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One Wish

When a vampire that grants wishes meets the Cullen family, Rosalie is deteremined to get her wish. But Rosalie never knew that if Carlisle had never found her when Royce had raped her, that her family would die. Now Rosalie Lillian Hale is determined to stop herself from wishing, but how can she when she's dead? Rated Adult for Violance and blood lash in later chapters. Chapter 3 is being validated

Characters belong to Stephenie Meyer Based on Christmas Wish Stories The ideas of what would happen belong to me

2. Chapter 2- Wishes Suck...

Rating 5/5   Word Count 559   Review this Chapter

(Rosalie's POV)

Oh no... Edward never returned to Bella!

"Edward never returned" I said.

Alisa shook her head. "He came back when he learned that Alice was in Forks. So Bella and Jacob never started dating" Alisa said.

I sighed in relief.

"But if I were you I wouldn't be happy Blondie" she said to me.

I cringed. That was the dog's nickname for me.

But why would Alisa tell me not to be happy? What was the missing piece of the puzzle?

"You surely remember the phone call Bella gave you when she found out she was pregnant do you?" Alisa asked me.


I stood shocked in fear. And then we saw it happening. Alisa has a very strong power doesn't she...


Bella stood about to cry in the bedroom of Isle Esme. She dropped to the floor and curled up.

Edward came in. "Bella!" he yelled running to her. He cradled her.

"Shh... It's okay. Your going to be safe. Carlisle will get rid of it" Edward said.

How dare Edward call his child a it! My idiotic brother!


At the airport Bella's eyes were puffy and red from crying. Esme tried to give a smile but she couldn't. She was too upset.

Carlisle stood there motionless. Alice was giving the look like how she does when she gets a headache from the wolves or Renesmee's future.

Jasper was comforting his wife. Edward was trying to comfort his.


Edward held Bella's face in his hands while she was crying. "Love, it will all be over. Please don't cry. Please don't worry" Edward said.

She continued crying. Soon they brought her into the house. Edward and Jasper held Bella down as Carlisle brought his doctor medicine man purse thing.

In less than a second they killed the child. Then something unexpected happened. Edward bit Bella all over. She screamed as the fire went through her body.


I looked at Alisa. "I still don't get how my family ends up dying" I said in a weak voice.

"We'll get to that soon dear" Alisa said.


Bella was waking up. Alice had changed her into the same dress that Bella was supposed to wear when her real change was supposed to happen.

"Bella?" Edward said quietly. She sat up and looked at him.

"You changed me didn't you?" she asked.

He nodded. "Now I can only sob in dry tears, never being able to eat, or see my parents, or hold my child!" she yelled.

He stared at her.

"There are many bad reasons of marrying you Edward Cullen. First you forget the Treaty. Second, you kill my child. And third, the worst of all, is that neither of us are able to hold our child and watch him or her grow up!" Bella yelled at him.

Even worse was that the family was watching this happen.

Bella ran out the door.

"This is just newborn things" Esme said being unsure of herself.

"No it's not" Jasper said. "Her emotions were hate, and alot of other bad emotions. She was perfectly in control of herself. Nothing of thirst".

Edward's face fell.

"Well what do we do? There's a newborn vampire on the loose, the wolves are going to find out soon" Alice said.


I stared at Alisa. "This is terrible" I said.

"This isn't the worst part" Alisa said.