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After the conflict with the Volturi, the Cullens are finally at peace. Bella is enjoying being a mother almost as much as being a wife. Endless nights with Edward and endless days with Renesmee and family-werewolves included. What more could she ask for?

But the peace doesn't last long. Bella discovers a new gift, and the Volturi get involved. Now, the Volturi are after the Cullens...again. But, this time, they're determined not to leave empty-handed. They want Bella and Renesmee, and they'll do anything to get them.

This is written in Bella's point of view. There might be one or two new characters, maybe even some additions to the family.

This is my first attempt at writting something that has to do with Twilight other than a review. Enjoy!

1. Preface

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I had never given it much thought. I never thought anything else could go wrong, in my life with my family. I never thought anything would go wrong. Even if I had, I would have never imagined it like this. After that faithful day, when the Volturi left, I thought we were home free.

But, staring at the scene that I see before me now, there was no way we could have ever been free. Everything we'd tried to prevent was happening. Death. Destruction. Illusions.

The illusions of safety we had fought so hard to keep. That is what brought the death and destruction about. The death of many and, the destruction of all. Was all our fault. No. All my fault.

I was so stupid. Stupid enough to believe they would have ever let us out of their sight. Stupid enough to believe we could have out run them. Stupid enough to break a promise.

One of the only promises that had ever mattered to me was about to be broken. I had promised her, my baby, that she could stay with me forever. And now, it was all about to be taken away. She was about to be taken away. And there was nothing we could do.

We all came. We all fought. We all killed. But, in the end, it was not enough. I had even prayed once or twice. If she kept on living, I don't care what happened to me.

I stare at the scene before me, my eyes prickling. Behind me, I heard dry sobs filled with grief, anger, self hate, fear, and, even at this point, confusion.

I guess it's true what Robert Frost said, once so long ago. Nothing gold can stay. And, it just so happens, that she was the goldest things in our lives.

I heard the steps of their feet walk forward. The steps counting down how much time we had left.

I saw the pale, papery hand raise in the air. The hand signaling our time was up.

I heard the dry sobs filling the room. The sobs representing how we had failed.

I saw the red eyes, wild in their craving for blood. They would get their wish.

Next to me, he whimpered. He couldn't bear to see her go. Neither could we. But there was nothing we could do. Nothing. The word echoed in the silence, as I watched, hopeless and helpless.

I smelled the scent of wasted blood. The scent that sickeningly made my throat ache.

I heard the scream. The scream signaling it would all be over soon.

I felt the tear of my clothes and skin. The kind of wound only one creature in this world could make.

I felt the shattering of my heart. I didn't know if the pieces could ever be picked up again.

Robert Frost's words echoed in my head, for what I suspected to be the last time.

Nothing gold can stay.

I saw the darkness close in. What scary darkness it was.

And I felt my self rip apart. Not sure if I could ever be put back together.