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Another Word for Lonely

Thank you to Oh Mike, How will I go on for the amazing Banner!!! Go read her stories :) Bella's a half Vampire and half human, daughter of Aro, a secret that is to be kept at all costs. She moves away, disgusted from her life in Volterra, to Forks to start fresh. There, she runs into the Cullen's, who don't have any idea what she is, or who she's the daughter of. What happens when she falls for Edward, and Edward for her? And what will happen when Aro summons her back home? Who is in danger, Bella or the Cullens? AU Slightly OOC BxE


13. King and Queen

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Part One

"So when I told you I loved you, I had no idea this is what I was signing on for…" I complained as Edward tugged me through the doors of the school gym towards our seats to watch the pep rally. Ever since Demetri had called warning of Aro's visit, Edward had been dead set on experiencing every single teenage moment, and to my horror, a pep rally was among them.

"Come on Bella, every teenager attends a badly decorated and hyped up pep rally complete with uncoordinated cheerleaders. It's a rite of passage." He smirked at me. Oh…now he wanted to be cute.

"I'm pretty sure I can live without it. But if we must witness this, then can we at least sit at the top? I'd rather not have a front row seat at cheerleader flashing." I finally relented as Edward and I walked up the bleachers. Once we sat, I brought out questions that had been plaguing me the last couple of days.

"Edward… Why are you so set on living the American dream all of a sudden?" I whispered through the loud music, knowing he could hear me.

"I don't know what you mean Bella? I just want you to experience all of this." He whispered back.

I just don't understand how all of this is important with a visit from Volterra on the horizon… I thought to him. I saw him stiffen in his seat before he relaxed once again, clearly deciding on what to say.

"I won't be the reason that you couldn't experience all of this. You will have a normal high school experience if I can help it Bella. I know the danger of Aro coming here, but I also know that this time that we have together, no matter how short it may end up being, will be spent making sure you lived it to the fullest extent." His golden eyes smoldering as he looked intently into my own.

I was dazzled there on the bleachers, stunned speechless. This Adonis knew the exact words to make me speechless, and he used his power well.

"You know… I faintly remember hearing that making out with your boyfriend under the bleachers was a rite of passage in high school. Maybe we can make that happen too…" I said, smiling shyly at him.

"I think you may be right…"

"Did you two crazy kids have fun behind the bleachers today?" Emmett laughed as Edward and I walked into the living room.

"How do you know about that? You skipped school!" I asked.

"I'm the eyes and ears at that school…plus, I think you forget that Alice can see the future."

"Eyes and ears, really? More like bulk and large feet." Edward shot back.

"Oooohh… someone didn't get any behind the bleachers today." Emmett teased.

"Looks like Rosalie didn't put out either, or else you wouldn't be so concerned about our love life." I retorted. I could not stifle the chuckle that escaped as I saw Emmett's face fall, truth written all over his face at what I accused. "Ha, I knew it."

"Whatever, I'm going to see what Jasper's doing, he's more fun anyway."

"That's what she said." Alice giggled as she walked into the living room and plopped down on the white sofa as Emmett made his retreat. She patted the soft cushion next to her, asking me to join her. "So I think I have more of an idea of when Aro will be visiting."

I took the seat next to her, Edward deciding to stay standing. "What's the news?"

"Well…I think they're coming in 2 days." She whispered.

"WHAT?" I shrieked.

"Calm down Bella, don't have a heart attack." She said.

"How can I not freak out Alice? Aro, my father lest you forgot, is visiting in 2 days, what's not to freak out over? And why are you so calm about this Edward?" I asked.

"Well if you would calm down I can explain it to you… He's coming with Jane, Alec, Renata, Felix, and Demetri and it looks like they will only be here for a few hours. From what my visions have shown me, they just want see how you are and then they leave. I can't see what you talk about, but whatever you say makes them leave happy." She explained.

I paused, letting my brain digest all of this. What could I possibly say to make Aro turn around and leave? I had no idea. I looked around the room, wasting time as I figured this all out in my head. I took in the perfectly polished piano in the corner, the spotless widows along the wall, the heavenly smell of Chicken Alfredo coming from the kitchen… and then something she said clicked.

"What do you mean 'whatever I say makes them happy'?" I asked.

"I can't see what you tell them, because you haven't decided that yourself yet. But I can see that whatever it is, they leave peacefully. You have to reach within yourself and figure out how to diffuse the situation Bella.

"Oh right, like it's that easy!" I shot back sarcastically. I met Edward's eyes as he stood silent the entire time, surprised to see an amused expression on his handsome face. "What are you so amused about? Yes, let's all laugh at the current predicament, because its ohh sooo amusing." I huffed, crossing my arms over my chest. The never ending supply of rain clouds that covered the sky outside matched my mood perfectly.

"I just find it amusing that I can meet your father in 2 days…like a normal guy would." He commented.

"Yeah, it seems your rite of passage mumbo jumbo has come back to kick you in the a-"

"Mumbo jumbo? Who says that anymore?" Alice laughed. "Alright you two, I'm going to find Jazzy. Bella, there's dinner in the kitchen for you, I think Esme made Chicken Alfredo. See ya!"

And at lightning speed, she was off to find her husband as I glared at my boyfriend.

"You look beautiful when you glare." Edward smirked at me.

"I know what you're doing, and it won't work."

"Have I ever told you how sexy you look when you frown?"

"Stop it Edward, why aren't you as worried about Aro's visit as I am?" I said, getting up off the comfy couch and walking into the kitchen where my dinner was already set at the table.

"I never noticed this before, but your hips sway even more when you're upset. I think I like that too…" He said from behind me. I swiveled, my finger ready to point it in his face and tell him to shut it, when I realized he was a little too close and I almost knocked him and myself over.

"Hey! Watch where you point that thing, it's deadly." He laughed, steadying me. His laughter sent a shockwave of fear through me. I leaned into him grasping at his waist and hugging him. I squeezed and buried my face into his chest, unaware of anything around me aside from him, and the fact that his arms were around me.

"Love? Are you okay, tell me what's wrong?" He asked, concern lacing his voice.

"I'm just scared Edward, so scared. You don't know them the way that I do. This isn't a social visit, I just know it. What if Alice is wrong and something bad happens, I won't be able to live with myself if something were to happen to any of you." I confessed, snuggling closer to him.

"One thing you should never do is bet against Alice." She chirped, walking into the kitchen hand in hand with Jasper.

"Relax love, it will all turn out okay." Edward soothed, combing back my hair.

"Guys, she's really scared about this, I don't think you two should take it so lightly. If there is reason for Bella to be this afraid, maybe you could be wrong Alice, maybe she's right." Jasper spoke on my behalf.

"Jasper, Alice has never been wrong, do you really think she's wrong now?" Edward questioned.

"Well…no. But like Bella said, she knows how they work better than we do, so I just think it's best if we go into this expecting something rather than nothing. At least be prepared for whatever comes." He explained.

"I think you're right, at least we would have our bases covered." Alice agreed.

"Thanks." I said shakily, letting go of Edward. "Mmm…the food smells good, I'm starving." I said, walking towards the plate of food Esme set out for me.

"Love, no matter what happens; I won't let them hurt you." Edward said seriously, all traces of his laughter from earlier gone.

"I know Edward, I know." I said, the fear returning to me. What if something happened to Edward? To his family? I wouldn't be able to live with myself. A flood of peace washed through me and I nodded to Jasper in thanks, receiving a small smile from him. I devoured my chicken, eating as if it were the first time, and in between bites I remembered something…

"Oh Edward…I forgot to tell you. You know how you want to make sure I live the normal high school life and all…Well I thought the same should be applied for you. I nominated you for Prom King. And Alice told me you win…yay."

Part Two

"Prom King Nominations will be collected during lunch today. Stop by and drop in your ballot before lunch is over!" A chirpy voice sounded over the intercom, echoing in the busy hallways as Edward walked me to my first class. There was a buzz flowing through the hallways at Forks high, everyone excited about the Prom and Graduation. Flyers and posters scattered along the walls and strewn on the floor, some ridiculous in their attempt to sway votes for royalty.

"I can't believe you're going to nominate me, " he muttered, still irritated with his impending nomination. "In order for me to even be considered, don't enough people have to nominate me? How are you going to pull that off exactly?" He eyed me suspiciously as I pretended to be curious about the 'raging party' a fallen green flyer was advertising.

"You worry about your acceptance speech, I'll figure it out," I laughed, kissing his cheek as I walked into class, tossing the green flyer into the waste basket.

Throughout the morning, I had made it my mission to make sure everyone around me knew I was voting for Edward. I wasn't obvious, but as the girls would gossip about who they were voting for, I would happen to say, 'I'm voting for Edward'. I hoped by seeing that I was voting for him, it would allow the female population of the school to realize he wasn't out of their reach and that he could be nominated, unlike the too-hot to touch model they all believed him to be. I was surprised he hadn't been nominated before, but Alice had explained that they had never really been seen as accessible before. One girl even had asked if she would be allowed to vote for him, since we were 'obviously together'.

After dropping my ballot in the nomination box on my way to our lunch table, I saw something that terrified me.

"Why do you have that Cheshire cat grin on your face Edward Cullen? That's never good…" I trailed off. This particular smile never led to good things. The last time he had that smile, I was forced to play Guitar Hero and I failed miserably, attempting to sing 'Misery Business', and had given him the rights to my car for a day.

"I wonder what your acceptance speech for Prom Queen will be? Oh, and the tiara will be pink, so I'm sure you'll want to match." He snickered with the side grin he knew I melted for every time.

"What?" I shrieked, calling unwanted attention to our table. The last thing we needed was the school to think we were rigging the prom nominations. I sat down quickly, avoiding the questioning glances from Mallory and Stanley, the biggest gossips in this school.

"You heard me. You can dish it out, but you can't take it can you." He baited, the rest of his family trying to hide their smiles.

"Damn all of you." I muttered as I pushed away my tray of pizza and lemonade, feeling not so hungry anymore.

"Sorry, too late." Emmett laughed, sending the rest of them into a fit of giggles. I couldn't help but crack a small smile.

"Bella, you may want to take your phone call outside." Alice interrupted the laugher with a serious tone.

"What phone call- ring…..ring ring….ring- Oh that phone call." I said rising from my seat and heading towards the double doors that led outside. I looked behind me, wondering why I didn't hear the familiar footsteps trailing me, and I was surprised to see that Edward had stayed behind. I saw Alice whispering to the table. I was suddenly afraid to answer this call.

"Hello?" I asked, waiting for the person to respond.

"Bella?" A small voice asked.

"Lily." I breathed, feeling my heart tighten. I hadn't seen or talked to Lily since I took her to the hotel where her family were, but it didn't mean that I didn't think about her daily. I walked over to the edge of the forest on the outskirts of campus, perching myself on a moss covered branch.

"I miss you Bella." She said timidly, the knot in my heart twisting some more.

"I miss you too Lily. How are you?"

"Okay, I really like this place." The knot loosened some.

"I'm glad, I thought you would like the beach. How's your family, do they like it too?" I asked, wanting to hear how everyone was fairing, but also anxious to hear her voice some more.

"They like it. I miss my parents sometimes. I wish they were here with me and not in heaven." She said. Oh here comes that knot again…

"You'll see them again, someday." I said, at a loss for words. I was never good with words, especially comforting words.

"Will you visit me?"

"Someday, but right now I'm really busy trying to stop those bad guys that hurt your parents. I promise I will see you someday Lily." I whispered, guilty for not entirely telling the truth. It was true, I did intend to see her someday, but I did not intend to have her see me.

"I miss my friend." She sniffled.

"Oh? Who's your friend?" I asked, wondering what friends I had forced her to leave behind. Maybe I could relocate them too…

"You." Oh.

"I'll see you soon Lily, okay? I have to go now." I said, wanting to only hang up and have her forget about me. Things would be so much better if I knew she didn't hurt anymore.

"Okay, bye Bella."

"Bye Lily. I…I love you." I said, meaning every word before I clicked off the phone.

I sat out on the branch for awhile, looking out towards the school, seeing happy teenagers wandering around campus without a care in the world. The third period bell had rung, but I couldn't bring myself to go to class. I just sat there thinking about Lily. I knew she and her family were okay and safe, I had received daily updates from her Grandmother, but I still missed her.

As much as I wanted to see her again, I knew that it was safer not to. Over time, she would forget, and I would slowly cut all contact with her. I would make sure that they were fully safe and set them back up in society, somewhere they wouldn't have to be secluded all the time. I would wait a couple years after the dust had settled and they coould live their lives out like normal people.

If only I knew she would stop hurting, then this would all be worth it.

I sat there for what seemed like hours, knowing that only a few minutes had passed. It was amazing how fast a mind could work when it was half immortal.

I saw Edward slowly walking my way, taking tentative steps toward me. His feet sunk slightly into the damp grass, dampening the bottom of his jeans, making them heavier to carry. His jeans hung loose on his hips, his black dress shirt un-tucked on one side, the sleeves rolled up. I took in the sight of his hair, guilty for being the reason he had been dragging his fingers through it nervously. He stood a few feet away from me, leaning against the length of a tree, his hands in his hair. He looked more sinful than I should have noticed, my eyes darkening to the slightest degree.

"Alice warned me you might need some space. You want to talk about it?" He asked, dropping his arms to his sides, the muscles in his neck and arms flexing form the movement, and all I wanted to do was be in his arms, wrapped up in him. I wanted to feel safe and secure… I wanted to just be Edward and Bella for a little while.

"Can we get out of here? I've had enough of the American dream for one day." I whispered, standing up and leaning into his side as he led me to his car.