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One Wish

When a vampire that grants wishes meets the Cullen family, Rosalie is deteremined to get her wish. But Rosalie never knew that if Carlisle had never found her when Royce had raped her, that her family would die. Now Rosalie Lillian Hale is determined to stop herself from wishing, but how can she when she's dead? Rated Adult for Violance and blood lash in later chapters. Chapter 3 is being validated

Characters belong to Stephenie Meyer Based on Christmas Wish Stories The ideas of what would happen belong to me

3. Chapter 3- Killings Of?

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(Rosalie's POV)

Alisa smiled at me. That demon.

"What is wrong with you?" I ask her.

"Well for starters Rosie cheeks, it's my job! Usually people who use the wish thing, well they usually are brats! Just like you sweetie!" Alisa said as cheerful as possible.

I glared at her. She ignored me.

"Hey look! It's Chief Swan!" Alisa told me and then I saw him.


Charlie Swan sat in his home thinking of his daughter. When would she come back? Is she all right? Why wasn't she calling?

The phone rang. Chief Swan immediatly answered it.


"Hi Charlie..." Alice Cullen said quietly.

"Alice what's wrong?" Charlie asked the pixie.

There was a short silence.

"Listen to me Charlie! Whatever you do... do not go outside... things are going to be dangerous in Forks for the next few days... hopefully..."

"Alice what are you talking about!?!?"

"Charlie we're coming to get you soon. We need to tell you the truth, because you may be the only one who can help us find your daughter"

"What happened to Bella?" Charlie asked worried as hell.

Another silence.

"Charlie get out of your home immediatly!" Alice yelled. Charlie was confused and then Alice hung up.

Charlie shook his head confused but was interupted by a sound.

"Dad?" a voice asked. This voice sounded like bells ringing, like Alice's, Edward's, Jasper's, Esme's, or Carlisle's. Then a figure started coming down the stairs. Charlie was confused and then he saw a tuft of brown.

"Daddy?" the voice asked again.

"B-Bella?" Charlie asked stuttering.

A girl with dark brown hair quickly moved and hugs Charlie keeping her face hidden. Charlie closes his eyes for a moment relived. Not wondering how his daughter was perfectly fine not in the hospital or looking like she was sick with a deadly disease. He let all his worries fly away.

"I missed you" she said slowly looking up. Charlie was happy to see that his daughter was in perfect condition, until he saw her eyes. They were blood red, not from crying but the beautiful brown that used to be her eye color was replaced by blood red.

Charlie's eyes widened. Bella's mouth curled into a smile.

"What's wrong Dad? It's just me" Bella said devious.

Charlie's hands started shaking with one droplet of sweat rolling down his neck and fear taking over his mind.

Bella's mouth opened revealing her much sharper teeth ready to bite Charlie's arm when a yellow Porsche pulled into the driveway.

"Shit" Bella said under her breath and broke through the kitchen window, hid behind the house, and ran once the Cullens entered the Swan home.

It was time for the truth to unfold.

"Charlie's alive" Alice said to her husband and brother. Edward, the silent depressed, miserable one looked up and smiled at his father in-law knowing that his wife almost killed him.

Jasper put his hand on Edward's shoulder and told him"We'll find her, don't worry".

"She wanted something I took away from her, and I never even knew that she still could have that chance even with me" Edward replied.

"She's just upset. Even if she's different than others she still has newborn feelings" Jasper said. Alice was looking at the arm where Bella almost bit Charlie.

"Now Edward, your wife is definatly something" Alice mumbled.

"What is it dear?" Jasper asked his wife.

"Bella didn't hurt him, she just ran away. Charlie told me that she seemed upset when she looked at him, even if she was trying to drain him" Alice replied.

"It's time to tell you the truth about everything Charlie" Edward said out of the blue.

"There's more? Okay... my daugher is a physco killer... I told Billly to get a dog but then everyone started laughing, now what?" Charlie responded.

"I was born in Chicago, June 20th, 1901..." Edward said.