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Sweet Symphony

Sweet symphony
A poem about Edward composing Bella's Lullaby. The most beautiful tune - but what is that to Bella's beauty? Or the beauty of their love?
"Sweet Symphony" hopes to answer, in my own...experimental...poetry. :)

I tried to make this more flowing than some of my other poetry, but my summary says "experimental" because I just kinda let myself write whatever and then edited a little.

1. Sweet Symphony

Rating 5/5   Word Count 87   Review this Chapter

Sweet symphony,

Upon love’s wings,

Does repent,

In minor harmony,

Does sing beautifully,

For the love of the girl,

Knowing not –

What rhyme?

What reason?

Drives the heart,

Pumps the blood,

Yes – sweet scented symphony,

And melody,

How beautiful,

But so inadequate,

For her love,

And tides that break along the keys –

Falls to her knees –

And cries –

“Oh Edward,”

“What a song,”

Lullaby’s last regret –

So it ends,

Though she will not forget,

Lulled into love,

Sweet symphony.