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finding friends in strange people

Edward gets scared away by something that happens in Bellas garden, while he's gone, someone kidnaps Bella. i have added chapter five onto chapter four because it wont work on chapter five so now chapter six is rteally chapter 5, becasue i have FINALLY managed to update!!! wooo, cookies for all!!

i have added chapter five onto chapter four because it wont work on chapter five

3. Chapter 3

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I stared at the statue like boy in front of me, Jason was growling softly, aware of the pain and love I felt for him, I so wanted to run to him but I knew I couldn’t. Edward was watching my face, eyes scanning my every feature. The memories came flooding back, I saw us in the meadow, the sun streaming of off his skin, his eyes watching my expression and smiling when I touched him. I had to do every thing I could to stop my self from running to him. But I managed. Edward sighed deeply and looked away.

I looked at the ground, instead at his perfect ness. I mean, he couldn’t love me, he’d probably found a knew girl friend, one that had more courage, but then I mentally shook myself, I shouldn’t feel sorry, he was the one who left me, not the other way around, if he had found someone else, it was only because I kissed him that he left in the first place. Jason touched my face and made me look him in the eye.

I hope you’re not feeling sorry for yourself he thought at me

How’d you guess? I asked sadly

Bella, Bella, Bella, what are we gonna do with you? He grinned and I managed a small smile back, I glanced at Edward who was looking from one to the other, Jason first, then me. His eyes settled on me and I couldn’t help the shudder. I know Jason felt it and I’m sure Edward saw it. I sighed again and stood up, letting my hand fall from Jason’s hand as he also stood. Edward flicked a glance at Jason and looked angry, I realised Edward must be reading his mind. I wondered if I could tune in, just like me and Jason did when we spoke mentally. I concentrated really hard. Suddenly I could hear Jason’s voice, even though he didn’t move him lips.

I suppose you must be Edward, you hurt her so much, you know? If you break her heart again I’ll tear you apart and you won’t be waking up dead. You just won’t be waking up.

I blinked at the aggression coming of off Jason and I realised he must really dislike Edward, maybe even hate him. I shook my head and both boys frowned at me, I looked down at my feet again.

When I looked up, the rest of the Cullen family were there, Alice smiled carefully, Rosalie and Emmett both smiled aswell, Jasper was watching me, frowning and I suddenly realised that he must be feeling what I felt, which was pretty much anger, sadness, love, uneasiness, jealousy, protectiveness for Jason and many more jumbled up feelings that I’m not sure even have a name. I felt uneasy because if it turned out to be a fight, it was us two against their seven, since Carlisle and Esme were with them.

“Not really a fair fight” I noted

“We don’t want to fight you, Bells” Emmett frowned

“Whatever” I replied, faking a bored tone, only Jasper and Jason felt my relief.

“Did you manage to escape Victoria? Can we kill her if you didn’t kill her yourself?” Edward asked, I noticed he was also trying for a bored tone, I pulled it off much better.

I heard Jason growl and the Cullen’s faces looked confused.

“You will not harm Victoria” I spoke out, putting a hand on Jason’s shoulder “anyone who kills her will answer to us”

Edward and the rest looked incredulous “Bella, she tried to kill you, she turned you into a vampire!”

!and whose fault is that Edward?!” I shouted “who told me to stay away from you?” Edward flinched, the rest looked puzzled.

“Victoria? Didn’t she?” Alice frowned; I stared at her in disbelief.

“NO!” I shook my head “Edward told me to never try to find him”

Everyone glared at Edward, who, to my great satisfaction, looked very uncomfortable.

“You WHAT?” Emmett yelled

“I had to, for her own good” Edward replied, Emmett opened his mouth to reply but I intervened.

“For my own good?” I snarled “well, I suppose my leaving again will be for my own good aswell. And with that final sentence, I say good bye”

I grabbed Jason’s hand and pulled him through the dense undergrowth and trees. We entered the campsite and told our short story to Victoria and Mika. They winced and started to pack up their things. We had just loaded everything into the car when Edward appeared, he ran straight over to me. I glared at him coldly. “what?” I asked, he didn’t speak, just took my face between his hands and kissed my, at first I stood there, not yielding but as I felt him start to pull away, I seemed to melt against his body, we pulled apart and I noticed that the others had gone off to give us some privacy. We looked at each other and he laid his cheek against mine.

“oh, Bella, I’ve missed you so much, ever since that day I saw you in your mind, I didn’t think of what it would do to me, I thought it would be better for you to get away from me, to be safer.” he sighed “but you’re still with Victoria” he froze, as if just realising something, he pulled away and looked into my eyes, then sighed with relief. I realised he was looking at the colour of my eyes.

I yanked away from him “how could you even think I’d consider drinking human blood?” I asked angrily “and Victoria was the one who helped me through it all, so don’t go making bad comments on her” I shook my head and turned away but he caught me and kissed me again, once more, I seemed to melt into him, like an ice cube on a hot day. “Everything’s okay now” he whispered in my ear, and that’s when the growling started.