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first love

Bella Uley has always lived with her older brother Sam.When Sam runs away shes worried sick.Sam comes back but hes different and Bellas worried about him.She asks him where he wents but he keeps ignoring her.What will happen when she meet a pale family and starts to hang out with them?

this is my first fan fic so give me some advice!enjoy.

1. chapter 1

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Bella's pov

"Bella get up its time for school".Why does he have to wake me up so early!"No I'm sick cough cough"."You cant say your sick and say cough cough that way i know your lying".Ugh hes so annoying i wish he could go away for a day better yet a month.

I got out of bed and went to the bathroom.I took a shower brushed my teeth and got dressed in record time.I went downstairs only to find Sam eating french toast."Wheres mine"i said."I don't know make yourself some pop-tarts or something"."why cant you be a good big brother once in a while".Hes so selfish he never thinks about anyone but himself."Its my job to make you miserable"he said."No its your job to take care of me".

I stuck some pop-tarts in the toaster and ignored Sam the rest of the morning.When the pop-tarts were done I put them on a paper towel and started walking to school.I ran into Jacob coming out of his house so we walked together."Hey rough morning with Sam"Jacob said."Yea how did you know that"."Bella"he said"I can see it on your face your not good with facades"

"Well what do you think about us cliff diving this Saturday?"he said."Like a date or as 2 regular friends hanging out?"I hoped he said date even though Jake was my best friend I've always had a crush on him.Hes so down to earth and funny."I guess its a date" he said smiling.

"Come on were gonna be late"he said intertwining our fingers together.We always held hands just not like this the way he held my hand was romantic.As we walked up the sidewalk we saw Quil smiling and looking at our hands.As we got closer i could see him getting ready to say something stupid.

"So you guys hooked up?"like i said he was gonna say something stupid.Me and Jake looked at each other and punched Quil on each arm."Ow that was not nice you know I'm sensitive"."Says the guy who broke almost all his bones in a motorcycle crash and said it didn't hurt"I said.

"Come on were gonna be late for homeroom"I said.Luckily I had my First 5 periods with Jake and I sat next to him in every class.Most girls are jealous that I get to talk to Jake just wait till they see our hands.Their gonna be dripping in jealousy.I feel bad for Jake hes gonna get death glares from all the guys in school.

"Mr.black,Ms.uley i expect you 2 to come a little bit earlier"Mrs.Eastham said."Yes Mrs.Eastham"we both said in unison and chuckled.Jake and i untwinned our hands to go into our aisles to sit.When we sat down he grabbed my hand again and kissed it.I Blushed and looked away as i tried to hide my blush.

As I pulled my hand away Jake gave me a questioning look and I whispered to him that I was cold.He nodded and turn back to his book that he was reading.After a couple minutes the bell rang and I got my stuff ready and waited for jake to go to math.Math went by fast then we went to science only to realize we had a test today oh great.