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Bella's Hunting Diaries

Bella has had many hunting experiences, but only now, after a move from Alaska to England, does she start recording them. Please Review :)


1. Hunt 1

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I leapt at the animal, it was quick, but I was quicker. Bounding around the trees varying its direction in order to lose my trail. Ever since moving to England I had never come across something so challenging yet so effortless to catch. Animals in Kent had become a bore, with their scrawny bodies, sluggish run and lack of blood. It felt good to be able to feel the rush of the chase again, to have an animal that was prepared to run and fight instead of flee slower than a human walk.

The cat vanished behind a fallen moss-covered tree, but the scent was as strong as ever and there was no way I was giving up now. I had waited too long for a strong fast animal to revive my unused senses. Plus Edward would be proud of me for feasting on something other than badgers and rabbits, which had all but quenched my thirst.

Back in 2005 there had been sightings of big cats in the British countryside, many had shunned the idea claiming it impossible and ridiculous. Believing it to be tricks of the light or human error, which, now as I pursued the black beast, became erroneous.

I and my loving family had been trying to track down the four cats, thirsting for a larger amount of blood, as well as the delight and thrill of using our advanced senses in order to catch our kill. It seemed as soon as we came across their scent they would have left their habitat long before our arrival. This formed a more enhanced hunt, it became like a game, the same way James felt whilst tracking me. And in the same way, we tracked the cats like James, never giving up.

Carlisle had so pleasantly asked the locals about the sightings, apparently there had been over 2,000. We had to make sure they existed before wasting precious hunting time. Of course it had been weeks since any of us had had a proper meal.

In Alaska, our previous settlement, there were plenty of ferocious wild animals to hunt for. Emmett, of course, usually opted for the big brown bear. Alice usually hunted the Short-tailed weasel, mostly because it’s fur turned white in the winter and that fur then became the most envied coat of all wealthy women who saw it. Edward and I usually hunted the moose, it was the first animal we hunted in Alaska and since then it stuck, reminding us of the beginning of our new lives.

Thinking of Edward made me slow a little, widening the gap between my prey and I. The cat shot into the air, piercing its sharp claws into the aged bark of the tree. Soaring from branch to branch, climbing higher into the sky.

He thought I was defeated, no human could gracefully hop from tree to tree like he could. No, a human could not, but a vampire could. I leapt into the sky, hugging the first branch to skim my palm, delicately perching myself atop the branch. Scuttling up the tree trunk, the cat had not realised I was silently stalking him. A flash of worry and fear struck across his otherwise beautiful face. Before he had time to leap to another branch I had my pale arms around his torso, both of us hurtling to the hard earthy ground. His arms and legs flailing, his claws attempting to rupture my face, yet they did nothing but make it tingle. His long whiskers tickled my neck as he struggled and squirmed to free himself.

He was the father of the family of four. This morning I had dreaded coming out to hunt him, to tear his family apart, as the Volturi attempted to do to us. My midnight black eyes told me I had to, the lives of humans could have jeopardized by one fatal sniff of their scent. Although I could control it so well now, I could not even imagine what would happen if I killed a human, and then what dreadful consequences would come from revealing our secret.

I took the last look in the flailing big cat’s eyes before he was pummelled into the ground. I didn’t bother checking if he was alive, after we had descended towards the ground at full speed, I didn’t mind taking away the pain of his injuries if he was. I bit into his matted fur in the most inconspicuous place possible. People, especially the press, were going to find out about this, and the last thing I wanted them to find was a bite mark, seemingly from a human. I messed up the fur around the bite after draining him, so the mark was hidden beneath his shiny black fuzz.

How would people think he would’ve died? He was said to be here since the 1970’s. Anyone would believe it was from old age. I propped his lifeless body up against a thick log and skipped back to where the others were feasting on the mother and her children. Although it pained me to see his family torn apart just as easily as mine could, to me it was just another hunt.

After our eyes glowed that magical topaz glow that they do, we escaped the forest, feeling the wind whisper past us. Edward had slowly glided to my side, I felt his hand lightly lock into mine and we ran towards our house secluded from the townsfolk.

At the house we played charades, obviously Edward won, Alice coming second. This morning she saw every answer she would say, in order, but Edward got there faster, without the actor even do anything.

After our very short game, Rosalie and Emmett went upstairs, leaving Edward and I, Jasper and Alice and Renesmee and Jacob snuggled up close to our partners on our expensive leather sofa. Carlisle and Esme had lovingly prepared a great banquet for Jacob and of course Renesmee. Since they were the only ones who had not hunted today, Esme thought it right for them to get a well-earned meal also.

Strange, how us vampires, who ate no human food, were so good at making it. Esme set out the freshly cooked bread, with sides of salad, freshly dressed with homemade seasoning, Fish caught in the stream near the house, covered in herbs and juices, served with potato wedges and vegetables and ironically a tomato and garlic soup for Renesmee. I knew that if I were still human I would by drooling at just the smell of the delicious spread of food. Renesmee delicately danced over to the table, in a similar way Alice would. There was no way Nessie had inherited her graceful ways from me. Her curly dark copper hair fell into a cascade around her perfect face as she seated herself at the head of the table. She was too quick for Jacob who always tried to get her seat for her, but never could.

Edward noticed the love in my eyes and smiled that crooked smile at me. It was even more enhanced then it was when I was human, with my brand new eyes. I pushed my shield out to him and wrapped him safe in my thick invisible blanket. I knew this was what he wanted, ever since I had learned to do it, he had never again asked what I was thinking. A question that I had been asked almost everyday since I met him.

I was just thinking how that cannot be our child, she has inherited nothing from me, and everything from your family. Her exquisite features, her long shiny hair, her poised and elegant stance-

I went to continue but felt a finger holding my lips shut and suddenly a pair of soft luscious lips that could only belong to my husband replaced that finger. I closed my shield again, letting my own thoughts only be mine again.