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Fear Not

Basically Bellas feelings for the oh so wonderful Edward


1. Chapter 1

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The love I have is yours.

I gave it all to you.

All I have, matters not,

for you are my love.

Fear not, my love I will not shair

Your the only being that I will care

enough for, to take my mortle life away.

I would live on earth for eternity

if only I spend it with you.

I know not of anything else around me

that makes me feel as you do.

My stomache in knots,

my heart steady but off beat all at once,

my mind races back and forth with thoughts of you,

and I love it!

I love everything about it,

everything about you.

My love will not run dry dear Edward

for as long as you are in my world, my life,

my love will go on forever.