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Bella wanted a child. Now so does Renesmee. Will Jacob want the child or will he be like Edward and want to get rid of him/her? Why is Leah acting so weird? How she involved in this? Seth is acting weird too.

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4. She's a Mom and I'm a...Dad?

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This cannot be happening. This can’t be happening. I can’t believe that I got Nessie pregnant.

“That’s what you get for sleeping with her.” It’s really not my fault. “Again. That’s what you get for sleeping with her.” Edward sounded like he was saying sarcastically. Well…you do the same thing with Bella and I don’t say anything about it. “That’s because that is none of your business.” Then why are you in my business if I can’t be in your business. It really makes no sense. Edward shot me a glare. “That’s because she’s my daughter, mongrel.” Well, she’s my wife.

“Would you guys stop arguing?! Why don’t you guys ever behave?” Nessie yelled from the bedroom. She hated when her dad and I would argue. “Jake, come here for a second, please? Might as well bring everyone else, huh?” She did have a point on bringing everyone else because if asked one specific person in this family, everyone else joins the conversation. I ran up the stairs to see want she wanted. “Whoa, Nes! Why are you so pale?” Edward come here for a sec. Edward also ran up the stairs in under a second. “Jacob’s right, Nessie. You are pale. You’re as pale as me.” She laughed. Yep. She’s pregnant. She always starts freaking out because she knows her skin was like her mom’s when she was human.

“Are you hungry, sweetheart?” Rosalie then came in. Great, the welcoming committee. She’s not going to let be near Nessie. Not when Nes is pregnant. If she didn’t like me near Bella, she won’t let me near my wife either. My wife! She does care about Nessie, but she going to take care of her a whole lot more because she’s pregnant. “Yes, Jake. I am hungry.” She made a face at the word hungry. “What do you want to eat?” You want some blood. Here take mine. It’s the least I could do since I got you pregnant. “I don’t know what I want to eat. Maybe some eggs and chocolate.” Chocolate?

“Are you sure you want chocolate, Nessie?” My voice sounded like I was worried. Which I was… and a lot.

“Of course, I’m sure that I want chocolate. You okay, Jake? I think I should be the worried one not you.” So she did notice that I was worried about her. I thought she didn’t. “Really, Jacob? What doesn’t she notice?” Good point, Edward. I forgot that she notices everything.

“Jacob? Why don’t you go get some more food at the store while cook the food? We’re going to need a lot of food with Renesmee pregnant.” Sure, sure. I’ll go run to the store. “Get your phone. You might need it.” ‘Kay. Thanks.


“Yes, Jake?”

“Call me if you need anything or if anything goes wrong.” I pray nothing goes wrong while I’m gone.

“Sure, Sure.” She knew that would make me happy. I love the way she says almost everything I quote. “Before you leave, come here.” It sounded like she was smiling. I know some of the reasons she happy- 1. She knew that I was letting her have her child, 2. She was afraid that I wouldn’t want them, like Edward didn’t want her at the beginning, but Bella convinced him (Thank goodness), 3. She knows that I would make a good father, and 4… I really don’t know what number four is but I’ll figure out eventually. I stood by the doorway. She seemed really excited about something, I just can’t put my finger on it quite yet. “Jake? Just please be really careful.”

“Of course Nessie always. Is there anything you want from the store?” Her face thoughtful. Thinking what she might need or want from the store. “Umm…I think I want a watermelon. Yeah, I actually do want a watermelon.” Watermelon? If that’s what she wants then that’s what I’ll get her. “Your wish is my command.” She giggled her cute laugh. I bent down to kiss her and then Blondie has to ruin the moment. “Ewwww. Gross. How can you stand his dog breath?” To get on Rosalie’s nerves I kissed Nessie. Rosalie eventually left the room and I had to get on my way to the store. “I’ll be back in a little while Nessie.” I pray to God nothing goes wrong.