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i was thinking about carslie one day and i thought how he hated killing any living thing well this got me thinking why? why is the world the way it is? Please Read And Review thank flicker for the pic :) Why? by Amy Alldis.


1. Why?

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Why Do We Do These Things That’s us?

Why Do We Do the Things We Do

Why Do WE Hurt Each Other With Our Tongues

Why Do We Hurt Each Other With Our Fists

Why Do WE Hurt Each Other With These Guns

We Even Hurt With Our Words

But Does Any One Know Why?

Why Can’t We Just Get Along

This Is A question That Has Been Waiting for an Answer

But The Answer Lies With In Our Selves

But We yet to Have Answered It

It May Go Unanswered For another Thousand Years

It Is a Question That No one Can Answer….