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finding friends in strange people

Edward gets scared away by something that happens in Bellas garden, while he's gone, someone kidnaps Bella. i have added chapter five onto chapter four because it wont work on chapter five so now chapter six is rteally chapter 5, becasue i have FINALLY managed to update!!! wooo, cookies for all!!

i have added chapter five onto chapter four because it wont work on chapter five

2. Chapter 2

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In those hundred years, Victoria and I travelled around, making two new vampires, Jason, a cute 19 years old and Mika, twenty-five and like a father to us all, he reminded my so much of Carlisle.

They were both under deathly circumstances. I had saved Jason, and Victoria had saved Mika, we were proud of ourselves.

I hadn’t forgotten Edward and loved him so much it hurt. But Victoria was right, I found out that our coven was plenty of family and had no need of going to find him, although I always wanted to.

Victoria approached me one day and asked what I was doing, I told her I was practising my powers, and I was.

My powers are levitation, singing people to sleep and tear crying, the last one may sound stupid but when you need to cry, its best to do so with real tears. She smiled at me and watched a while as I levitated rocks. Suddenly she said,

“How about visiting Forks?” I stared at her, the rock smashed into pieces, I opened my mouth to reply but she beat me too it.

“The Cullen’s are away on vacation for another two months” (we found out they’d gone back to Forks but were on holiday) “and the boys so want to go there” I was about to ask about Charlie but then I remembered he’d be dead. I thought about it then nodded.

She grinned “great!” she bounded off to tell them to pack.

I went to my own room and gathered some things. We were living in a huge mansion, we had a bathroom each.

When we were all packed, we trudged out to the car, well, I trudged, Victoria and Jason ran and Mika did the hovering thing he does so well. Jason waited for me and smiled, we were like brother and sister, and we cared for each other but not in that way. I smiled back and we went off to Forks.

When we got there, I took a moment to breathe in the cold air. The plane ride had been unpleasant, full of screaming kids. But I had just let myself drift off into my other hidden talent.


No others vampires that we knew of could actually sleep, but I could and I loved it.

We had out two bags of luggage each and we were ready, we decided to stay in the woods, like a camping experience.

We picked out a place in the woods and I saw that Mika, whose ability was to sense strong relationships, made us more close to the Cullen’s place. I sighed but set up my tent without comment. I told them I wanted to go for a walk and Jason asked if I wanted company, I smiled and said no, I’d be alright, I ran until I reached the white house where my one true love had lived, I wanted so much to be held again, just like old times. I sighed and turned to go, I saw a flicker of bronze off to my right but before I had chance to react, Jason was tackling me to the floor laughing. Jason, who had black hair. I laughed aswell.

“I thought you might need cheering up, I know how many memories this place holds for you” he said quietly.

“Thank you Jason, I always wanted an older brother and now I have one” I smiled

“You’ve had me since then day you changed me, Bells, you saved my life, I’ll always remember that, you’re my little sis, though, I do suppose you’re older then me” he laughed and I joined in. u hugged him suddenly, needing someone to hold me. Jason and I have a very sensitive relationship and he can sense my emotions, so he just held me. He held me as I remembered Edward, held me as I cried tears. When I was finished, I looked up, my face wasn’t red, my eyes weren’t puffy, the only sign I’d been crying were the tear tracks down my face and the wet t-shirt on Jason.

“I always knew crying would be a downer one day, I’ve ruined your shirt” I smiled a watery smile, he laughed and I knew he didn’t care.

My expression became pained “Jason, why did he leave me? Why’d Edward go away?” I whispered sadly.

Jason’s expression hardened a little as he looked over my shoulder; he stopped me from looking though. “Because he was an idiot” a voice said from behind me “and im so sorry, Bella” I turned and Jason couldn’t stop me, I turned and saw my angel, I saw Edward.