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Another Word for Lonely

Thank you to Oh Mike, How will I go on for the amazing Banner!!! Go read her stories :) Bella's a half Vampire and half human, daughter of Aro, a secret that is to be kept at all costs. She moves away, disgusted from her life in Volterra, to Forks to start fresh. There, she runs into the Cullen's, who don't have any idea what she is, or who she's the daughter of. What happens when she falls for Edward, and Edward for her? And what will happen when Aro summons her back home? Who is in danger, Bella or the Cullens? AU Slightly OOC BxE


12. Closer

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The day after introducing Edward and the Cullen's to my world, I was forced to go to school.

"Bella! Get up! We've got to school to go to." Alice sang, opening the curtains of Edward's room, causing light to spill onto my face. I only buried my face further into the pillow I was hugging, desperate for this little pixie to disappear. "Get up sleepy head!"

"Don't you have to go back to never neveer land yet..." I mumbled through the pillow, trying to cover myself with the covers. I heard some one chuckle next to me, sending vibrations on the bed.

"I think she's still asleep." Edward commented beside me, rubbing my back comfortingly.

"I'm not Tinkerbell, Bella. I'm Alice, and you are late. Come on, people will become suspicious if you don't go to school soon." She reasoned.

"You're not fair." I complained as the pillow was pulled from me grasp and flung across the room.

"Well, maybe if you had skipped the make out session last night with Edward you would have gotten enough sleep." She teased, making my face turn a deep shade of red.

"I don't know what you're talking about." I grumbled, making my way to Edward's bathroom.

"It's okay, you don't have to confirm it, we all heard it anyway." She laughed.

"Oh, thanks." I said sarcastically. I looked tot he bed where Edward still lay, not surprised to see him clean and changed for school already. "Do I really have to go?" I pouted.

"No, but going back to some normalcy wouldn't hurt." He said.

"I guess you're right." I said, walking into the bathroom to freshen up.

As I cleaned up and got dressed for school, I could hear Edward and Esme fighting over what they thought I should eat for breakfast, Alice and Jasper talking about what they planned on doing for their anniversary later this year, and I didn't even want to think about what I was hearing from Emmett and Rosalie's direction. It all did feel quite normal...except for the constant nagging feeling in the back of my mind that all hell would break loose soon. I tried to not think about it, we still had some time to figure it all out. A month at least...


"Bella's back!" Mike exclaimed in biology as I entered the class room. I winced slightly.

"Yep." Was all I managed to say.

"Where were you, we missed you. Hey, I didn't see you at the dance much, I had hoped that we could have danced." He said sadly.

"I was out of town dealing with some stuff. I spent the dance with Edward actually."

"Cullen? Why?" He asked, distaste evident in his tone.

"Because Bella's my girlfriend Newton." Edward said smugly, kissing my cheek as he sat down. I smiled at him, thankful that he interrupted this conversation.

"Wait...What?" You two are dating?" Mike was clearly confused.

"Yeah, Edward asked me out last week." I said.

"Uh...wow, that's...uh great." He mumbled, walking back to his seat.

"Thanks for saving me." I whispered to Edward, placing a chaste kiss on his beautiful lips.



"Bella! I'm so glad I found you!" Angela called out to me from my locker. I had just gotten out early from gym and was killing time until school ended, so I pretended to be looking through my locker for something.

"Hey Angela, it's nice to see you sobered up." I chuckled.

"Thanks for putting up with me that night, I had no idea the punch was spiked!" She laughed. "So I have something to tell you." She said excitedly.


"Well, after talking to you that night, I finally decided to tell Ben how I felt and guess what? We have a date for Friday night!" She said hugging me.

"Really? Wow, Angela, that's great. I'm so happy for you!" I said sincerely.

"I'm so happy I was brave enough. I really wanted to tell you, I haven't even told Jessica yet." She said. "I'll see you later Bella!" She said hugging me once more.

This day was turning out to be a pretty good one, despite the unknown that was surely on its way.


"Any news from Volterra?" I asked Alice as was sat in her living room. I was stuffed after my dinner and had collapsed on the sofa next to her.

"Nope, still nothing." She said.

"What do you think the blackness means? And why do you see Edward and I in the future happy?" I asked.

"I don't know, but it must mean that despite what happens, you two will at least get your happy ending. I'm not too worried." She said casually.

"What? I'm freaking out over here!" I exclaimed.

"Why? You two will be fine." She said.

"But why is it black? If it were okay, then you would be able to see!" I pointed out.

"I don't know Bella, but it won't do us any good to freak out would it?"

"No, I guess not." I pouted.

"Good, now I think Edward wants to see you in his room." Alice said.

"How do you know?"

"Because he's about to call down the stairs for you/" She rolled her eyes. Sure enough, Edward called my name, beckoning me to him.

"You Vampires and your special powers..." I mumbled, climbing the stairs to Edward's room.

I opened the door and gasped at the sight before me. Candles were lit everywhere, adorning ever shelf and crevice, sending a light gentle glow about the room. He had placed vases and vases of flowers about the room, all different shades of white and ivory. It was breath taking.

"Edward...what is all this?" I asked, my eyes finding him in the center of the room with only a pair of khaki pants and an unbuttoned white shirt hanging loosely on his shoulders.

"Since the future is so unclear, I wanted to make sure we had one more special moment before it might be taken all away. I want you to remember this night, no matter what may happen to us, Bella. Tonight will be a bright star amidst a sky of darkness" He said.

"This...this is beautiful" I whispered, taking small steps toward him. In that moment, all I wanted was to be in his arms, wrapped up in his bed, making the most of tonight. \

I wrapped my arms around his neck, pulling his lips closer to my own. We kissed gently, unhurried in our actions. I could feel his hands fist in the material of my shirt as my fingers wound themselves in his hair. Slowly, we made our way to the bed, Edward gently laying me down as he carefully lay beside me. We kissed tenderly, exploring the expanse of each others bodies. Every so often, an article of clothing would be removed, only to have the other marvel at the beauty of the newly exposed skin.

Edward kissed me newly exposed stomach, murmmering against it, "So beautiful."

I allowed my hand to trace the planes of his chest, the ripple of his abs. My breath picking up every time Edward kissed a new area. My hand lightly grazed the expanse of his back, and I smiled delightfully at his shudder. My leg found its way around Edward's, and we twined even closer. His lips carefully kissed a trail of feather light kisses from my lips to my jawline, down to my collar bone, and back up to my lips.

Just as we had begun to take things a bit farther, and things seemed to have been heating up, my phone rang and brought us out of our trance.

"Gahh...I have to get that." I complained, trying to maneuver around Edward.

"No, let it go to voice mail or something." He begged, holding me to him and kissing my shoulder.

"I can't, what if it's about Lily." I said, and immediately Edward let me go.

"Thank you." I said, thankful that he understood. I found my phone in my discarded purse and picked it up, noticing there was an unidentified number flashing, "That's odd..."

"Hello." I said, curious to see who would be calling me.

"Bella? Is that you?" A frantic Demetri asked.

"Yes, it is. I have to desire to speak to you right now..." I said, still sick with disgust at how he had not helped me in Volterra.

"Bella wait! I know you are upset about waht happened, I had no idea that Aro planned that, you must believe me. You know I had no choice but to follow through, you know what he's capable of." He begged.

"I had a choice Demetri, you could have too." I said, relaxing slightly as Edward wrapped his arms around me and sat me on the bed, still holding me. I knew that he could hear Demetri.

"Well, not all of us are Aro's children." He snapped.

"What business did you call for, I am tired of your excuses." I said, hurt at his comeback. We had at one time been close, and it seemed that closeness was slipping.

"I wanted to warn you." I said softly.

"Warn me about what?"

"Aro doesn't trust you anymore, he thinks you want to over throw him with the Cullen's help. He's planning something, I just don't know what. But Jane's involved, and that's never good." He said.

"What...What do you think he'll do?" I asked, he knew my father's temper better than I did.

"I don't know...But I know for a fact that he won't let this go. You wounded his ego by not siding with him. If I may offer some advice, make him feel superior. Play to his ego and don't let him feel threatened. Make sure he knows you have no intentions of overthrowing him, and maybe he'll leave all of you alone." He said.

"Thank you Demetri, thank you." I said.

"It is the least I could do. I just need you to understand that from this moment on however, I cannot afford to show this compassion toward you. After I hang up this phone, our ties together will be cut and I side with Volterra. I'm sorry Bella, but I wanted to help you one last time before...before I had to do this." He said, then hanging up. I didn't even have a chance to say goodbye. I felt a tear softly roll down my cheek for my old friend, thankful that he at least warned me of what was to come.

"Do you think we could just lay here for awhile?" I asked Edward, allowing a few more tears to slip by.

"Of course Love." Edward said, pulling me under the covers and pulling me against his body, soothingly rubbing circles on my back. We lay there for hours, just breathing, thinking, and eventually sleeping. This night had begun perfect, and was ending as sorrowfully as the following days would surely end knowing a storm was heading our way from Italy.

11:11 pm

I lie awake, unable to sleep after Demetri's call. I'm tucked into Edwards body as his arms hold me to him, I'm sure he knows I'm still awake. We haven't spoken for an hour, I just need time to process everything. After the call, we didn't resume our make out session, I couldn't even fathom it. All I could think about was the danger I was putting Edward and his family in, and I felt so stupid for believing everything could be okay. I knew better than that, I knew Aro. He wouldn't go down without a fight, and I had challenged him to one unknowingly. We were sitting ducks, just waiting for them to come and find us. If only I could be one of those people that adopted the Carpe Diem mantra, Seize the Day! But no, I just had to be the type to over analyze and fret over everything, and I also had to be the stupid half-breed that fell in love with the unattainable Vampire. At least I didn't fall for Mike. I shuddered at the thought.

"Bella love, are you okay?" Edward asked with concern etched on his face, concern that I was sure had been there the last 2 hours.

"Yeah, just a horrible thought, it was nothing." I answered.

"What was it?"

"I was just thinking that things could be worse...I mean, I could have fallen in love with Mike and made this whole situation completely not worth it. At least you're worth the fight." I said, amused at the absurdity of my thoughts.

"You...amaze me." He said with a laugh.

"I try." I laughed as well, slowly falling into a peaceful slumber in Edward's arms...not Mike's.