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Saying Goodbye

How did Edward feel when saying goodbye to bella, and where was it that he really ran. POEM!!

I worked hard on this one. It took me about 1 1/2 hours to get the lines right, and to make the rhyme scheme work, so bear with me.

1. Chapter 1

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The look in her eyes

In those simmering orbs

My resolve weakened fast

And my love grew much more

But this had to be done

I would not take away

All of the things

She would lose if I stay

So I’ tell her goodbye

And I watch her collapse

As she falls to her knees

With her head in her lap

I can’t take anymore

And I run to the spot

Where our love never ends

And we made out… a lot

The flowers are dead

And the river, to deep

Then I got an I idea

And jumped up on my feet

I ran to the brook

And stood at the edge

I took a deep breath

And stepped over the ledge

I sank to the bottom

And let out the air

The bubbles ran up

But I stayed right there

Water rushed in my lungs

But did not do a thing

My nose didn’t clog

And my ears didn’t ring

Why wasn’t I going

Where is the light

I know that I’m drowning

But something’s not right

I’m not floating on

I’m not losing my mind

Just take me away

For once god… be kind

What is the point

Of saying goodbye

If she is forced to live on

And I can never die