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Bella wanted a child. Now so does Renesmee. Will Jacob want the child or will he be like Edward and want to get rid of him/her? Why is Leah acting so weird? How she involved in this? Seth is acting weird too.

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6. They're Beautiful

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Rosalie Hale’s Point Of View

Jacob and Renesmee’s girls were very beautiful. They were even more beautiful than me. I know it’s kind of weird saying that, it’s also weird for me too. I really loved Rosalinda. Nessie said she would name her after me. I think Rosalinda loves me too. She a really talkative baby, especially to me and Renesmee. She doesn’t really talk much to Jacob. Rosalinda just doesn’t talk at all to Edward. I wonder why.

“Rose, come here. Please?” Alice was very happy about the girls. She thought they would be different than Bella and Renesmee. We were going shopping for some new clothing for the little angels. They were so amazing. “Yes, Aly?”

“I’m going to call Leah so she can come with us. Is that okay with you, if she come because I know you don’t like her…?”

“Sure. Might as well get used to family.”

“That’s the spirit!” Alice sounded pleased and grateful the fact that I was letting Leah tag along.

“Yay! I can’t believe Leah is coming!”

“Thank you for acting…”

“You’re welcome.” Alice quickly dialed Leah’s number. Leah said she would come. Renesmee talked to Leah for a while Esme and I got everything we needed for the girls. Edward had already made food for them so Jacob and Jasper would feed them. Jazz seemed so happy with the girls and vice versa. The girls loved everyone. I wonder what they would have done if they had seen Jane and Alec. Sarah has already imprinted on Seth and vice versa. We haven’t told Nessie yet. I scared, yes, I’m scared…of her reaction to the imprint of Sarah and Seth.

~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~

Jacob Black’s Point Of View

I never thought my daughters would more beautiful than their mother and grandmother, when she was human at least. Just as Nessie and Carlisle said we have three daughters; Rosalinda Lillian, Sarah Sue, and Kinsley Klaire. They were beautiful names for the beautiful girls just as Esme and Carlisle said nine months ago. The strange thing was that Sarah and Kinsley looked identical while Rosalinda looked like Rosalie’s long lost sister, only with slightly curly, black hair. She had one blue eye and one brown eye. Sarah and Kinsley’s eyes were chocolate brown along with slightly, curly, black hair. Rosalinda, Sarah, and Kinsley’s skin was light tan. They had heat of a werewolf but gracefulness of a vampire.

“Hey guys. What are ya’ll doing today?” Seth had just come through the door of the Cullen mansion. “The girls are going to go shopping. As for the guys, we’re not doing anything.” Yeah, right. The guys are going to be working their butts off trying to build a two-story house for the new family. Seth didn’t know but I knew Seth wouldn’t leave.

“Is it alright if I stay with you guys because Leah wants to go wherever the little girls are going so…?”

“Sure Seth…we might even find something to do around here.” Seth seemed thrilled. I saw Nessie heading out the door. She was making sure that I didn’t see her because she knew I would beg her to be careful. And that’s all I wanted from her. For her to take care of herself and the girls. I grabbed her arm quickly before she could go anywhere.

“Please be careful Nessie.” I’ve been very scared about something happening to her or the girls.

“Of course I will, Jake. Now please stop worrying. Please, for me? I want you to be careful too.” In her eyes, I could see she was worried about me too. “Of course, Nessie. I’ll be careful.” She kissed me lightly on my cheek while my three favorite girls hugged me. “Take care of Mommy okay, girls?” All the girls left and went to go have what they called a girls’ night out and what we called shopping. “Seth! Get over here!”

“I’m here. So what are we going to do?” He stepped out of the kitchen with his mouth full of food. He seemed very excited. “Seth, we’re going to build a two-story house. You in?”

“Two-story house? Yeah, I’m in. If it keeps me busy.” Alright now, we were having a boys’ night. Not exactly a night out, but close enough. Edward, where do you think we should put the house? Near the cottage or on the other side of the river or maybe by the beach?

“Now wait a minute, Jacob. You can’t put it by the beach…it’s too far away. I think you should put near the river so the girls can play in the water.” Edward seemed so happy about being a grandfather. “I’m happy but not really happy. You guys make me feel old.” Edward grimaced.

Carlisle entered the living room laughing. “Now you know how you and Bella made me feel.”

“I guess you’re right Carlisle. When do we start building?” I have never seen Edward so eager before.

“Ummm…I was thinking maybe now or whenever you guys want.” Edward stood there frozen thinking about what we were going to do next. “Well, we have twelve hands to use so…I guess we start today and finish today. Well, the building part at least. Esme, Alice, Rosalie, and Bella said they wanted to fix the rooms and everything inside.” Okay then. Let’s get started.

We were done building the house within an hour. That’s pretty good when you’re working with four vampires and one other werewolf. Ten minutes later, everyone was home. Seth wanted to put a balcony for Sarah along with lots of roses of every color for her. I knew Seth had already imprinted on Sarah but I hadn’t told Nessie. She probably wouldn’t be to happy about it or maybe kill me for keeping this from her.

~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~

Seth Clearwater’s Point Of View

Sarah Sue Black. The most amazing girl I have met in my entire life. Nessie and Jake’s baby girl, to be exact. Jacob already knows that I have imprinted on his daughter and has taken it very well. Nessie on the other hand, doesn’t know I haven’t imprinted on her daughter. She going to be so mad at us for not telling her about me imprinting on her daughter.

~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~

Renesmee Black’s Point Of View

We had just stepped into the house, I saw Jacob all sweaty. Seth was also sweating. “Whoa. What do you guys do while we were gone? We you guys working out or is put bunch of water droplets you put on heads?” They looked at each other. “Working out.”

“Sure. Okay, whatever.” Sarah was in my arms crying. She kept moving in my arms and pointed down. “Down! Down!” Sarah pretty much yelled at the top of her lungs. “Do you want to go down Sarah?” She nodded. When I put her down, she stopped crying and went straight to Seth.

“Hey Sarah. What did you and Mommy buy?” He looked at her in a way that seemed very familiar to me.

“We…bwought…wots…of…cwothes…Sweth.” Sarah seemed to pause a lot between her words. I think she paused to think about what she was going to say. Sarah loved Seth more than all of us. And Seth loved Sarah a lot, too. She could have a conversation with him for hours. Seth looked at her dumbfounded like he’s never seen a baby girl before. That’s when it hit me.

“Seth! How could you?! My baby girl!” I yelled. Jacob kept a poker face on, but I knew he knew what I was talking about.

“N-nes-Nessie…you know it’s not something I can control.” I have never seen Seth so scared. I grabbed my daughter quickly before he say anything else. Seth has never been able to get a girl. But it was my baby. What was she gonna do? She probably didn’t know what it meant to be the imprintee of a werewolf.

“But my baby! Seth! My baby! She’s just a little baby. She’s just learning how to walk and talk, and you think you claim her with some special power that you have?” Sarah began to cry. Sarah hated when anyone except Seth carried her. But no way was I just had her over to Seth. She should have a chance to find out who she wants to be with. Not with just some special werewolf power.

“Calm down, Nessie. It’s not my fault. Bella said the same thing when Jacob looked at you like that.”

“Hey now…Don’t get me into this. It was my baby girl. The only baby girl I would ever have and I wanted her life to be perfect. But someone had to come in and imprint on her. I now know that I should had never gotten mad at Jacob for imprinting on you. I can see that your very happy being with him and you didn’t even get a chance to find who you really wanted to be with.”

“And you have made it perfect, Momma. Wait…what? You said the same thing to Jake?”

“Ummm…yeah. I said the same thing to Jacob. I knew about him going to imprint on someone someday but I didn’t want that person to be you. I wanted you to have a normal, well, a somewhat normal life. But like I said…”

“Sarah has already imprinted on Seth too. She’s a werewolf too. With some vampire and human blood in her.” Carlisle said calmly. I could feel the waves the Jasper was sending out to calm me down more. I was on my knees holding my daughter so Seth wouldn’t get near her. Big mistake. Somehow she pushed my arms out of her way and went to Seth. He picked her up and she stopped crying. Then she looked at me. What was I doing getting mad at Seth? Being stupid. That’s what I was doing. I mean it wasn’t his fault that he imprinted on Sarah. I was dazzled when Sarah was looking at me. It finally made sense. I looked at Sarah and she was grinning at me. I wonder why.

“Did you just say that Sarah imprinted on Seth?” I calmly asked. I felt dizzy. Really dizzy. Jake simply nodded agreeing with what Carlisle had just told me about Sarah. “Let me get this straight. Sarah imprints on Seth. Seth imprints on Sarah. Right? How exactly do you know that Sarah imprinted on him?”

“Ever notice how Sarah loves Seth more than us. She’ll start crying when we carrying her but she’ll stop crying when she’s with Seth.” Sarah had already imprinted on Seth. So she understood what imprinting was. “Nessie, Jacob’s right. You should hear everything she’s thinking about Seth. She says she loves him. You should also know that…never mind.” Daddy was grinning too. Just like Sarah had.

“I should know what?”

“She just used a power on you. Well, semi used a power on you. She’s not really good at it…yet.”

“What?” Did you just say she used a power on me?

“Yes. Compulsion.”

“And to do what exactly to me?”

“To try to calm you down and stop arguing with Seth. I wonder if it’ll work on Bella.”

“Edward, why is that there’s someone with some weird power you want them to test it on me?” Daddy always made people try their powers on Momma to see her ‘shield’ suspended their powers on her. “Don’t worry about it, my love.” Momma just rolled her eyes.

“Okay. Whatever, Edward.” Momma then left the room with Esme, Alice, Rosalie, and Leah tagging behind her. Something smelt fishy. I went upstairs carrying Rosalinda while Jake carried Kinsley. Rosalinda and Kinsley were both tired. Sarah probably was too but I knew Seth would put her to sleep really quickly.

“I’m really sorry for keeping this a secret.” Jake said very sadly.

“Keeping what a secret from me, Jake?” I had totally forgotten what we had be talking about earlier.

“The fact Seth had already imprinted on Sarah.”

“Jake, it’s my fault for getting mad at Seth for imprinting on Sarah. You shouldn’t be sorry for anything. I’m going downstairs. I need to talk to Seth.”

“Nes, I’m coming with you.” I walked down the stairs very quietly because I knew Sarah was asleep and she was a very light sleeper. When I got downstairs I found out that Sarah wasn’t in the house. “Seth! Where is my daughter?!”

“I know where she is.” Jake with his poker face, again.


“I can’t tell you exactly.”

“Alice knows about it Jacob. Now you can take her. Oh, bring Rosalinda.” You better tell me what’s going on Daddy. You better tell me right now! “Jacob, Alice has Kinsley. Just bring Rosalinda.” Thank you for listening to me! “You welcome, Nessie”

Alice entered the house quickly and was very excited. “Come on, Renesmee. We haven’t years to waste.”

“Whatever stops the tears Alice.” She hopped on to my back and covered my eyes. “Alice, what are you doing? This is not funny.”

“I know it’s not but trust me. Yes, take her. The pink one. It makes sense. Of course you’re not going to put her in the blue one.” Pink one? Blue one? What is everyone talking about? “You’ll see Nessie.” I really hate when people won’t tell you things you should know.

“We’re here Nessie.” Alice said very excitedly. I looked up to see the most amazing two-story house in my entire life besides the Cullen mansion.

“Do you like it, Nes?” Jake was really nervous.

“I love it, Jake.” Two-story house with a balcony, patio, and a…basketball court? Emmett, Jasper, Jacob, Carlisle, Daddy, and Seth started laughing when I saw the basketball court…or maybe they were laughing at my reaction when I saw the basketball court.


“Yes, Jake, yes! I absolutely adore it.”

“Good. Because this is our house.”

“What? Really? Our house?!” Jake nodded. “Come on!” Alice pulled me by the arm. “I will when I know where my daughters are.”

“The girls are inside the house.” Daddy seemed so happy because I loved the house they built. Really? Which room? “You’ll know.” Are you sure? “Trust me Nessie.” Is this some kind of prank? Everyone has been telling me to trust him or her lately. “That’s because you’re being a little over protective. I mean we’re not going to hurt the girls.” I went inside the house. It was gorgeous. The first room was the living room along with a large television probably for the girls. There we also lots of roses. Alice showed me the kitchen and it was simply stunning. Jake pulled me to go see the girls’ room. It was so amazing I began to cry.

“Please don’t cry Nessie. I will fix anything I did wrong. Tell me what it is and I’ll get started right away.” I think he was going to cry to because he thought that I thought he had done a horrible job.

“No. It’s perfect. I never thought you would go through all this trouble to do this. It’s beautiful.”

“You haven’t seen the rest, darling.” He pulled me to what looked like our room. And it turns out it was. It had a big bed with blue and white sheets. By the window, there were a lot of blue and white roses. It kind of reminded me of our wedding. Everything had been perfect. “Seth wanted to put a balcony for Sa-the girls. He also wanted it with a lot of roses.”

“I know it wasn’t for the girls. I know it was for Sarah.”

“The balcony was for the girls. The roses were for Sarah.”

“Oh. I didn’t see that coming. Thank you Jake.”

“Your welcome, love.”


“Yes, buttercup?”

“I love you.”

“I love you too, Renesmee.” He bent down and I stood on my tiptoes and we kissed passionately until Rosalinda began to cry. I had not seen everything in the girls’ room. But when I looked up I had seen the beautiful chandelier I had wanted for the girls. I wonder where the other one was. It did not take for Rosalinda to fall asleep in my arms. But when I placed her back in the crib, she began to cry. So I took her to my room where Jake was waiting for me to come back. Well, I thought he was in there. Turns out that he was outside on the patio adding the last touches to the fountain. It was very peaceful. It started to a little cold outside. I was thinking of going back inside but I couldn’t. Not just yet, anyways. Jacob knew that I was getting cold and so was Rosie. He went inside and grabbed a blanket for Rosalinda and a light sweater for me. When Jake placed the blanket on Rosalinda and she smiled. She also moved her lips in a way that looked that she was saying, “I love you, Daddy.” Eventually, I fell asleep on Jake’s arm.

“Rosalinda Lillian Black. Where do you think you’re going?”

“Momma, I told you I was going to see Caleb.”

“Okay. Better yet, call him and tell him to come over.”

“No, Momma. Please don’t chaperone us? Please?”

“Rosie, I’m not going to chaperone you. You’re going to chaperone yourself. Your dad and I are going to go see your grandmother and grandfather. Sarah already went to Seth’s house. And Alec came to pick up Kinsley to go eat at a restaurant and spend some time at their ‘secret place’. I’m trusting you.”

“Yes, Momma I will be on my best behavior. And I won’t do anything bad. I promise, Momma.”

“You better not break your promise because I’m trusting you to be here…alone…with….a…boy. Don’t tell you dad anything about this.”

“Of course, Momma. Go to your room, pretend you’re doing homework, and call him. So I can get your father out. Call me, if anything goes wrong. If it goes….”

“Momma, I know. If it goes too far, I need to tell him to stop it, punch him, or tell him that Daddy is going to make sure he’s sorry.”

“That’s my girl.”

“Bye, Momma. Love you.”

“Love you too, Rosie. Please be safe.”

“You too, Momma. You too.” That boy better do nothing to Rosalinda. Or I will kill him. No joke. But I trust my daughter. Not to do anything bad.

“Nessie, wake up.”

“Whoa. How long was I asleep? Where’s Rosalinda?”

“I put her back in the crib. She’s fine.”

“I thought I was outside.”

“You were but I brought Rosalinda back to her crib and carried you inside because you were really tired.” Jake flashed my favorite crooked smile. I have always loved his smile and eyes.

“Guess what Jake?!”

“What is it, darling?”

“Every since Rosalinda was born I keep dreaming of her being with a Russian boy named Caleb Andrew Vaughn.”

“Nessie, it’s just a dream. There’s no way it will come…never mind.” He shouldn’t say anything at all because he knows it will come true. “Why is it that you can only see the future of Rosalinda and not everyone else?”

“I don’t know, Jacob. But I do know one thing that’s coming to Kinsley.”

“And what exactly is that?”

“She’s going to imprint on Alec.”

“Oh! Ummm…that’s weird.”

“Jake, how is that weird?”

“You can only see Rosalinda’s future…and not anyone else.”

“Well..Rosalinda’s different than her sisters so…and we’re going to have three boys soon.”

“Can we stick to the topic please?”

“I’m sorry, Jake. But I think one of those three boys is going to be different and I’m going to be able to see his future…so I think he and Rosalinda are going to relate to each other more than all of them put together.” Jacob and his thoughtful face. I’m serious, that boy thinks things a little bit too much.

“Do you know his name?”

“No. No, I don’t…but I know he’ll love to be with Emmett because apparently he has a funny side.”

“Well, who doesn’t like to be with Emmett?”

“Ummm…I don’t know. Probably hmm…someone who doesn’t like him.”

“Good point. Go to sleep, Rosalinda is bound to wake up in a few minutes.”

“Okay. Quinton and Alec.”

“What on Earth are you talking about, love?”

“Oh, the names of the boys we’ll have but I don’t know the other one…name…I meant the other name.” He stared at me like if I was insane. But in truth, I sometimes felt like I was insane. I was proud to feel insane, though. I mean why not feel proud? I have 3 beautiful daughters..one has already imprinted..I think they all have powers…what’s there not to be proud of? I stared at My Jacob. He looked so thoughtful. I just wish I could only see what he was thinking…my face probably gave away what I thinking. My face always betrayed me. Instead of telling me anything his lips smashed into mine and we kissed passionately since Rosalinda wasn’t going to wake up until morning.

“Okay, Jake I got the message.”

“What message?”

“Whatever, Jake. I love you.”

“I love you too, Renesmee. Forever and Always.” He placed his large hand on my back and he crushed my body into his. I surely felt like a princess…everything was like a fairytale. Today was a fairytale, that’s what it felt like every day. I fell asleep dreaming about Rosalinda and Caleb.