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One Wish

When a vampire that grants wishes meets the Cullen family, Rosalie is deteremined to get her wish. But Rosalie never knew that if Carlisle had never found her when Royce had raped her, that her family would die. Now Rosalie Lillian Hale is determined to stop herself from wishing, but how can she when she's dead? Rated Adult for Violance and blood lash in later chapters. Chapter 3 is being validated

Characters belong to Stephenie Meyer Based on Christmas Wish Stories The ideas of what would happen belong to me

1. Chapter 1- Wish Upon A Vampire

Rating 5/5   Word Count 726   Review this Chapter

(Bella's POV)

It has been one year. I've been a vampire, a mother, and a wife for one year now. My family was perfect. There was our parents, Carlisle, gorgeous and is the best doctor you can find, and Esme, sweet beautiful caring mother. Our siblings, Alice, perky fun shopaholic lovely, Jasper, calm mellow shy handsome, Emmett, big teddy bear loveable strong, and Rosalie, beautiful, gorgeous and has warmed up to me last year.

Then there was my smaller family. It consisted(not including me) of my husband Edward, gorgeous, loving charming my personal Greek god, and my daughter Renesmee, adorable sweet angelic, and someday Jacob Black, my best friend and he may end up being Renesmee's husband one day.

My whole family (including Jacob) was sitting around in the living room. Alice's face went blank.

After a few minutes Alice stood up. Edward did also. There was a knock on the door.

Carlisle answered it. It was a female vampire. She had light brown hair. "Yes?" Carlisle asked.

"Hello. My name is Alisa and I heard that you don't feed on humans. I would love it if you would teach me how you feed because I don't want to be a monster" Alisa said.

"Of course" Carlisle said.

"Thank you" she said. "Do you have any special powers Alisa?" Emmett asked.

"Yes I do, but before any of you ask I must tell you. I regret having this power and I never wanted it" she said.

"How terrible is it?" Jacob asked.

"Oh it's not terrible at all. But what is terrible is this horrible stench in here that seems to be coming from you" Alisa said back to Jake.

"We'll explain that soon" Edward said, "But what is your power?" he continued.

"I... I grant wishes" she said.

"Wishes?" Rosalie asked.

"Like how? Like a genie?" Emmett asked.

"Well no, as many wishes as you want, but usually people only grant one wish, but maybe we should just introduce ourselves" Alisa said.

Carlisle stood up.

"My name is Carlisle and I am the leader of this coven. This is my wife Esme. Alice is the small one and her husband is Jasper the tall blond one. Edward is the boy with the bronze hair, Bella is the brunette and his wife and the small girl sitting by them is Renesmee their daughter. We will explain soon. And the tall Native boy is Jacob. The tall boy with dark brown hair is Emmett and the blond girl is his wife Rosalie" he said.

Alice's face went blank. One minute later she stood up immediatly and so did Edward.

Rosalie stood up. "Alisa... may I ask for one wish, it's been something that has been bugging me for a while and I will not regret this" she said.

Alisa looked away.

"I wish I never became a vampire, that I was a human" Rosalie said.

"NO!" I yelled. It all went blank.


(Rosalie's POV)

I looked around. I was wearing a white dress and I was in a cream white golden colored area. My skin wasn't pale white, but it was blurry, like I wasn't a full solid, like I was faded.

Then I saw Alisa next to me. I gasped.

"Wha-What's going on?" I asked.

"Your wish dear. You wished that you never became a vampire, not that Royce had never raped you. He raped you and Carlisle never found you. Everyone in the family is there, well some are missing" she said with a chuckle.

"You think this is funny?" I asked raising my tone.

"Calm down dear" Alisa said.

"Let me show you what happens when Miss Rosalie Hale isn't a vampire" she said.

I gasped. "Emmett. WHERE'S EMMETT!" I yelled.

"Emmett? You mean Emmett McCarty? He was killed by a bear attack. There was no beautiful angel to come and save him" she said.

"Wait... did Alice and Jasper make it to the family?" I asked.

"Yes they did, but you should be a bit more worried about your other sibling, you know Edward... and his mate Bella" she said.

"What happened to them?!?" I almost shrieked.

"You played a big part in their relationship. Besides you being a vampire stops your family from dying" Alisa spoke.

I stared at her in shock. "Come let me show you" she said and it all went blank.