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first love

Bella Uley has always lived with her older brother Sam.When Sam runs away shes worried sick.Sam comes back but hes different and Bellas worried about him.She asks him where he wents but he keeps ignoring her.What will happen when she meet a pale family and starts to hang out with them?

this is my first fan fic so give me some advice!enjoy.

2. Chapter 2

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Bella's Pov

The test in science was so easy.That worries me alot.After class Jake asked me if I wanted to hang out in his garage and watch him fix his rabbit then flexed.Of course I said yes.He caught me staring at his arms then I blushed so I turned my face the other way.Since hes so stubborn he pulled my face towards his and saw my blush and laughed.

"Its not funny."I told him.

"Yes it is."He said

"Whatever were gonna be late for p.e lets go."I said

"Fine ruin my fun."he grumbled

"Oh I will its my mission in life."I said through chuckles

He grabbed my hand and I pulled away."Oh what now?"he asked me.

"You laughed at me."I told him.His jaw dropped so I laughed.Then he said "Well you laughed at me so ha!"Then he grabbed my hand so I gave up and started running towards the gym.Gym was a bore we were listening to some guys talking to us about joining boxing.Jake wanted to try to box with 1 of the guys but the guy ended up about to actually fight Jake.When the bell rang I asked Jake what he was saying to the boxer and he said he was making fun of him.

Jake could be a real ass sometimes but he only did that to seem tough but really hes just a big teddy bear.Oh no here comes my brother and his stupid possy of dumb juniors."Jake."I said."yea." "Don't do anything stupid you know how Paul is." "Ummm sure sure."Uh oh Jake had that trouble making look in his eyes.Here we go again.

"Hey whats up Paulina!" "Jake didn't you just hear a word I said." "Yea I heard you but I couldn't resist."

"Hey Bella."

"What do you want today Paul."

"I want lots of things like a dog,money,and a date with you on Saturday."

"Thanks but no thanks I already have a date."

"What!With who?"

"With Jake."

"What the hell Jake!You knew I liked her!"

"Sorry dude I gave you many chances to ask her out you just never did so I did."

Then with that Paul punched Jake then Jake punched Paul then Sam and Jared tried to pull them off each other with no luck.Then Paul swung at Jake's head but hit me in the eye instead.I cried out in pain and then the fight stopped.Jake and Paul looked at me with sorry eyes but Paul had hate in his.

Just then I heard Coach Reeves yelling at the boys and took them to the office.Coach Reeves told Sam to get me to the nurse to get some ice and take me home.