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Another Word for Lonely

Thank you to Oh Mike, How will I go on for the amazing Banner!!! Go read her stories :) Bella's a half Vampire and half human, daughter of Aro, a secret that is to be kept at all costs. She moves away, disgusted from her life in Volterra, to Forks to start fresh. There, she runs into the Cullen's, who don't have any idea what she is, or who she's the daughter of. What happens when she falls for Edward, and Edward for her? And what will happen when Aro summons her back home? Who is in danger, Bella or the Cullens? AU Slightly OOC BxE


2. Thirst

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I walked up to the teacher, grinding my teeth at the irritation flowing through my body. Why did the only empty seat have to be next to him? Just as I had expected, the teather motioned for me to sit next to Edward. I walked over and placed my bag on the back of my chair as well as my trench folded over it. I stiffly sat down, sitting as far away from him as possible. Today was just a lecture on plant cells, and later we would be working with our partners to complete a work sheet. He would occasionally look over at me, and I would feel his eyes burning straight through me. I pretended not to notice. When it finally was time to work on the worksheet together I quickly jumped into high school mode.

"So, if you want to look up questions 1-5, I'll look for questions 6-10. How does that sound?" I asked, pretending that there was no tension between us.

"Why don't I just answer all these quickly then we can head outside to talk." He said, starting to scribble down answers. I didn't like how he assumed I didn't know what the answers were. I placed my hand over his, the one he was using to write the answers down, to stop him from writing. I quickly snactched my hand back, shocked at the electrifying reaction our skin had at the contact. It was like I had been struck by lightning. It seemed to have the same effect on him, because he stopped writing and looked at me curiously.

"I know the answers, I just assumed it would look more normal if we actually tried to look for them." I mumbled.

"Normal...your're right I guess." He said absently, reaching for his book, then he stopped and picked up the pencil again. "Humor me, what are the answers then?" He asked, challenging me.

"Well if you hand over the pencil I can write them down." I said, motioning with my hand.

"I'd like to keep my 4.0 gpa if that's okay with you." He said stubbornly.

"Fine, if you're going to be stubborn. The cell membrane is the outer covering of the cell consisting of a lipid bilayer with proteins embedded in it. Is that smart enough for you?" I said, aggravated. I earned a chuckle from him. I looked at the paper and to my surprise, he had already finished all the questions.

"You distracted me!" I accused.

"I'ts not my fault you let your anger get the best of you." He said. And at that moment the bell rang. I silently thanked whatever higher power there was and ran out of class, heading for the gym. I slipped into the locker room before Edward had a chance to talk to me again, and walked to my locker. Since it was my first day, I wasn't expected to dress out for gym, but I was expected to sit and watch everyone else play volleyball. to my dismay, Edward's brother Emmett, was in my class. He looked at me apprehensively, but didn't try to coner me the way his brother did. I sat with a book on the bleachers, zoning out for the rest of class. Occassionaly, Mike Newton would run over and try to make conversation, but I brushed him off easily. When the bell rang, I walked over to my car. It had been a crazy day, I would have been lying if I said I wasn't tired. But like I had expected, Edward Cullen was waiting by my car.

"Stalking me now?" I snapped. I popped open my trunk and threw my bag in there.

"Nice car. I didn't know they released it yet." He commented, still leaning against it.

"They haven't."

"You mind if I test it out?" He asked, smirking at me. I wanted to punch my stomach for having butterflies at the sight.

"I do actually. So first you want to kill me, then you want me gone, and now you're being slightly friendly? I will never understand men's mood swings." I said shaking my head.

"I didn't want to hurt you, I was just apprehensive about you."

"And now you're not?" I asked, confused.

"No, I still am. But if you wanted to hurt someone, you would have done it already." He said. "But my family and I would appreciate if you would still talk to us, explain a few things." He asked.


"Right now."

"How about later?" I asked. There were still a few things I needed to do at home, and I was starting to become thirsty.

"I... I don't know..." He said unsure.

"She'll come Edward. I can see it. Hi, I'm Alice." A short girl with short spiky hair introduced herself. I stretched out my hand to shake hers and it was hard to feel any animosity or fear with her. She was like a tiny ballerina.

"Hi, I'm Bella. What do you mean, you saw it?"

"Oh, I'll explain that later. See you around 6?" She asked.

"Sure. Where?" I was still unsure about going to a house full of Vampires by myself, it was dangerous, and danger was something I promised Aro I would avoid.

"It's okay, we won't hurt you. I know you're a afraid, but I promise, we just want to talk." She assured. I nodded. She handed me a piece of paper with a map on it. "That's our house, right there. See you later. By the way, LOVE your outfit. Robert Rodriguez and Alexander McQueen are amazing!"She said, grabbing Edward's arm and pulling him towards their car. He turned just before they reached their Volvo and looked at me oddly. There was some kind of emotion in his eyes I couldn't explain. It was like fear, longing, and confusion all in one. It was confusing. And of course the Volvo would be theirs.

I pulled into my driveway and walked back up to my house. I loved this house. It was small with 1 bedroom, 1 bathroom, a good size kitchen and breakfast nook, with a living room and fireplace. It was two stories, the bedroom and bathroom on the top floor, with the kitchen and living room on the bottom. I had a celler, but it was empty at the moment. I had pictures of Italy all around my house, I had wanted to bring a small part of home with me. I didn't want any pictures of Volterra however in my sight. Since my birth, I had been kept within the walls of Volterra, hiding away in my own part of the castle, a secret to everyone. Only the main Volturri guards had known of my existance, and my father, Aro, had always assured me it was for my own safety. He feared that other Vampires would try to take advangae of the fact that I was half-human and was still breakable. He always told me that his enemies would try to kill me if they knew I was his daughter. So like the good daughter I was, I stayed in my wing of the castle, occupied by books, art, and the city below me. I had one window that looked out into the real world, and I would often gaze out and watch life go by. I was still part Vampire, and from the start I had always craved blood. It wasn't as strong as most Vampires craved, but it was enough to be uncomfortable. So as a child, they would bring in women to teach me things, things my mother never had a chance to, and as I became thirsty, I would drain them. I was too young to realise that I was taking a life, killing an innocent person. It wasn't until I turned about 300 years old that I began to become remorseful for my actions. I would silently cry as I drained the life force from someone begging for their lives. But if I didn't kill them, then someone else would, and it would have been more brutal. I finally spoke to Aro on one of his visits, and expressed how I felt. So they began to bring me blood in jugs that had housed wine. I knew people still died, but at least I didn't have to kill anymore. It had been 647 years since I had killed my last human. I had friends in Volterra, well sort of. Alec had been enjoyable to play with when I had been a child, and as I grew I began to get along fairly well with Demetri and Felix. Heidi and I had become close, she had been the big sister I never had. She taught me how to manage my hair, how make up could be used to enhance features, she taught me all about fashion, and also about how to handle men. Of course I never had been around anyone really before, but it was interesting to hear her stories anyway. And her advice on men came in handy when it came to Demetri. As I grew older, I knew that he cared for me, alot more than he should have. That reason may have been why he was such an avid opposer to my petition to leave the castle.

I had approached Aro about 200 years ago, I had wanted to leave. He didn't understand my need to get out of the castle, that my confinement was slowly driving me insane. He had everything brought to him and he was catered to, but I wanted to expereience the world. I wanted to see everthing I had read about in my books, I wanted to expereience love, friendship, life. I wanted out. At first he had said no, but after much persuasion and a hundred years, he finally agreed. The terms were these... I was allowed to leave, but I had to visit Volterra once a year. I was also supposed to call everytime I moved and weekly. I was subject to surprise visits, just to make sure everything was okay. And above all else, I was not to reveal my nature or origin to anyone, especially Vampires. So pretty much, meeting with the Cullens today would technically be breaking a rule. But I liked this town, and if I could just make peace with them, then maybe I could stay. When I left, mostly everyone was sad to see me go, aside from Caius and Jane. Caius never liked me, he thought I was weak and deserved to die along with my mother. I hated him as well. Jane despised the fact that I was actually related to Aro. She loved him like he were her father, anyone could see that. She always competed for his affection when it came to me. But unlike her, I was unique, and everyone knew how he loved his rarities. And his awe of me grew when he realised I was gifted. I was a shield, a very powerful one for a human. I could block him from my mind as well as other mind readers. I had learned how to master my gift with all the free time I had on my hands but I never showed anyone what I could do until it came to the day I left.

Jane had been taunting me, she always felt I was weak and breakable, and always tried using her gift to see if I would scream, you see, I had been lifting my power from my body everytime she would use her power against me because I was afraid to let anyone know how powerful I really could be. So I would always take her pain, and bear it, never letting out a peep. But this time, I had enough. I finally let my shield drape me and I felt nothing when she tried. I could feel just how much force she was exerting, and nothing fazed me. I slowly began to stalk towards her, and worry began to cross her features. I had finally reached her, and towered over her. "All these years you've tortured me, I could have stopped you. You're weak Jane, always have been. People fear you, your mind inflicted pain. But you're nothing without it. Think twice before you try it on me again, because the next time.. you won't live through it." I said to her, pushing on my shield slightly, causing her to stumble backwarks. The look of sheer horror crossed her features before she ran from me, and I hadn't seen her since.

And now here I was, in my 14th city since I had left Volterra. This house, so simple, so quaint, felt like home to me. Volterra was a prison compared to this, and I never wanted to leave. I walked into my kitchen. I rarely cooked, but I loved kitchens. I had this one fully stocked, with matching stainless steel everything. I even had a bread maker. I just loved creating things. I decided to make myself some dinner before I headed to the Cullen's, highly doubting that they would have any food. I took out a tuna steak that I had bought the day before, and turned on my tiny grill. I started a small pot of Pad-thai, figuring out exactly what I wanted to eat. I flipped open my laptop, typing out a quick email to Demetri. i had promised to email him daily, so that he knew I was safe. I let him know how the first day went, completly excluding the Cullen's. I also thanked him for my brand new car, I had loved it from first drive. I went back to my dinner, sprinkling seseme seeds on my tuna steak, then searing it on the grill. I pulled out a premade bag of butter lettuce, slicing up some red and orange bell peppers to toss with it. I removed my tuna, still wanting the center raw. I sliced it up thinly, placing it on the salad. Then I finished up the pad-thai and put a spoon full in the center of the salad. All I needed was a wasabi poppyseed dressing, and Voila! It was one. I placed my dinner on the small table near the bay window in my dining nook. I grabbed a wine glass and poured some of the contents from the blood bag I had stolen from the red cross in it. I walked to the window, taking a sip of the red liquid, letting it coat my throat, and I slid the window open, allowing the outside air to flow in. No sooner had I opened my window, when a gush of air swooped through the room and my glass was out of my hand and I was held against the wall.

"What the hell?" I asked, trying to figure out why Edward Cullen was pinning me to my wall.

"I thought you said you weren't a danger to them!" He accused. "This definitly isn't wine!"

"I'm not a danger to the humans." I said, trying to free my neck from his hold. He wasn't choking me, but he did have me in an uncomfortable hold.

"Then why is this human blood in your wine glass." he said, pointing at it. "What, did you kill them and then drain them to save some for later?" He sneered at me.

"I didn't kill anyone. I took it from the blood bank, look, check the bag." I said, pointing to the trash. He let go of the hold he had on my neck and slowly made his way to my trash.

"Property of Red Cross..." He mumbled to himself.

"See." I said, crossing my arms.

"Sorry. I... I didn't know." He said, looking at the floor.

"You're quite impulsive Edward Cullen. You intrigue me." I said thoughfully, taking a step to retrieve my glass. It was true. he was one of the first men that I had met that I truly wanted to know more about. His actions always surprised me. "Sorry, but I too need this to survive." I said, taking a sip.

"What are you doding?" He asked, looking at my glass then at my plate of tuna and salad.

"Eating dinner, what else?" I asked, as if it were the most common thing in the world.

"You're eating food." He pointed out.

"Yeah, and so do most people."

"Last I checked, you weren't most people."

"Oh, you checked? What did you find out?" I teased.

"It was sarcasm."

"I know, just thought I'd bait you." I said, walking to my table. "If you're gonna stalk me, at least have a seat." I said, pointing at the one across from me.

"I'm not stalking you." He said.

"Okay, so you just happened to be walking by when I opened my window?"

"Well...no. You're...different. I was curious." He admitted.

"Different? Wow, you really know the way to a girl's heart." I chuckled.

"What I meant was that I've never come across anyone like you before. You're not human, but you're not not human, if you get what I'm saying." He seemed flustered.

"I get it. Despite the fact that I'm not human, I still seem like it."


"Okay, well I'm hungry, so...I'm going to eat. Can I get you anything?" I asked, stuffing a forkful of pad-thai into my mouth.

"I think I'll pass." He said, eyeing my food curiously.

"Is that even appatizing?" He asked after awhile.

"I wouldn't be eating it if it wasn't." I mumbled through salad.

"It looks like grass." He made a face at that.

"Well, it is from the ground. I like it." I said, shrugging my shoulders. I begain thinking about tonight. I needed to change, my clothes had been dirtied as I prepared my dinner, so I went though possible options in my head. I could wear my new Stuart Weitzman OTK Over the Knee Flat Boots in Black, with an eggplant sweater dress that hit mid thigh, or I could go for my Rag & Bone Skinny Jeans that I jsut got with a grey sweater. If I wore the boots, they might be alittle too flashy, I had originally intended to wear them on a night out on the town, but on second though, I would like to see Edward's reaction when he saw me in them. It scared me how much I liked him sitting here with me. He was fiddling with salad tossers, I assume he had never used some before. I liked the curve of his jaw, the slope of his perfect nose, the roundness of his full perfect lips. But I wasn't sure if I really wanted to be so forward with my outfit, so I decided to just go with the jeans and sweater. I could hear Edward's phone buzz, alerting him to a text message. He opened it and looked confused.

"Uhh...Alice says to wear the boots?" He passed on the message from his sister. I blushed, trying to stifle my laughter. I wonder how she did that? Could she read minds or see the future?? "You're blushing." He pointed out, amused.

"How... How did she do that?" I asked.

"She can see the future. Were you thinking about what to wear?" He asked.

"Yeah, I was stuck between two options, but it seem's your sister wanted to help." I laughed again. It was odd how within the span of one day, things had almost become comfortable with us...almost.

I went up to my room to change after dinner, Edward saying that he would clean up while I changed. I decided to listen to Alice, and I wore the boots. The sweater dress was long enough to cover most of the skin exposed from the boots, so I felt comfortable wearing it. I walked down the steps, and caught Edward snooping in my coat closet.

"My sister is going to love you. You have all of her favorite designers in here, and these are just your coats." He said, finally turning to look at me, taking in my appearance. He oogled longer than I would have deemed appropriate, but I didn't mind it coming from Adonis. He swallowed, his adam's apple bobbing, and his eyes still wide. "So those are the boots? I'll have to thank Alice later." He smirked at me. There goes those damn butterflies again. "Here, this Burberry trench should work." He said, pulling a coat from my closet.

"Thanks." I said.

"So, since you don't know where I live exactly, may I drive?" He asked, raising his eyebrows.

"Okay, where's your car?" I asked, looking around.

"I meant yours." He said, smiling again.

"Nuh uh...no way. It's my baby." I said, cradling my keys to my chest.

"Just one tiny test drive?" He begged.

"Under one condition." He looked at me expectantly.

"Next time, just ring the doorbell. If you're going to watch me, you might as well keep me company inside." I said, throwing him the keys.

"Deal." He said.

"Oh and one more thing." I said, he looked at me waiting.

"Can you please drop the attitude at school." I said, cringing slightly at how mean he had been today. I guess I couldn't blame him, I wasn't human.

"Possibly. You ready?" He asked. Was I ready? Was I ready to go to his home, to talk to his family, to possibly reveal some secrets? No. But I had to. I wouldn't tell them what I was just yet, I didnt trust them. But I would explain to them enough to let them know I wasn't a threat.

"As ready as I can be." I said, nervous about the talk to come. And with my answer, he revved the engine and took off.