnant she didn’t talk in her sleep but when she wasn’t pregnant she did. Maybe... just maybe…Nessie is different. Alice thought about for a minute and then said, “Edward does have a point Carlisle. You can research more about later. We should let her sleep.” NO! I don’t want to sleep. I want to know why I’m talking in my sleep.

“No! I….”I was sound asleep but I could still hear my family conversation. “Carlisle, Nessie’s pregnant. When Bella was pregnant she wouldn’t finish her sentences.” Jacob did have a point Momma wouldn’t finish her sentences, but that’s because she was tired. “But that was because I would get tired very easily, Jacob.” Some conversation. “Go to sleep, Nessie.” Okay. “What are you talking about Edward, Nessie asleep?” I giggled in my head. How on earth could I fool him so easily? “He’s not that smart, Nes.”

“I have to run some tests tomorrow and we have to see her reaction in the morning. I guess think she could pregnant.” Well, we’ll just have to see tomorrow won’t we? A few minutes later my family conversation became a buzz. They were talking too fast for any ordinary human to understand. I fell asleep and had the same dream over again.