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Luck Of The Irish

“I don’t know why, and probably never will. But I left my home country and my coven. I came back here, after three years. But there is one thing I have to say; Luck of the Irish my ass!” Aww poor little Maggie, for being an Irish vampire that can tell if you are lying, or not. She sure does have some bad luck. Create your own banner at mybannermaker.com! (banner by me-lame I know)

I love Maggie! She is a kick ass vampire! Jacob: You only like her becasue your name is Maggie too. No! There are other reasons too! And I have not seen or read a ficfin about her yet, so I amde this one! And becasue I have writer's block on my other story: Purple Eyes. Jacob: So writting another story is going to help that? Yes! Now I hope people like it!

1. Irish Rose

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I come to the big glass house, the one I once stay in. I still do not understand myself, and why I would leave. But all I knew is that I had too. I felt out of place in my old coven, and not even the green hills of Ireland felt like home anymore. So I come back to the U.S. I remember how kind the Cullen’s were, when I was here, helping them in the fight against the Volturi. I ran the front door and Alice was there in a flash.

“Maggie! I knew you were coming!” She cried in joy. She hugged me and I hugged her back. I was not surprise that she knew I was coming.

“Come in Maggie, I already told everyone that you were coming! And Bella and I set up a room for you in the attic. And ooh we are so happy you are going to be staying here!” Alice cheered.

I smiled;”So you all don’t mind?” I asked, my think Irish accent coming out. But there was not much I could do to stop it.

“Are you kidding? It will be great to another person in the house!” Emmett said and gave me a big bear hug.

“Ooh hi Emmett.” I said, I was being crushed by him.

‘Welcome, back to our home Maggie dear.” Esme said with a smile

“Thank you.” I said with a smile.

After Bella, Alice, Rosalie and I unpacked my things in my new “room’. We all had a lot of fun talking about the past three years. Renesmee had grown a lot. I found out that Jacob imprinted on her. I was happy for her; Jake was a great guy…eer wolf. Bella was happy with her new life, and I hope I will be as happy as her, with mine. I just hope no one asks why I come back. Because I like said earlier I don’t know. All I know is that I was being pulled back here. Like a mouth to a flame. But now that I am back here, I almost fell whole, but I still fill like there is something missing. I could ask the entire questions I wanted and get the right answer to them. But the thing was I don’t know what to ask. Why am I being pulled here? If I don’t know that answer, then who would. I was also told that Jacob and his pack was coming by tomorrow. I was so joyful to here that by why I don’t know why I was. I mean there were werewolves, but they were a bunch of cool werewolves. I looked over at the clothes that Alice gave me. I picked out a fluffy gold thin strap top with a forest green jacket that had one bottom in the middle. A brown earthy tones nickels, earrings and bracelet set. A brown braded leather belt that had a deep blue buckle in the shape of an ‘O’ and some grey skinny jeans along with some black high hills. Hey if they make me taller. Man Alice had great clothes, and she only wore each thing once. Man that girl and her fashion. I don’t know why but I wanted to look good for the pack. “What the bloody hell is wrong with me?’ I thought out loud.

The next morning, I was already and stuff. Renesmee was bouncing of the walls. Because Jake was coming over. In no time at all the pack was there.

“Jake!” Renesmee yelled and ran into his arms.

“Nessie, hey.” She said with a smile.

“Jake! Jake Maggie is back!”

“What?” Then He saw me.

“Ooh yeah, what are you doing back here?” He asked.

“I really don’t know, but I am staying here.” I said with a smile.

Then Seth, Leah, and Quil all come in and we said hi and stuff like that But then he come in; Embry. Once I saw him the answers to all my questions had an answer. He was the reason I can back. Why I was being pulled back. His blood, he was my singer. We just stared at each other. Nothing moved and nor sound was made. It was just him and I.

*Embry’s Profile*

I saw her, that little Irish vampire, Maggie. She left three years. I imprinted on her back then. But I never said nothing, because of the whole werewolf and vampire thing. And because I knew she was going back to Ireland. I loved her so I had to let her go. And it killed me. And now she back, and I re- imprinted on her. It was just like the first time all over again. . Nothing moved and nor sound was made. It was just her and I.

*Normal Profile*

The whole room was in shock, eye wide with disbelieve. Embry-whom was sadder then sad for the past three years and no one ever knew way- Just imprinted on Maggie. A vampire! But if Jacob and Nessie are okay, then they will be too, but still no one could believe what they just saw.

“Aw shit.” IS all Jacob; Embry’s alpha could say.